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San Luis Peak  
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2015-08-09  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: This alternate route at least made this lump of a mountain a little bit more interesting. There are two different versions of this route as well. About a 1/4 mile from the trailhead marked with two sticks and #882 is another stick in a pile of rocks that currently has a pink tape tied to it. At this point you can either go right (much faster, but steep climb with loose gravel for about a 1/4 mile, then you enter the willows and the trail is easy enough to see, but easy to lose if you are goosenecking and looking at the scenery) At the top of this route to the right you will encounter another stick in rocks and at this point you head down to the lookers left to meet up with the Colorado Trail. The other option, to go left takes you a little while longer, but offers an easier hike with switch backs and a slower gain. Sadly there is a lot of beetle kill in the little forest in the valley. We had a great day with sun and great wild flowers due to the rain. The trail is easiest enough to follow at this point, and you can see San Luis from the valley until you climb it. This mountain reminded me of Bross.....scree, scree, scree on the way up and the summit was just a smaller version of being on Bross. Had the summit almost to myself with only 2 other people. But very glad I could cross this lump of a mountain off the list. My favorite part was that we had a super clear day, and you could see almost every other range! 
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2015-08-03  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Due to recent rains the trail was quite wet. Lots of grass and willows to get you wet from dew and rain. I‘d advise gaiters if you‘re starting early in the morning. I took the Colorado Trail/CDNST back to Eddiesville TH from the summit and enjoyed the variety. Otherwise summer standard conditions. 
addrock528  2015-08-05   0             Delete
2015-07-22  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Perfect summer conditions. I left the TH at 5:25 and returned at 12:25. This is a long but easy climb with a gentle trail to the summit. The beavers are really busy in the valley you ascend. I saw several beaver lodges and one swimming beaver. There are also plenty of trout in the ponds the beavers have created (I saw lots of them swimming, but didn‘t have my pole.) Of course, with lots of standing water, there are also mosquitoes in the lower elevations. I didn‘t get bitten, but was glad to be wearing long pants and long sleeves during the return to the TH. Sadly, the thousands of trees on the far side of the valley is nearly completely dead, probably from beetle kill. Still, a gorgeous hike. 
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2015-07-11  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Dry all the way with just a very few, very short snowy or muddy patches. Amazingly, there were NO mosquitos!! even in the long portion through the woods. 
ZenZin  2015-07-12   3   2      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2015-07-03  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Almost completely dry. Only 2 snowy areas to cross on the way up to the ridge and they‘re very short. No snow on the ridge or the summit. Pretty wet for the first few miles from beaver ponds in the creek, lots of mosquitos. 
lpeabbles  2015-07-06   0             Delete
2015-06-26  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: My dog and I had a great climb up San Luis. Actually, we had the mountain to ourselves. We never saw another soul either going up or coming down. There is very little snow to navigate through. There was only one short section that I had difficulty with post holing. Coming down I simply went around it. 
duncanmil  2015-06-27   1         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2015-06-20  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Pretty much completely dry. There might be a total of 500 feet throughout the whole route where you‘ll be on snow..gets slushy after 9ish, but even the post-holing is a minor nuisance. Any cornice there is minor and not much of a concern. 
theglobalguy  2015-06-20   1   4   1   Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2015-06-15  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Trail completely dry up to the final creek crossing at roughly 12k. It is possible to find a dry line all the way up to the saddle at 13,200 ft, and beyond that for a little bit as well. The final 400 ft of the summit ridge still holds plenty of snow. It looked like there was a cornice as well. Since we started late, I decided that it was too risky to attempt to cross below the cornice, and bailed. If you start early after a good freeze, you should have no problems with crampons and axe. Or wait a couple of weeks and climb in what will likely be summer conditions by then. 
LoveThisSite  2015-06-16   2   4   1   Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2015-06-07  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: The trail from the trailhead to about 4 miles in, just above treeline, is mostly free of snow but wet and muddy in areas. Once to this point we found a side trail down to the creek where the snow started. Not knowing we could get to the main route (on snow) from here, we took what we thought would be a short cut up a gully to the east of the standard route. We ended up on top of a cliffed out area which took us a while to navigate - so don‘t go that way, keep heading west, parallel to the trail! We did make it to the ridge and stuck to the standard trail from here, which is snow covered. There were a few small cornices, but the snow was super stable and we weren‘t too worried about them (though just to be safe we crossed below them one at a a time). We made it to the large point on the ridge (where you would cross to the other side) before having to turn back due to weather. Once skiing down, we found we could get from the main route back to where we started on the snow covered creek. Hope the pics are helpful, let me know if you have questions! 
trsippel  2015-06-12   6         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2015-06-07  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: Slushy, sloppy, and snowy! Bring snow shoes or maybe skis. Route isn‘t bad to San Luis Pass. Lots of deep slushy snow to the last saddle. Route is good about the last mile and a half to the summit. Standard trail is mostly snow covered. Several weighted cornices over hang parts of the route. Some cornices have revenge failed causing small slides. 
Mt_DAN  2015-06-07   0   4          Delete
2014-10-25  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: Drove up to the trail head on the 4x4 road past Equity Mine that is mentioned on the route description. Road was clear of snow but had some small puddles that iced over in the morning. About 50% of the trail is snow covered and due to warmer conditions we were post holing for the most part on any section that was snow covered on a north face. The snow was stable but it would have been good to have flotation and gaiters. Overall The trail was in good condition and did not prove to be a technical challenge. One word of wisdom would be to get out early as this is a longer hike, took us about 8 hours to complete due to the snow slowing us down significantly. Tip* We got a little turned around at the very beginning of the route, there is a nice trail that goes north of the The old 4x4 road mentioned in the route, THIS is not the correct trail! Look for a small carin that marks the old 4x4 road that gains the first saddle, once on the 4x4 road it is easy to follow. 
ksteinhaus  2014-10-27   5         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-10-24  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Trail is dry until treeline and snow packed on the climb up to the saddle. From the saddle to the summit there are patches of snow that are avoidable, but also easy to traverse. Snow is firm and easy to kick-step, brought microspikes and poles but did not use either. 
ebromfield  2014-10-26   0             Delete
2014-10-17  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Similar conditions to the last report... that should change in the next few days with snow forecast. A GPS is needed to stay on the snowy trail leading up to the saddle. I brought Yaktrax but never wore them. (continued on the Baldy Alto page) 
TakeMeToYourSummit  2014-10-18   6   1      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-10-08  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Snow above 12k, knee deep in sections. No need for snowshoes. Microspikes are helpful above 13k. The road to TH is dry. Watch out for a BIG moose along Stewart Creek. I ran into him at 3am (did a night hike) and it was a moderately scary encounter seeing as he was only 15 feet away from me and I was by myself. In fact, I never saw another person the whole time I was out there. 
awilbur77  2014-10-08   0   1          Delete
2014-07-11  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: Route is open all the way to the summit from the trailhead with only two small patches of snow to cross. The only suggestion I can give with all the recent weather is a very early start to avoid the lightning. 
14RBND  2014-07-16   1      1   Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-07-01  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: A few snow fields but all are easily crossable. No ax or spikes needed. Also, I took the "point fest" (the 13ers ridge South of the South Ridge route) route on the way up San Luis and this was also free of snow. 
scottaskinger  2014-07-06   0             Delete
2014-06-24  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: The parking lot next to the Stewart Creek TH is being closed down. Parking will be available along the road. Bathrooms should be added to the TH also. The pine trees have mostly died due to the beetle along the trail. The hike down is relitively easy on the knees. 
The_Flex  2014-06-25   1   2      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-06-24  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: The route was wet/muddy in places with approximately 5-10 snowfield crossings. It may be prudent to bring microspikes and gaiters but they aren‘t a necessity. There are lots of beautiful high alpine flowers in bloom right now so bring your camera. 
rhickman213  2014-06-24   0             Delete
2014-06-21  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: 4WD Trailhead is accessible for any 4WD with decent clearance (my 4Runner had no problems). The route has a handful of mid-size snow fields that require crossing. They were nice and solid early in the morning, but we experienced some postholing on the way back. Overall nearly summer conditions on San Luis from West Willow Creek. It was a great day - we were the only ones who climbed San Luis from West Willow Creek on a Saturday in late June! 
csmith  2014-06-21   0             Delete
2014-06-19  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: The drive from Hwy 114 on the dirt road is long. 27 miles of moderately rough 2wd dirt road. The two stream crossings are not worrisome if you have made it that far - 6-10 inches of water with low likelihood of not making it across. The trail itself is in good shape. Some patches of running water/mud in the first 4 miles but easily avoidable. Had 4 snow crossings, 2 in the basin and 2 on the northeast ridge. Didn‘t wear spikes, gaiters or anything special. Don‘t believe the sign at the trail head which says 5 1/2 miles to San Luis Peak. It was 6.9 miles each way on my GPS. 
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