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Missouri Mountain  
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2012-04-28  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Here are a couple pics to accompany the forum post I made. I know its not a very purty pit, I‘ll blame it on the ice and sugar. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like additional beta. We dug on an E aspect at 12,700ft just below Elkhead Pass. Pic 1 is the initial collapse (obviously we didn‘t dig there ). Pic 2 demonstrates my excellent posture, but also shows just how rotten the lower snowpack is. Pic 3 is the slab that pulled out with a Q1 shear while digging. I had cut the right side and was cutting the back of the column when it pulled out. Pic 4 is the CT5 Q2 that failed next. 
jmoney  2012-04-29   4   3      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2012-04-25  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: Skied the main north face couloir today. It still has great continous snow from a few feet below the summit down into Missouri Gulch. Conditions today were a few inches of blown in powder in the upper 2/3 of the couloir and soft snow and corn below. 
BillMiddlebrook  2012-04-25   4   2      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2012-04-10  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: I am just back from Missouri Gulch after climbing Belford, Oxford and Missouri. The Bel-Ox route is in great shape and the only extra gear I had was Micro Spikes but you could probably make it without those. On the 10th I climbed Missouri via the C Couloir. The route is in great shape for climbing and avy risk is low early in the morning (I summited at 8:40). I descended the standard route. I have to say the skiing would not have been great as it had been warm in the day with a superficial freeze at night. I did not bring my skis because I didn‘t want the extra weight on top of my already heavy camping pack. I had just done this on Wetterhorn. From the stream (10,800) up to 13,000 feet you will be on snow. You can use snow shoes (I did) from 11,500 to wear you begin climbing. They help but are not necessary if you travel early. This will change as the snow goes through the spring melt. There is evidence of a lot of post holing. From 9,900 to the stream crossing there is a lot of intermittent ice and snow on the trail. I wore microspikes the role time and this made life much easier. If you are camping you can find water up to 11,525. Above that you will have to melt snow. 
Nelson  2012-04-11   0             Delete
2012-04-04  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Road access to Missouri Gulch is clear and accessible in any car. It is hard to find in the dark, so keep a lookout for the wooden post-and-rail fence on the left side of the road. You likely won‘t see the sign as it is tucked well into the trees. After the recent storm there was ~6-9" of fresh powder (give or take depending on the wind). manbearpigg blazed trail all the way to the summit, while I slowly trudged along behind (never having done a 14er in winter conditions, I was slightly unprepared for what I was getting myself into...). In the morning, the snow was light and fluffy, which made travel slow. Because it looked like the normal route up the NW ridge may have had some avalanche risk due to wind-loading on the eastern slopes and some small point release activity, we went up to the ridge earlier than the actual trail (which was invisible under the snow anyhow). After getting to the top of ridgeline, we found that the slopes had less snow than they appeared (~1ft or less in most spots) The ridgeline itself had a good amount of snow on it. A little taller than knee height in spots. Snow conditions varied a lot between powder and windslap up there. The day was warm and clear, and the snow started to melt and get pretty slick. Later in the day, during the descent, this hardened and with the slight wind formed a decent crust over the softer snow beneath that should make ascents much easier than the conditions we went up in (provided you go up when it is still cold). By this time, I‘d say avalanche conditions were pretty much nonexistent, and conditions should stay relatively safe. If it is really warm, one or two areas may have slight wet slab risk, but otherwise the no worries. Snowshoes are a must, and I‘d recommend yakstrax for the slick spots on the lower 2-3miles of trail. Trekking poles were very helpful. If you don‘t use them, an ice axe may have been useful in a couple spots but isn‘t really necessary provided your snowshoes have good built-in crampons. img 1 - Missouri Mtn. img 2 - heading up the ridge. img 3 - manbearpigg and dogbearpigg on the ridge. img 4 - class III crux (we went up and over rather than break trail around it) 
RockyMountainMustang  2012-04-05   4   7      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2012-03-27  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: from missouri gulch. road up to trailhead is 99% bone dry. any 2wd car could make it. We hit the trail probably 20-30 min after the first glimpse of daylight. snowpack was good with very little postholing up to around 12,800. The snow on the way up the mountain (which had been facing the sunrise) was decent but wish it would have been harder. Even more so on the way down. Surprisingly, on the way down, everything below around 12,800 seemed the same if not more firm than it did early that morning. This was extremely easy FOR MARCH but was still a lot harder than it will be in July. I would say that on the way up to the ridge probably 90% of the steps you take (and the moves you make) are on snow. Also, be aware that the day we went the forecasted high was 39 with clear skies. 
mikefromcraig  2012-03-27   0   1          Delete
2012-03-24  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Climbed Missouri Mountain yesterday from Missouri Gulch/NW ridge. Trail up the gulch was hard-pack snow below treeline. No snowshoes needed...microspikes helpful. The flatter area around treeline higher in the gulch had some areas of snow cover that induced post-holing but light stepping and some walking around these slopes minimized post-holing. We went up the east slopes a little further north than the normal summer route because I liked those snow slopes better. There was a small rib separating two prominent snowfields that we followed and crossed snow here where it was shallower. Nice anf firm early in the morning. We walked the riige for quite a ways heading over Point 13,718 and meeting up with the NW Ridge summer trail. The towers near the summit were fairly well covered on the south side requiring the direct traverse of the first one...some icy class 3 with decent exposure. The rest of them were easily bypassed on the south. The North face couloirs are on their way to becoming stable...barring any big April storms. They still looked a slight bit unstable and wet-slides would be the main concern. Post holing may also happen though. The day was downright hot once the sun came higher into the sky. The snow we ascended that morning became a very delightful glissade/plunge stepping descent that allowed for a very quick and fun descent. The last photo is of Longs...I just really like that one! First one is of the N couloirs Second one shows the traverse over the first pillar near summit and subsequent cornice crossing Thirs one shows me with Huron/Apostles in background 
Matt Lemke  2012-03-25   4         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2012-01-02  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: About as easy as it gets in winter. Can drive to the summer TH. Great bootpack to the Belford cutoff, no snowshoes required. Traversed from treeline up alternating snow/tundra. Occasional whomph, but the snow was pretty stable - mostly hard slab that typically held body weight. 
Yikes  2012-01-03   0             Delete
2011-10-11  Route: MO. Gulch
Info: Information as of Tuesday: Made it to 13,000 feet. Snow was getting a bit deeper and storm clouds were lingering so I decided to retreat. I most likely would have been alright, but I was solo so I decided to play it safe. Route finding was a bit tricky after tree-line as tracks were snow-blown and spots of the trail were under large drifts of snow (waist deep in spots). The pictures don‘t quite do justice, but they are better than nothing. 
lackerstef  2011-10-12   4             
2011-09-29  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Trail is snow free all the way up. There is very little water flowing through the stream crossings. There is a little mud here and there on the trail, but it is easily avoidable. The aspens look nice, but may be a bit past peak. There were two families/herds/social clubs of goats to the west of Missouri Gultch, probably 15 total. 
ColoradoLawDobe  2011-09-29   0             Delete
2011-09-24  Route: west ridge
Info: Route from clohesy lake is snow free and aspens are peaking in the area. 9/24/11 
wizzer  2011-09-24   0             
2011-09-17  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Route is free of snow until 12,000 +/-, snow increased gradually but was a non-issue until the summit ridge at 13,700+/-. From here, the last 2/3 mile or so along the ridge have anywhere from 1" to 4", with occasional drifts of a foot or so deep. No ice had formed on the rocks while we were there, but I assume that is probably on the way soon. Definitely not a trail runner hike in its current state, I was happy to have my boots. 
aerohr  2011-09-17   0             Delete
2011-08-02  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Route is dry and clear except for a few places around 12,500‘ that are easily avoidable. Water crossing is still deep (got my feet wet) at 12,500. Flowers in full bloom. 
mrschaible  2011-08-03   0             Delete
2011-07-31  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Great hike, beautiful day, flowers in full bloom! No trouble with water crossing; my feet stayed dry (water level a little higher later in the day). Small snow field just before saddle, you can walk around to avoid if you want. Great to see other members on the summit! Definition: Mutual Admiration Society - Group of members on the summit of a 14er. 
richardscout  2011-07-31   0             Delete
2011-07-20  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Not much change from the 7/17 condition report. Stream crossings are still running high, and the snowfield directly below the ridge is still there. Snow crossing was very firm at around 6am when I crossed it, microspikes definitely helped. 
drhansenej  2011-07-20   1         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2011-07-17  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Snow free except for 100‘ snow field near ridge. Pretty well boot compacted. No snow gear required. Streams are high but if you have a long stride you can hop rock to rock and stay dry. If you‘re camping around treeline bring DEET. Mosquitoes are out! 
SpringsJeff  2011-07-20   0             Delete
2011-07-15  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: The conditions are more or less the same as stated by the 7/9 report. The snowfield near the saddle is easily avoidable on the climber‘s left. The stream crossings were interesting. Wear waterproof boots or expect cold feet! 
Bowman  2011-07-16   0             Delete
2011-07-09  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Agree with everything iquack08 posted. I took option 2 - snow pack to ridge. Snow was firm and postholing not a problem. Gaiters saved my day for the stream crossings. 
Gopherboy  2011-07-09   0   2          Delete
2011-07-09  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Two large snow patches on the trail. The first one is bootpacked, so it was no problem. The second one is right under the saddle when you‘re about to get on the ridge. You have two choices: walk over it (it looked pretty deep if you start postholing), scramble on the talus just to the left of it. I chose option two; the rocks were pretty stable going up and down slowly. Also, the stream crossings can get pretty dicey. Your leaping skills may be tested. Only boots are necessary. Gaitors are optional. 
iquack08  2011-07-09   0   1          Delete
2011-07-02  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: I just skied the north face of Missouri on Saturday (7/2). Skiable from the notch just below the summit. The snow was deeply suncupped but easily manageable after it softens. This line should be in for at least a week (I would guess) 
moneymike  2011-07-03   0             Delete
2011-06-26  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Got a couple PMs re ski conditions on Missouri so here is a picture. Waited around at the summit for a while and dropped in at 10am. Pretty windy so that effected the drop time. Could have waited for the snow to warm up a little more. Sun cups are getting more annoying. We were able to cut through them for the most part. Continuous snow from the summit to about 12,300ft, then walked a bit and put the skis back on to 12k. Was easy to hike in sneakers until the base of that couloir that goes straight to the summit where we switched to skis. 
Carl  2011-07-01   1   1      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete

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