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Tabeguache Peak  
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2012-06-06  Southwest Ridge (CLOSED)  I decided the use the Jennings Creek route to Tab instead of the standard route just to do something different. I should have taken the standard rout. There is no way to you this route without damaging the fragile and loose soils, whether you stay on the trail or off the trail, the soil are very loose and the area so steep that soil movement is unavoidable. This trail should never have been built in this location and thats the obvious reason that they closed it. I recommend that remove this route from their options. Lalong   2012-06-08  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-28  Southwest Ridge (CLOSED)  The lower trail was normal. As you approach tree line and as you get above it becomes pretty obvious why they closed it down. Its not dangerous perse, I just cant imagine trying to maintain a trail in what is essentially very coarse grained sand. The trail along the ridge is exposed most of the way and it was windy. Aside from the "trail" being out it was a pretty normal hike though. It was windy and cold for much of the way, so dont come expecting a summer hike just yet. Ive included a few pictures: Image 1: Coming up the loose "coarse sand" slope. Image 2: Approaching the ridge. Image 3: On the ridge, cold, exposed and windy, but free of snow. Lindyhapa   2012-05-29 3     Edit Delete 
2012-05-28  Southwest Ridge (CLOSED)  Trailhead was easy to find. No snow on the standard route below treeline, but there are 3 large downed trees over the trail. Erosion area was fine going up, but horrible going down. Im not sure I would recommend this route to anyone now that the standard Shavano route is cleared out again. Extremely high winds were encountered on the exposed ridges before the summit. The snow patches are entirely avoidable, and are pretty small by this point. The trail itself is starting to fade, its very easy to lose the trail once you gain the ridge proper, but its hard to "get lost" if you know where you are going. Study topo maps before you go, it can be a little confusing- knowing which ridges to take. You spend a lot of time up high on this route and the talus is loose! djkest   2012-05-29  0     Edit Delete 
2011-11-11  Southwest Ridge (CLOSED)  Still not enough snow to warrant snowshoes, even in the basin. Snow can be deep, but only for short stretches. Mountain surface is windblown. Jennings creek TH is not accessible by anything but a serious 4WD. nkan02   2011-11-13 3     Edit Delete 
2011-10-21  Southwest Ridge (CLOSED)  Hiked from Jennings Creek TH. Clear of snow expect a couple patches near 13,000 that are easily avoidable. CinciKid   2011-10-22 1     Edit Delete 
2011-07-04  Via Mt. Shavano  Climbed Tabeguache from Shavano. As mentioned in the Shavano report, the trail up Shavano is completely snow-free. The traverse from Shavano to the saddle between Shavano and Tabeguache is also snow-free. There is still some snow near the ridgeline on Tabeguache. It seemed easiest to us to stay to the left of the snow (as the climber is ascending Tabeguache), and then traverse onto the ridgeline in a small area where the snow was completely melted. It was super-warm up there today as well, so that small area where the snow was completely melted will likely grow significantly in the next couple of days! pklotzbach   2011-07-04  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-02  Via Mt. Shavano  There is still snow on the Tabeguache ridge, but you can avoid it if you want. The rock below the ridge is stable and the route finding is simple. Ghigs   2011-07-04  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-11  Via Mt. Shavano  Did the Tab/Shav combo yesterday. The road to the trailhead is clear. You will enconter some short sections/snow drifts on the trail to Shav, but there is a well worn path that allows you avoid use any form of traction devices (gators will keep your feet dry though). Between Shav and Tab, you will encounter snow on the Tab side, but it is avoidable to the top. Glissading is still good going down Tab and the Angel. mrschaible   2011-06-12  0     Edit Delete 
2011-05-28  Via Mt. Shavano  A very nice day to climb. A dry walk up to about 11,600 ft, then a skin to the bottom of the angle. From there crampons made for an easey ascent to the summit of Shavano. There were quite a few folks sitting on top when I got there. A short stay and then a dry down climb to the Shav/Tab saddle. I was able to skin to the summit of Tab, then a short but nice ski back to the saddle. I was able to ski a track through the rocks to about 13,800 from the top of Shav but then down climbed about 200 vert to the saddle south of the summit where I could ski to the bottom of the angle gully. From here it was a short post hole jaunt to dry ground and a long walk to the truck. The wind was bad going up the angle but calmed down above 13,800. GerryRigged   2011-05-30 4     Edit Delete 
2011-04-16  Browns Creek  A picture of the north face. Wesley   2011-04-17 1       
2010-11-20  Jennings Creek Alternative  Hiked Tabeguache Peak on 11/20/2010. The overall hike was surprisingly free from snow, though snow was encountered through treeline and on the summit ridge. We didn't use snow shoes or traction devices (YakTrax and the like) during our ascent. That being said, there is an extreme weather alert for the southern Sawatch range from 11pm Saturday 11/20 to 8pm Monday 11/22, so conditions could change rapidly during that time. We were off the mountain at 8pm, and were experiencing extremely high winds above treeline, which I'm assuming was this front moving into the area. Route Information: We took an alternate approach to the Jennings Creek route. In essence following Jennings Creek up the basin similar to the route in "Dawson‘s guide to Colorado Fourteeners". This route does not use the closed restoration area. ColoradoSherpa   2010-11-21  0       

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