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Dyer Mountain  
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2014-09-07  Route: Southeast Slopes
Info: Zero snow, perfect (fall!) conditions. Didn‘t see anyone else on Dyer, saw lots heading to Sherman. Canister on summit is missing a cap on one end. Wish I knew, would have replaced it. Drove in from Denver, climbed and made it back before kickoff. RT from car: ~2 hours. 
LetsGoMets  2014-09-07   0         Edit  Delete
2014-07-03  Route: East Ridge from Gemini
Info: A couple patches of snow close to the summit that will lead to a little bit of post-holing, but nothing that requires traction. The ridge between Gemini and Dyer also has some snow that can be easily avoided. 
awake  2014-07-03   0           
2014-06-21  Route: Southeast Slopes
Info: I brought my skis based on 6/15 update, but left them in the car -- a lot of snow had melted. I‘d estimate 30% snow coverage. I avoided most of the snow by staying left of the road. Microspike were helpful for getting down from Dyer heading toward Gemini/Sherman. 
carson_h  2014-06-26   0         Edit  Delete
2014-06-15  Route: Southeast Slopes
Info: Road to upper Dyer TH is open now. 90% of the route is coverd in snow. The snow is perfect for crampons/microspike. We climbed without any tranction, however it would have been easier with some. Lots of ski turns up there too. 
rescuemonkey  2014-06-16   0         Edit  Delete
2013-06-28  Route: Southeast Slopes
Info: Can be climbed without going over any snow as long as you follow Bill‘s route description and gain the southwest ridge. If you go up to the saddle between Gemini and Dyer (or descend Dyer toward Gemini) there is still an unavoidable snow field covering the east side of the peak. The road to Upper Iowa Gulch is easily passable to the TH. 
denvermikey  2013-06-28   0         Edit  Delete
2012-04-22  Route: from Mt Sherman
Info: Snowshoes are not needed on route to Sherman and Dyer, snow on route after dropping from Gemini to saddle was easily navigated with microspikes and poles. Stay slightly right on approach to Dyer to avoid cornices. Photo 1 is descent from Gemini, photos 2 and 3 looking towards Dyer. 
Brian Thomas  2012-04-23   3   1        
2011-06-11  Route: South Ridge
Info: Continuous snow from Iowa Gulch up to the summit, though it‘s spotty near the top and probably won‘t be continuous much longer. The ridge to Gemini is mostly snow on the Dyer side, but the final gully up to Gemini was clear. 
Nathan Hale  2011-06-13   0           

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