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Culebra Peak  
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2014-07-31  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: We climbed Culebra on July 25th. The weather was excellent as the storms didn‘t come in until after 3pm. Most of what I read about climbing Culebra proved to be very accurate. The ranch personnel were at the gate well before 6 am and had us climbing with no wasted time. The road to 4 way was very steep, I learned to give vehicles in front of me plenty of room. The road above the 4 way was not any tougher but the parking area was down in a low spot, steep and full of rocks, would be very tough to get out of this lot without a decent 4 wheel drive. Coming back on the road to the ranch I was in 4 low and going slow. Climbing: No snow on the route anywhere. There is a bit of a trail at the beginning that goes to the left side of the basin, we crossed back over the creek and climbed the grassy, less rocky slopes to the right and zig zagged to the very southern most part of the ridge. This route brought us to the ridge near the giant cairn, seemed to be a most direct and very reasonable direction. Once on the ridge, there was only one place to be, following the ridge to the peak. Nice to climb a 14er that had so few people climbing at once. Saw elk crossing the peak before sunrise and more marmots than usual. Most people climbing were on their last of close to last 14er, hmm. One of my favorite peaks, worth the 150 bucks. 
PeakPursuit  2014-07-31   4         Edit  Delete
2014-06-28  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Culebra route is completely dry and snow-free up to the summit. Still plenty of snow along the ridge at higher altitudes, but it is completely off-route, you‘ll never get near it. 
barryfagin  2014-07-04   0         Edit  Delete
2014-06-21  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Culebra and Red Mtn are snow free 
BrentRichter  2014-06-21   0   2      Edit  Delete
2014-06-20  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Snow free to summit, snow free to Red. 
JosephG  2014-06-20   0   3      Edit  Delete
2013-06-30  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Great Conditions. Recent rains have made the dirt roads less dusty. Forest floor is green and the tundra is thick. Snow is not an issue on the route. La Veta Pass is open. Did not see or smell any smoke from west fork fire on this day. PS only 10 climbers on Sunday of an allowable 25. 
wizzer  2013-06-30   0   2      Edit  Delete
2012-06-30  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Good/easy climb. By entering the gate at 6am, we started climbing after driving up the access road to the upper trailhead 1 mile past 4-way(road was in great condition and clearance was no problem - an older Subaru Outback made it with no problem - although steepness esp with a wet surface, which we didn‘t have - would make 2wd or frond wheel drive not recommended) we started hiking at 6:55 and summited by 10am. 4 climbers headed over to Red Mtn. but returned from that saddle, as clouds/thunder was close and building. All were back to the upper trailhead by 1 pm at a leisurely pace. 
JimS  2012-07-03   0         Edit  Delete
2012-06-23  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Season opener on Culebra today, no snow of any significance and the route(s) are very easy to figure out. Road to the trailhead is in good shape, however 4WD becomes helpful on the steep sections so you don‘t spin out. Mostly jeeps and trucks at the upper trailhead, and a subaru outback. 
jfaust  2012-06-23   0         Edit  Delete

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