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Mt. Bierstadt  
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2012-06-23  West Slopes  Dry all the way up on the standard route. Even got dusty in places as the wind picked up on the way down. No snow crossing the trail, but I could see a small patch on the western side of the sawtooth. olhado47   2012-06-23 3     Edit Delete 
2012-06-08  West Slopes  No mud and very little hard pack at the top, that‘s easily avoidable. I would only caution early risers about a bit of ice on some parts of the upper half of the trail, where the combo of water seeping from the ground and heavy use erosion made me slip once, before I noticed in the pre-dawn light. It all melted shortly after sunrise. Otherwise, late summer conditions! jenjenm   2012-06-18 1     Edit Delete 
2012-06-03  Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans  Slushy on some of the shady slopes above 13.5k, but easy to cope if you have trekking poles and/or micro spikes/good boots. Backside of Bierdstadt has a great snow field to glisade down to the start of the Sawtooth. No rollerballs/pinwheels to hint at possible wet slides, ~ 300 ft of very fun glisading. Sawtooth ridge was dry, but the last section has plenty of loose gravel to keep in mind. Evans was clear Sawtooth to summit. helmich2   2012-06-04 4  3    Edit Delete 
2012-06-01  West Slopes  Dry until summit then a few small snow fields. Very windy and chilly at 7AM but got warm quickly and then chilly/windy again. People in shorts turned back. Heavy clouds moved in around noon. Sawtooth was very dry. Alan Arnette   2012-06-01 4  1  Edit Delete 
2012-05-26  West Slopes  Still muddy on the lower elevation. Still quite a bit of ice and snow fields to deal with, but manageable if you take your time. I use trekking poles on the way up to keep upright, and put on my microspike for the way down on the top half. jeffdykstra   2012-05-27  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-25  West Slopes  Still muddy up to 12,900‘, and then it starts to get icy. I had my microspikes with me but just ended up using trekking poles. But some sort of of traction would definitely make it more comfortable (especially on the descent). smoove   2012-05-25 4     Edit Delete 
2012-05-24  West Slopes  Blowing snow and negative temps weren‘t very fun but overall it was a good climb. There was a decent amount of snow still on the west slopes but it was firm and there was no need for snow shoes, micro spikes on the other hand could be of use. The pass was open all the way to the top and we made it up with without incident in our Subi. seth0687   2012-05-27  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-21  West Slopes  A little muddy until about 13K. Multiple trails through the few snowfields above that. Traction helpful but not mandatory. All in all, excellent conditions. Jay521   2012-05-21  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-18  West Slopes  There is a fair amount of snow higher up on Bierstadt. Snowshoes are not necessary, but micro-spikes or other traction devices are very helpful. The lower part of the standard route was a bit muddy, but nothing too bad. Summited at 8:30am and the weather was beautiful and winds were calm. The winds seemed to pick up a little as I was descending. awake   2012-05-18  0  3    Edit Delete 
2012-05-15  West Slopes  Really quite a lot of snow above 12k‘ (from the weekend storm) - All boot-packed and easy but still a snow hike. I was very glad to have poles, gaitors, and micro spikes. The mud was frozen in the morning but a brutal mess by 11am. I‘m sure most of the snow will be gone soon. Pics in the youtube clip below if you are interested (included sawtooth). DoWork   2012-05-15  0  1 1  Edit Delete 
2012-05-02  West Slopes  Guanella Pass Road is bare, clear and dry from the seasonal closures on both sides to the summit trailhead. (Make that clear from 285 all the way across to Georgetown! But in spite of clear roads, the County does not plan to open the road the final ~2 miles (each side) until near the end of May.) The north side is now fully paved all the way to the summit trailhead. Yea! Some packed snow throughout the upper climb, but absolutely NO NEED for snowshoes now. (Ski poles might be useful. - we used our today.) Plenty of afternoon mud on the lower slopes and in the bog/rushes. philbucher   2012-05-02  0     Edit Delete 
2012-04-30  West Slopes  Trail is frozen mud/defrosted mud/packed snow to summit. No traction devices needed, although you might consider yakxtrax on a cold day when the ice/snow won‘t soften up at all. Snow is ~3-6 in. on ~1/3 of trail, but pretty packed down. Lower part of trail muddy, I would recommend wearing knee-high gaiters because of all the squishing and splashing. Beautiful sunny day, slight breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. The sawtooth is pretty dry looking. Snow and ice in a couple spots. Probably doable, but the gulch to descend has a lot of snow, but you could stay to the side of the gulch and probably do fine. Pic 1 Sawtooth Pic 2 Frodo don‘t follow the lights Pic 3 Bierstadt/ Sawtooth traverse Pic 4 Evidence of some microbursts knocking down a ton of trees. Looks more like a tornado hit it. RockyMountainMustang   2012-04-30 4     Edit Delete 
2012-04-23  Standard  Conditions are great in the AM, in the afternoon the trail is a mud bowl. Starting at the road closure my GPS tracked 10.4miles to the summit and back. Only one on the mountain today, beautiful day. Trip report on my blog if your interested: MTGOAT72   2012-04-23 4       
2012-03-31  West Slopes  Snowshoes not needed. We took MicroSpikes but didnít use them. Pole recommended. It will depend on the melt freeze cycle if things are icy. Above the willows is largely blown off. Still some snow in places. In the willows there was a little post holing in the afternoon. The biggest issue could be the stream crossing. The water under the snow is broader than the stream. In the morning it was firm enough about 50í downstream from the usual crossing spot. On the return we crawled across since a post hole meant a soaker. This area could get worse with some more mild weather. Georgetown side - road bare to winter parking closure. Some snow on road to summer TH. A little post holing on return. MountainHiker   2012-03-31  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-03-24  West Slopes  Guanella Pass closed at winter closure. Road is snowy but very little postholing until afternoon. Trail is well packed - again, minimal postholing. I did not use snowshoes but did find microspikes helpful in a few spots. Snow melting fast and turning trail into mud. Justin9   2012-03-25 2     Edit Delete 
2012-03-24  West Slopes  From the gate to Guanella Pass, the road is mostly snow covered, firm in the morning and slushy with some minor postholing the the afternoon. Traction, flotation, gaiters not necessary. The trail through the willows is well packed and again, flotation, traction, gaiters are not essential, though later in the day, flotation may prove useful as the snow softens and postholing is less predictable. Upper trail is packed and Microspikes might be helpful. I‘ve never seen this mountain this dry at this time of year. The heat reflecting off the snow was rather intense and with virtually no wind, some folks had the foresight to wear T-shirts and tank tops. I overdressed to an unfortunate degree. Slow Moving Fun Seeker   2012-03-24 3  4    Edit Delete 
2012-03-10  West Slopes  Trail is well-packed all the way due to the highway up there today. No flotation needed. Microspikes may be useful in a few spots, but not really necessary. Road is essentially dry (a few small icy spots remaining) to the winter road closure on the Georgetown side. anna   2012-03-10  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-02-25  West Slopes  Guanella Pass road closed at 8.2 miles and 11,000 ft. Took us 6.5 hours RT. The wind was ridiculous, I got blown down countless times and could barely stand up on the summit ridge. Bierstadt is totally skiable if you are NOT looking for good skiing. Skied from the summit ridge about 15 ft (I could have skied more but the 70+ MPH winds instilled a pucker factor ski on that ridge; I almost got blown off the edge of it which would have meant a very unpleasant ride into a different drainage) Then hiked down 300ft to a snowfield and connected snowfields all the way back down to the willows. The willows are a nightmare. High winds filled in our trench in the willows, but it should still be there on the road for a little while longer. Snowshoes or skis are a MUST unless you like wallowing. lostsheep5   2012-02-25 3     Edit Delete 
2012-02-18  West Slopes  Hiked Bierstadt from the Georgetown side today (1.9 miles from winter closure to the trailhead). Snowshoes not required, although they were helpful for the first 1/4 mile or so in the willows. There‘s a pretty decent trail to follow most of the way to the top. I carried microspikes but didn‘t use them. I tend to not use them in places where a lot of other people do (not sure why, but having a low center of gravity might explain it), so take that bit of information with a grain of salt. mcormier   2012-02-18 1  1      
2012-01-29  West Slopes  Road was plowed from the Georgetown side to the winter closure, with a few slick sections. I have a low-clearance 2WD and made it without breaking a sweat. There‘s a "shortcut" that leaves the road at a switchback around 11,450‘ to make a beeline through some willows to intersect the trail. I‘d strongly advise against taking it. The 20 minutes we spent postholing to our knees/waists in snowshoes was probably the most difficult part of the day. The road may meander a bit, but it‘s less of a hassle and likely just as quick. If you skip the willows shortcut, snowshoes are NOT currently necessary. We pointlessly wore ours up the road and stashed them once we reached the boardwalks. The trail is bootpacked and easy to follow. Higher on the route the path becomes a bit more elusive, but huge cairns are everywhere. A few others on the route didn‘t have microspikes, but I found them indispensable, especially on the descent. My GPS clocked the route from the Georgetown winter closure at 10.5 miles and 3,700‘. We made it from car-to-car, goofing off and with lots of unnecessary breaks, in 8 hours. SurfNTurf   2012-01-29 4  3    Edit Delete 

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