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2014-12-13  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Yale SW slopes were perfect considering the time of year. Spikes were definitely helpful although one of us never broke them out. After the 2nd creek crossing and starting to climb up the slopes, there is (right now) a fork - taking the right side seems like a much better option. We ascended the left and descended the right. Wish we had gone up the right side as well - its a gentler slope and spits you out onto what the actual trail is. Can‘t follow the summer trail the whole way up as it gets buried, but the snowfields to cut across are pretty gentle. 
adamjm  2014-12-14   1   1          
2014-11-28  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Got to the top of Mt Yale the day after Thanksgiving. The road was clear all the way to Denny Creek TH - some ice spots on the road though so you may want to be careful coming down. Packed snow for much of the route. No need for snowshoes at all - we had micro spikes and used them for most all of the route - up and down. Pretty intense wind on the ridge and at the top. 
BirdMan  2014-11-30   0             
2014-10-25  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: you can hike up to 13000ft with trail runners. but will need micro spikes to climb the steep slope to the ridge. the slope is 75% snow covered & easy to lose the trail. I used an ice axe too. the summit ridge has a lot of snow but not icy. you can climb the ridge proper or to the right following the cairns. 
kenichi4692  2014-10-25   0             
2014-10-13  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Plenty of snow from almost as soon as you leave the trailhead all the way to the summit. Fresh powder though so no postholing. I was glad I had snowshoes. Some decent microspike would have been nice as well. Had to break trail the whole way. Also, make sure your orienteering skills are up to snuff. There‘s no visible trail above treeline. 
[climber]  2014-10-14   0   2          
2014-09-27  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Really warm and sunny all day. no snow anywhere. actually the warmest 14er I‘ve ever hiked. last 1000‘ is steep and quite difficult. the aspens were beautiful but will fade fast! 
setchie  2014-09-28   0             
2014-09-13  Route: East Ridge
Info: It was 65F at the trailhead. No snow in sight anywhere. I saw nobody else at all on the hike up to the saddle at 11,900 ft. Camped at the saddle. A little chilly but still above freezing in the morning. On Saturday I hiked up to the peak along the East ridge. This is not so much a trail as a general direction. The trail starts out quite well defined but often disappears in the rocks. There are very few cairns (I added a few more on the way down). Some of the trail is very loose and quite exposed. Some of my choices were a little dubious and I ended up doing more rock climbing than hiking in a few places. Pictures on Panoramio: 
wincoder  2014-09-14   0   1          
2014-09-01  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Great hike. This is a really easy one to drive too. There is no camping at the trailhead but a good amount of parking. The initial trail is easy to find. My obviously outdated book, stated 7 miles for this hike and .9 miles to the turn off. The print off stated 9.5 miles and 1.25 to the left hand turn to the Yale trail. There is one log without a sign on it a short ways up the trail. There is a trail to the left of this signpost with a washed out bridge half way down a stream. At 4:30 AM I was a little confused if that was the trail. It‘s not. Keep heading up until you cross three log bridges over a stream. Keep going straight until you see a very well marked sign. Veer left and you are on your way. The rest of the trail was easy to see. The trail is steep at times and is slower going at the top when you get into the boulders. Did I say great hike?  
outdoorjen5280  2014-09-01   1             
2014-07-03  Route: East Ridge
Info: It was nice and easy from Avalanche TH. I only hit 3 small snowfields that you could just walk over. Ohh and lots of marmots. 
Dean82  2014-07-04   3             
2014-07-02  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Road to TH completely dry - entire trail clear of snow & all bridge crossings clear. Water in streams from recent snow melt is still a little higher than normal, but easily crossable without aid. 
soon2b_mac  2014-07-05   0             
2014-06-28  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Trail is open and clear to the top. There are a few downed trees in a wet stream section between about 11,300 and 11,900. Veer to hikers right around the downed trees to avoid the wet (and keep from doing more damage to the area while you are at at). 
Blue6String  2014-06-29   0             
2014-06-27  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Two friends and I climbed Mt. Yale yesterday. Other than extremely high winds (which are gone today), the conditions were superb. Virtually all of the snow is gone, I only encountered snow across the trail twice, and could easily have gone around, but it was only an inch or two left. The streams are flowing fast, but are easily with the log bridges or rocks in place. 
gblair71  2014-06-28   0      1       
2014-06-23  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Summer conditions in full effect. Do not bring snow gear. 
addrock528  2014-06-25   0             
2014-06-17  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: 99.5% free of snow. We had a perfect day. Started at 530 and were out at 220 to the sounds of cat Stevens and peace train in the parking lot. Doesn‘t get any better! 
Therbert  2014-06-21   1             
2014-06-16  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Open all the way. No spikes or snowshoes needed. Wind was the only constant on 6/14 
NittanyLion14er  2014-06-16   1             
2014-06-14  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: No point in giving an elongated report, Mountain is ready to be climbed, trail 99% snow free, which can be attested to by the 64 individuals we passed on the way down after being the first to summit this morning. 
marcstrawser  2014-06-14   0             
2014-06-07  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Hell of a day up on Mt. Yale due to poor planning and following others‘ confused footprints. The first report from June 7 mentioned the difficulty of finding the trail in the snow filled basin immediately below treeline. My partner and I followed footprints and two other groups that led way left and ended up hiking for two or three additional hours on scree as we attempted to gain the ridge. Otherwise the trail was great and easy to follow. 
nlee13  2014-06-09   0   1          
2014-06-07  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Entire trail in good condition will only a a few snow transition sections. No snowshoes or micros needed given the previous traffic via the Southwest Slopes and followed those those steps embedded in the short deeper transitions. 
mtnvoyer  2014-06-08   0             
2014-06-07  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: The trail up Mt. Yale is largely free of snow with only a snow filled basin just below tree line causing any route finding problems. In that basin it is very difficult to find the trail due to postholing footprints going in all directions. I just headed straight up a steep slope and found the trail again. The upper slopes has a few snowfields that were packed solid and I just walked right across them. The final rocky ridgeline to the summit also had a few icy spots, but with care they are easy to get across. I brought both my snowshoes and microspikes and ended up not needing them for this hike. Also note that the first stream crossing was a bit tricky because of the amount of water coming down the creek. If I didn‘t have my trekking poles to help keep my balance I probably would have had gotten my boots wet. Overall it is near summer conditions on Mt. Yale and a very enjoyable hike. 
OutbackDobbs  2014-06-08   3   1          
2014-05-28  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Friend and I did Yale today. Started at 5:50. Snow was hard packed on the way up except in two locations, but coming down around noon was another story! Postholed almost the entire way back except when we ‘glissaded‘. Not at all sure when, but there was an avalanche maybe a week or more ago (you could see layers of dust) and that led to extra deep postholing. First pic shows the step snow fields that required no traction devices, though later towards the saddle, they would have been quicker. Second - probably the deepest snow pack up there. Third - a pano a little below the saddle Fourth - friend ‘glissading‘, or a controlled butt slide 
goldenite  2014-05-28   4   2          
2014-05-25  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: A winter climb in late May. We checked forecast for Saturday night into Sunday and foolishly thought it was probably pessimistic but none the less we were prepared for it to be full on winter climb. Slept in our truck and it rained all night long but never froze down at the trail head. By 6AM we were on the trail in sleet. Previously mentioned existing snow crossings were still there and because it had not froze were just beginning a day of post holing. Above the last creek crossing with logs (~11,200ft) the rain from last night had been snow and the boot track quickly disappeared. We followed some faint tracks and ended up left of the trail and off route before turning to the less than well populated GPS route in our receiver. Ended up back on "route" above 12,000ft where there was 6-12 inches of new wind blown snow and no longer any hint of previous boot track. Followed the GPS route from there forward but were presented with numerous significant (on all fours) post holing instances from there to the saddle. Visibility had dropped to as low as 200-300 ft at times. Summit ridge was loaded with 12-16 inches of new snow. On the descent we again got off route in the trees (trying to avoid large snow drifts) and finally popped back out at ~11,200ft. We had opted to forgo snowshoes because of rain covers we had on our packs and questioned if that would have made for easier going in all the new snow. Once the sun has had a chance to consolidate the snow, this will become more of a Spring climb quickly 
coloradomojo  2014-05-26   1             

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