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Missouri Mountain  
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2011-09-29  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Trail is snow free all the way up. There is very little water flowing through the stream crossings. There is a little mud here and there on the trail, but it is easily avoidable. The aspens look nice, but may be a bit past peak. There were two families/herds/social clubs of goats to the west of Missouri Gultch, probably 15 total. ColoradoLawDobe   2011-09-29  0     Edit Delete 
2011-09-24  west ridge  Route from clohesy lake is snow free and aspens are peaking in the area. 9/24/11 wizzer   2011-09-24  0       
2011-09-17  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Route is free of snow until 12,000 +/-, snow increased gradually but was a non-issue until the summit ridge at 13,700+/-. From here, the last 2/3 mile or so along the ridge have anywhere from 1" to 4", with occasional drifts of a foot or so deep. No ice had formed on the rocks while we were there, but I assume that is probably on the way soon. Definitely not a trail runner hike in its current state, I was happy to have my boots. aerohr   2011-09-17  0     Edit Delete 
2011-08-02  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Route is dry and clear except for a few places around 12,500‘ that are easily avoidable. Water crossing is still deep (got my feet wet) at 12,500. Flowers in full bloom. mrschaible   2011-08-03  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-31  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Great hike, beautiful day, flowers in full bloom! No trouble with water crossing; my feet stayed dry (water level a little higher later in the day). Small snow field just before saddle, you can walk around to avoid if you want. Great to see other members on the summit! Definition: Mutual Admiration Society - Group of members on the summit of a 14er. richardscout   2011-07-31  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-20  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Not much change from the 7/17 condition report. Stream crossings are still running high, and the snowfield directly below the ridge is still there. Snow crossing was very firm at around 6am when I crossed it, microspikes definitely helped. drhansenej   2011-07-20 1     Edit Delete 
2011-07-17  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Snow free except for 100‘ snow field near ridge. Pretty well boot compacted. No snow gear required. Streams are high but if you have a long stride you can hop rock to rock and stay dry. If you‘re camping around treeline bring DEET. Mosquitoes are out! SpringsJeff   2011-07-20  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-15  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  The conditions are more or less the same as stated by the 7/9 report. The snowfield near the saddle is easily avoidable on the climber‘s left. The stream crossings were interesting. Wear waterproof boots or expect cold feet! Bowman   2011-07-16  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-09  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Agree with everything iquack08 posted. I took option 2 - snow pack to ridge. Snow was firm and postholing not a problem. Gaiters saved my day for the stream crossings. Gopherboy   2011-07-09  0  2    Edit Delete 
2011-07-09  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Two large snow patches on the trail. The first one is bootpacked, so it was no problem. The second one is right under the saddle when you‘re about to get on the ridge. You have two choices: walk over it (it looked pretty deep if you start postholing), scramble on the talus just to the left of it. I chose option two; the rocks were pretty stable going up and down slowly. Also, the stream crossings can get pretty dicey. Your leaping skills may be tested. Only boots are necessary. Gaitors are optional. iquack08   2011-07-09  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-07-02  North Face Couloirs  I just skied the north face of Missouri on Saturday (7/2). Skiable from the notch just below the summit. The snow was deeply suncupped but easily manageable after it softens. This line should be in for at least a week (I would guess) moneymike   2011-07-03  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-26  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Got a couple PMs re ski conditions on Missouri so here is a picture. Waited around at the summit for a while and dropped in at 10am. Pretty windy so that effected the drop time. Could have waited for the snow to warm up a little more. Sun cups are getting more annoying. We were able to cut through them for the most part. Continuous snow from the summit to about 12,300ft, then walked a bit and put the skis back on to 12k. Was easy to hike in sneakers until the base of that couloir that goes straight to the summit where we switched to skis. Carl   2011-07-01 1  1    Edit Delete 
2011-06-25  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  Oxford and Belford are no issue at all. Attached are picture of the Nortwest Ridge for Missouri and the North Face Couloirs routes gofishbri   2011-06-25 2  1    Edit Delete 
2011-06-19  North Face Couloirs  NF Couloir climb. Snow is mostly suncups, softens up at about 9am. For the approach route, brought snowshoes, but did not put them on - snow was either avoidable or in short patches. Couloirs are probably good for another week or so. nkan02   2011-06-19  0  1  Edit Delete 
2011-06-12  Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch  No snow on the standard route until you get to the sign where the Belford/Mo. trails split and even then it isn‘t too deep until you get to the stream crossing on the standard route. With an early start there is enough snow/ice for a crampon climb in the couloirs but, by 8:30a or so it is starting to get soft and post-holing chances increase. Snow shoes are a tough call for this time of year. Dex   2011-06-13  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-05  North Face Couloirs  Hardly any snow until just below tree line. Crossing the Gulch to Missouri early in the morning before sun hits valley was passable without snow shows. On the way back the snow fields turned to slush and we postholed. (below is photo of valley from Missouri Summit)We used our snowshoes a bit on the return. The couloirs were still in good condition for a crampon climb, though we climbed them early in morning around 9 am. Two skiers skied down the C couloir right passed us on our way up. Stiffler_from_Denver   2011-06-06 3     Edit Delete 
2011-05-29  West Ridge  I want to post a TR but not sure I‘ll have the time. We climbed Missouri Mtn West Ridge from Lake Fork Creek on Sunday, 5/29/11. We crossed Clear Creek in Rockdale in a stock Xterra and parked about a mile up the road where heavy drifting blocked further vehicle progress. By foot, the road to Cloyses Lake was easy to follow. The snow coverage became 100% as we approached the 4WD trailhead. Snowshoes are needed. From Cloyses Lake we followed the path of least resistance to the base of the west ridge where we started our steep ascent in earnest. The wind on the broad ridge was extreme - I‘d estimate constant 30-40mph with an occasional gust knocking us to the ground. At 13.5K ft, one member of the climbing party decided to turn back and descend to the lake. I continued on with another climber. The wind relented as we approached the summit ridge. Image 1: Missouri‘s North Face. Image 2: The snow traverse. Image 3: Our ascent/descent route. Image 4: Traversing steep snow on the way down. We traversed a steep but firm (and seemingly stable) snow slope to reach the summit. We carried crampons but did not use them. The snow was perfect for kicking steps. Ice axe was mandatory. All in all it was a spectacular climb. Missouri Mtn made us earn the summit. kimo   2011-06-01 4     Edit Delete 
2011-05-22  North Face Couloirs  The steep switchbacks were intermittent with snow and dry ground. Once you reached the creek crossing it was snow all the way up through Missouri Gulch. Snow shoes or skis are required. Snow depth in the trees is ~3-4 feet. Above tree line snow depth varies depending upon wind patterns. From the end of the basin approach up to the base of the north face couloirs the snow deepens significantly. By the time we reached the base of the main couloir at 11:45 AM the snow had softened enough that we were post holing above the knees. Based on this and the weather we turned around. On the descent the section between tree line and the creek crossing was very soft. Every third step with snow shoes resulted in post holing up to the waist. It was not fun! The two in our group with AT skis faired much better than me with snow shoes. DrewR   2011-05-25 4  1    Edit Delete 

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