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Geneva Peak  
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2014-09-13  Route: Landslide+Geneva+Sullivan
Info: No snow. Road to Montezuma open. AWD vehicles can drive at least 1.1 miles up the road. With careful driving it would be possible to get to the mine. All snow on the eastern front range (G&T, Pettingell, Citadel, Grizzly, Edwards, Bard group, etc.) appeared wholly absent, as seen from Loveland Pass. 
JosephG  2014-09-13   0         Edit  Delete
2012-05-29  Route: Webster Pass Road
Info: Visual report from Santa Fe Peak. Webster Pass Road still has one snow-covered stretch just below treeline ~300 long, and a few patches above treeline, otherwise dry. Much less snow overall than previous report; peaks in this area essentially have summer conditions. Santa Fe Pass Road (FR 264), which heads east from the stop sign in Montezuma, is dry up to treeline with a few snow patches and damp spots way high. (This road is moderate 4wd to treeline and rough 4wd above; Subarus should be OK to treeline. Not aware of any gate on this road.) 
TravelingMatt  2012-05-29   0   1        
2012-05-03  Route: Webster Pass Road
Info: Webster Pass Road is gated about mile past the turnoff from Deer Creek Road. Mostly snow-free from there to the creek crossing another mile upstream. Creek is ~2 feet deep but can be crossed with boards. Beyond that, road becomes snowed in very quickly and without snowshoes it is best to go cross-country across open terrain to reach peaks east of Webster Pass. Once above treeline it is easy to avoid snow except on southern slope of Geneva. Probably another 2-3 weeks before I‘d call it snow-free; until then floatation advisable. 
TravelingMatt  2012-05-03   0           

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