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2014-09-23  Route: East Slopes
Info: Be ready for really windy conditions. It was eXtremely gusty (estimate 55mph), particularly just past the Democrat-Cameron saddle going up either peak as well as along all the ridges. The hairiest part was ascending the first 50 meters from the saddle toward the Democrat summit, then it becomes more manageable as there‘s a bit of protection as the trail continues to the side of the ridge, instead of on top. A tiny dusting of icy snow at the top of each peak, but nothing to get excited about--definitely no need for traction. 
ForeignMoss  2014-09-23   0             
2014-09-12  Route: East Slopes
Info: Standard route to Democrat was clear of snow this morning. Some snow on the trail between Cameron and Lincoln, but it doesn‘t pose any issues and no traction is needed. Road is a little rough the last quarter mile, but my friend made it up in a Prius quite easily. 
mtgirl  2014-09-12   0             
2014-07-19  Route: East Slopes
Info: Environmental conditions experienced on Mt. Demcrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Bross were excellent and fair. During the ascent/decent, basic exposure to medium/high winds and the normal occurance of cold conditions for a high altitude summit were experienced. However, temperature fluctuations were felt as all three summits were a bit warmer then normal. 
jayj  2014-07-21   0             
2014-07-13  Route: North Couloir
Info: Democrat has good snow coverage, both the apron and the couloir are covered in snow, and the snow is not runneled and sun cupped like many other routes are this time of year. Because it is inset it will be rock hard in the shade. Consider about a 3 am start time or bivouac the night before and expect a long day. I will be including a trip report to describe the route and some of the difficulties I encountered, mainly on the descent. 
Mike Shepherd  2014-07-14   0             
2014-07-12  Route: Decalibron
Info: It‘s about a 2:30 drive from Denver to Kite Lake. The dirt road to Kite Lake is as previously described. The parking lot is full by 5:45 AM on a Saturday, but there is plenty of parking down the road. Stream crossings are easy; we didn‘t get wet. There is one small patch of well-trampled and mostly flat snow that is 50 ft long near the summit. There is only one small section on decalibro that can be considered a scramble and it‘s very manageable. The descent off of the Bross bypass trail is loose as has been well documented, but no worse than many other 14er descents. Wind varied, but peaked upwards of 30 MPH. Sun is intense. Total decalibro time was around 6:30 in no particular rush. First rain drops fell as we finished around 12:30 PM. The conga line of the masses leaving the trailhead appeared to start at 7:00 AM, so as always, start early to avoid the crowds and decrease the chances of your hike being cut short by the monsoon. 
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2014-07-07  Route: East Slopes
Info: My three room mates and I summited Mt. Democrat on July 7, 2014. For one of them, it was her very first 14er attempt (and a success). The road up to kite lake is in great condition as 14er dirt roads go. We were in a Subaru Outback and had no issues. There are some big bumps and a few small washouts, but I think a careful driver could easily manage to get a small 2WD coup up with no problem. We got a bit of a late start, leaving the trailhead at Kite Lake around 9am. The parking lot was mostly full by then, even on a Monday. Temperatures ranged from about 50 degrees to high forties at the top. Strong winds, strong sun. Be sure to bring a shell jacket to protect you from the winds on top and coming down. We took the normal route via the East Slopes. There are one or two spots where you might get your feet wet crossing streams, but one of our party completed the hike in a pair of tennis shoes with no issues. However, I‘d suggest something with some ankle support for the upper-middle portion of the hike. The trail is completely free of snow except for one 100 meter stretch just below the summit and another just as you reach the saddle of Democrat and Cameron. However, you shouldn‘t need yaktraks or anything like that. The snow portion is on a flat part of the route, and a fall would not expose you to any harm other than to your pride. The path through the snow is well-tracked, so don‘t worry about getting your boots wet. The trail gets rough after reaching the saddle. There are a couple switchbacks and then the trail becomes a scramble. It‘s not difficult, but take your time. You could easily sprain an ankle if you don‘t watch your step. There are a lot of lose rocks and plenty of scree. Coming down is more difficult. But other than a few hundred meters of scrambling, the route is entirely a clear trail. The summit is totally free of snow. The only thing up there for us was the blue sky, strong winds, and an approaching afternoon storm. An easy hike and a good 14er for beginners. We would have continued on for the combo of Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross but for two of our party being woefully out of shape and nursing some sore knees. Next time! Be sure to enjoy a nice dip of your worn-out feet in the creek below Kite Lake after you finish. 
Lametown  2014-07-09   0   1          
2014-06-22  Route: East Slopes
Info: Kite Lake road is clear to TH with a full lot for a Sunday climb. Started on Democrat‘s east face trail, snaking through some small snow fields, and run off. No snowshoes, crampons, or snow climbing gear required. I went up in my Salomon trail runners with no issues all day. Tread carefully, as the snow does cover these streams; don‘t want to post hole into some frigid water... The main switchbacks up the east face of Democrat are mostly snow covered. There is one long traverse across a section, but it is very well trodden. As you continue to climb up the east slope, stay LEFT of the large snow field. This section is a slight scramble, but a path is clear to the false summit. Descending to Cameron, Lincoln, (and Bross) all was very smooth compared to Democrat. No snow on any of these summits. Have a great hike, and take a fun slide down the lower snow fields to make the way down a bit more enjoyable -drew 
MTNdrew  2014-06-23   0             
2014-06-21  Route: East Slopes
Info: There is still 3 snowfields on the standard route. One is shortly after the parking lot when heading up the first headwall, the second is a short traverse, and the third is near the summit and is much larger. The first two snowfields have a trench through them and are easy to navigate, the large one near the summit can be completely avoided by sticking directly to the ridge. There are also a few smaller snow fields on the rest of the route, but nothing difficult to deal with or cause concern, they are well worn in and melting quick. 
Andymcp1  2014-06-22   0             
2014-06-12  Route: East Slopes
Info: Still lots of snow up there. I would say 75% of the climb I was going through snow. Still cant drive up to kite lake due to snow drifts half a mile down the road. 
samuelnoble1893  2014-06-13   0   1          
2014-06-04  Route: North Couloir
Info: Approach still snowy, but minimal postholing even on the hike back. Couloir itself in good condition, mostly step kicking. Some old avalanche debris. We descended the easternmost continuous snow slope on the N face with a combination of plunge stepping and glissading. Had to detour to the unstable talus slopes a couple of times when the snow was too firm (crampons off at this point.) 
mdmss  2014-06-07   0             
2014-06-04  Route: East Slopes
Info: I climbed Democrat today. Although I took and used crampons most of the other people did not. For me it is safer, easier and faster to use crampons. Your call. Snowshoes were not necessary because I went early. I was on top at 8:30 and back at the car at 10:30 and the snow was pretty supportable. If you go up there you will see lots of horrendous post holes. Most people are going up too late. 
Nelson  2014-06-04   0   2          
2014-04-19  Route: South Slope
Info: Climbed Mt. Democrat via the East Slope route (FYI there is a continuous ski on this route), got to the top and opted to ski the South Slope chutes. Visibility was low and the snow was rough off the upper South Face but we made an interesting ski out of it. Skiing is continuous down this route from a few feet off the summit. Beta: S-Gully on Bross is looking quite thin and is not in from the summit. The couloirs on Cameron‘s south face looked like they might allow for a good ski. Sidenote: I figured I should get nominated for 14er Ski Fail of the month. We dropped into the South Face and I had an amazing amount of trouble turning, every single time. I blamed it on the rough snow and poor visibility, but I was still very confused. I kept asking myself, "Why is this so hard?!" Well, once we got down to Lake Emma, I noticed both my ski boots were in walk mode. AGH! What a waste of a lot of fun. Lesson learned: Don‘t ski in walk mode - especially a steeper route like the South Face chutes. 
DanielL  2014-04-19   0   1          
2014-03-09  Route: North Ridge
Info: My friends and I climbed Democrat‘s North Ridge on Sunday. It is an absolutely fantastic climb. The snowshoe in is manageable on the approach, and we only sank through the willows a few times. From here our primary concern had been the slope to access the North Ridge. However, it had been fairly cold on Saturday night allowing for a stable snowpack. We did have one crack in the snow by a rock outcropping, but we saw no avalanche activity all day. The ridge itself was awesome. There was waist deep snow in places even on the ridge. This made for a tough but fun day. As far as the climbing we took a half rope, a set of nuts, and a few cams. With all of the snow we had to be careful about our route, and because of this we had 2 roped pitches, and 1 rappel. We summited at 3:30 and then used the couloir off of the Democrat/Cameron saddle to descend. Winds were light most of the day, but picked up on the way out. Also, the rock is very solid for most of the climb and allows for some fun axe work. All in all I give this route an A. 
JohnnyDangerous  2014-03-11   4   4   1       
2013-12-26  Route: North ridge
Info: Road to Montgomery Res: Snowpacked/dry 2wd. Platte Gulch/Wheeler Lake Road: wind drift over bootpack for at least a mile. Donned snowshoes a mile in and trenched along the road (thank the gazelle Furthermore - might do TR) past the Wheeler Lake turnoff, gaining Democrat‘s North Ridge via the prominent gully cutting just north of it. N. Ridge: spicy, mostly class 3 with a bit of 4. Crampons/axe used. The notch was bypassed via a W/R dihedral. Most technical ridge bypasses were to the W/R. Democrat to Cameron: windslab and talus. Windslab made for a quick descent; plenty of safe lines. Can stick to talus easily. Cameron to Bross: Mostly bare. The usual crap. Bross to Lincoln: Mostly bare, some bootpacked snow towards the summit. Signs look like people. Disheartening. Descended Lincoln east via the ridge bordering Lincoln Amphitheater to the south. Got cliffed out and hit a bypass off the S. side, contouring around to Lincoln Falls and descended the left/W side. Crampons recommended. Descent route not recommended. Car shuttle to Kite would have been dandy. image image image 
Monster5  2013-12-26   3      1       
2013-11-09  Route: East Slopes
Info: My buddy and I did Democrat-->Cameron-->Lincoln-->Bross. Conditions were great. There is little snow on the peaks. We both brought microspikes but they weren‘t necessary (I put them on for part of the ascent and they helped, but my friend never used his and was fine). The wind (gusts from 30-60 mph I‘d guess) was brutal but aside from that no problems. As of this weekend, you can get by if you bundle up and protect yourself against the wind. 
bmodak  2013-11-10   0             
2013-11-03  Route: East Slopes
Info: DeCaLiBron loop -- Very snow-free except for lower and western parts of Mt. Democrat. Snow is packed into all the trails, but intermittently. Surrounding talus relatively free of snow. Boot chains were not required though were helpful in places, but the snow was a little too patchy to warrant leaving them on. Alternative route up the south ridge saw a few snowdrifts up to the knees or waist, but only in chutes. Mt. Bross and Mr. Cameron almost completely absent of snow, Mt. Lincoln looked pretty dry as well. Ridgelines are blown clean. Drive up to Kite Lake had a couple inches of snow at the end and would be passable with a 2WD vehicle. 
thurs  2013-11-04   4             
2013-10-19  Route: East Slopes
Info: Brutal. The wind was strong from the beginning at 7am...and all the way up. At summit, tons of clouds and wind so strong that for the two seconds I took off my glove for a pic, my hand became painful very quick. The temp was around 20, but with the 60+ mph gusts, it was WELL BELOW ZERO. Drifts were at 2ft+ in many places and trail was covered with snow the entire route. 
SaraMiller  2013-10-19   1             
2013-10-12  Route: East Slopes
Info: Gaiters were useful but no traction devices needed yet. Decalibron is in fine shape. Trail is still quite easy to follow. This loop is definitely not in winter conditions yet! Definitely colder than summer, though ;) 
stevevets689  2013-10-16   3             
2013-07-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: Nearly completely clear to the summit - just a couple of very short snow fields above the saddle. 
reedgmi  2013-07-05   1             
2013-06-19  Route: East Slopes
Info: The trail up Democrat from the saddle is very hard to follow because of snow fields. But other than up Democrat the route around to the other peaks is very dry. 
Flyingfish  2013-06-19   0             

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