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2014-06-24  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Went up Missouri Mountain yesterday via the Northwest Ridge standard route. Missouri Gulch TH: great shape up to the ranch, decent washboard from ranch to TH. TH to Trail Junction (w/ Elkhead Pass Trail): the gulch (photo #1) is dry, excellent trail Trail Junction to Ridge: -minimal snow coverage on trail below the handful of switchbacks (photo #2), easily avoided, no route-finding issues -three key snowfields to contend with below the ridge. First (photo#3, path shown very approximate) no issues, not steep, used poles for stability, keep eyes up for large cairns. Second (photo #4) short, not steep, again, keep eyes up for large cairns, regain trail. Third (photo #5, doesn‘t really do justice. Photo #6, as seen from summit), just below the ridge, most challenging, steeper than the other fields, we slowed down, kick stepped, and used trekking poles to get across. Ridge to Summit: mostly dry (photo #7), two areas with snow. First (not pictured) is on the crux (photos #15/16 of route description), good boot-pack, no issues. Second (photo #, along ridge, great boot-pack. Overall, I‘d highly recommend poles and gaiters for this route. We brought micro-spikes and did not use them because the snow was too slushy. Experienced some postholing on the edges of snowfields (on both ascent and descent, summited around noon). I would not quite give a "summer conditions" rating, but it‘s getting really close. I‘ve got more pictures of the couloirs, but have no idea how helpful they are. PM if you want to see them. 
DKELLY  2014-06-25   8   4          
2014-06-22  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: The standard route is a bit muddy in places and a few snow fields to cross. Did some post holing and swearing. Trekking poles were helpful. Other than that the trail is awesome. 
codogg81  2014-06-23   0             
2014-06-22  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: Both Main and C Couloirs are in but the conditions are deteriorating quickly, the snow held up for me but there was a freeze the night before and the sun was in and out. 
Built-to-Last  2014-06-22   2             
2014-06-21  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Standard route is do-able without traction. Some snowfields are melting out that are easily avoidable, others are unavoidable but short and on flat ground. The one tough spot is right below the saddle. I didn‘t feel comfortable going up with no traction, but there is a way to reduce it to almost no snow crossing by going up a more direct, class 3 pitch. (To the left from the picture vantage point) 
The Moose  2014-06-21   1   2          
2014-06-15  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: From Missouri gulch TH at 6am we booted (in running shoes) all the way to 12500ft at the base of the North Face. Early AM snow was solid no postholing, but ice on the logs/rocks made for tricky stream crossings. North face is still full snow above 12500ft, used crampons and axes to go straight up the C couloir, snow was just starting to soften at 9am, with some sections of hard neve in the couloir that required front pointing/kicking steps. The right side of the couloir got more morning sun and was thus softer than the climbers left side, more direct finish. Dropped into the climbders right side of the C couloir on soft corn snow at 11am, perfect skiing conditions. We only experienced very minimal sluffing of the top 1-2", the rest of the slope was very well consolidated. At the base of the C couloir we traversed slightly NW into the main trail gulley to continue ski descending. We had to remove skis for 3 short sections, but were able to ski our way down the drainage to 12000ft. Snow is melting fast so this lower portion will soon be gone. Main Trail Update: Still fully covered in snow, with some snow on the traverse ridge. There is an option to avoid much of the snow by climbing the rocky rib just South of the main trail. Crampons and ice axe highly recommended! Photos to be uploaded soon. 
thebeave7  2014-06-15   4             
2014-06-13  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: The trail is dry until .25mi past the Belford junction sign. Small snow patches remain, but snow shoes are not needed. The willows at 12,500ft are a sloppy mess in the afternoon with soft snow bridges and large ‘creeks‘. Wear waterproof boots and gaiters. Your feet will get muddy and wet. The snow in the couloir is fairly soft and varies across the slope. Every step was sliding 2-3" and made for extra work. CAUTION - On Friday, the top 1/3rd of the slope to the climbers right (looking up) had a unstable layer and was collapsing a few inches with less than one pound of pressure. Sloughing or a small wet slab avalanche is a possibility. You will need crampons, ice ax and helmet. I was unable to glissade because the snow was too wet and soft to get purchase. I did not see a feasible way to climb via the standard route. Sections are covered by large snow fields. You will still need an ice ax and crampons 
zsmith  2014-06-14   6             
2014-06-08  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: Snow is melting fast so this report has a limited life. Crampons, gaiters needed, Ice Ax if you want. I got to the sign at the base of the mountain at 6:45a and the snow was perfect - crampons got a good grip. I did the B Couloir and there is now almost to the top. I think I go to the summit at 10 and the snow was good getting down for heal stepping. NOTE: it was a cool and cloudy day. If it is sunny expect softer snow. 
Dex  2014-06-08   0   3          
2014-06-07  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: Carried boots/skis almost the entire way to the summit. I gained the ridge looker‘s right of the C couloir (crampons /axe were necessary within about 200 feet from the top), and traversed to the summit. This required a couple transitions, and it probably would have saved time to just ascend the couloir directly. I dropped in at 9:30 and the snow was still a bit icy. Taking my skis off twice and hopping to snow patches, I was able to ski through the gulch all the way to the Mt Belford/ Electric Pass junction. It would have been possible to ascend this way with skins, but post holing was minimal with an early start and it was easy enough just hiking all the way up. 
Hobbes301  2014-06-08   2   3          
2014-05-24  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: Climbed and skied the C Couloir as the Main Couloir had plenty of wet slide debris from prior days. The C Couloir was creamy powder except for approximately the top 100 feet. The top 100 feet of the couloir as it hooks left in towards the summit was approximately 3 inch of wind crust on top of facets. There was a boot pack set on climbers left of the couloir near the talus that was consolidated and offered better footing. The C Couloir had been skied recently, but precautions were taken on the upper portion when dropping in to ski. We were able to ski just below the old cabin remnants with a few walking sections. The snow on the face was great for crampons and ice axe, with very little balling. There were sections of hard snow on the face that was sun crust and wind slab. I am unsure what weather the area has seen since Saturday, but graupel was failing on the decent near 11,500 feet. 
jmc5040  2014-05-26   4   2          
2014-05-20  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: I started at 3:15 AM. Even that early in the morning it was warm down low and I had some post-holing below treeline. Above tree-line in the willows the snow became more abundant with more post-holing. The gully was filled with solid snow so sticking to that I made better time and less post-holing. Looking at the Northwest Ridge from the basin I saw a lot of snow and the ridge looked to be corniced. I ascended the Main Couloir without much difficulty. However, the snow was not totally consolidated so I tried to stick to the rock ridge on the climbers left thinking the snow might be more stable near the rocks. I descended the C Couloir which had similar non-consolidated snow much like the Main Couloir. Return trip back down was uneventful except for more post-holing with the warmer conditions... 
jrs1965  2014-05-20   4   8          
2014-04-26  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: Photo from the lower basin on 4/26/2014. It looked like lots of snow holding on the upper slopes. Just my opinion, and not that educated either. The trail is about 50% covered with significant snow, if you punch through it can be deep. I walked up easily in the morning but needed snow shoes from the willows back down. It‘s not constant coverage, but deep in spots. I did not climb, just sharing the photo. 
ETA  2014-04-26   1   2          
2013-09-16  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Given the amount of heavy rains in the state, there is some washout on the trails going up Missouri Gulch and Missouri Mountain. However, the trails are still in good shape and water flow from the creeks has not affected any of the creek crossings. Snow atop Missouri and Belford that was present this morning melted out by afternoon. 
Shawnee Bob  2013-09-16   0   3   1       
2013-07-13  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Summer conditions to the top. A little muddy in places but nothing to worry about. 
tjerasdave  2013-07-13   0             
2013-06-16  Route: West Ridge
Info: The west ridge route up Missouri from Clohesy Lake is in great shape and summer conditions are here. The river crossings at Rockdale will be your biggest inconvenience. The water is just below knee level--I brought sandals specifically for the crossings so I could keep my shoes and socks dry. No snow at all until just below the summit near 13,850 ft., then just a few patches to cross (and these have good steps in them). I didn‘t need microspikes or ice axe. Sorry no photos--too busy at work this week. But PM me if you have specific questions. 
Exiled Michigander  2013-06-18   0             
2013-05-26  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: North face couloirs are in fantastic shape for climbing and skiing. We put a booter in the steep central couloir to the left of the summit and skied the Main one. Snow starts about 10 feet from the summit. Trail thru the basin is largely free of snow until 12.5k, so we carried skies on theway up, but on the way down I was able to piece together patchy snowfields and kept the skies on until 11.4k - almost to the mining cabin. Surprisingly, traversing thru the willows was not bad at all (at least on skis). What a great spring climb/ski -highly recommended. 
SnowAlien  2013-05-26   4             
2013-05-18  Route: North Face Couloirs
Info: I ascended the C couloir and descended the Main. I summitted at the same time as another guy who looked like he came up the standard. I was planning on starting at 4, but had to wait for a partner until 5 who ended up not being able to make it. When I started up the C at 8:45 (later than I wanted) the snow was already getting soft. In my case a snow storm moved in while I was on the summit and basically re-froze everything, otherwise I may have been cutting it close. There was wet slide debris in each couloir as well as to the lookers right of the standard route. The standard route didn‘t have as much activity, but I was surprised how quickly the sun hits that whole face, so give yourself plenty of time to get up there. (Photo 1: ridge; Photos 2 - 4; taken on the way up the C Couloir, lots of debris) 
leggaj5  2013-05-20   4   1          
2012-11-17  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Trail can be easily followed until turn off Missouri. From there, I had to route find due to recent snowfall. No need for snowshoes yet, but I would highly recommend an ice axe and crampons for the climb to the peak. Snow was ankle to knee deep on climb, but powdery so you typically hit the icy rocks underneath, which can could cause you to slip. Crampons alleviated slippage and made for a safer climb. 
2aron  2012-11-18   0             
2012-11-02  Route: Northwest Ridge from Missouri Gulch
Info: Oxford and Belford are already reported on so I‘ll do Missouri... From the Missouri Gulch trailhead I climbed it without a problem in my trail runners (but I‘ve been known to overdo those), however microspikes might have come in handy. The trail has collected some snow but as long as its late enough in the day that its not ice you‘ll be fine. On the upper sections the trail can become problematic but getting up there is straightforward. Actually got a very odd glissade in for about 1200 feet. About 8-10 inces of snow on smooth underling scree was just enough to sort of slab avalanche my way down Josh 
jswiftcervelo  2012-11-04   0             
2012-10-02  Route: West Ridge
Info: Dry. No snow. 
Wentzl  2012-10-03   1             
2012-09-29  Route: West Ridge
Info: Hiked Missouri today from Clohesy Lake. Not really any snow issues to speak of. This pic was about as dicey as it got. Great weather, almost like summer - spent an hour on the summit. 
nedryarson  2012-09-29   1             

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