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Mt. Powell A  
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2014-07-19  Route: Via Kneeknocker pass
Info: From Kneeknocker pass to the 500 ft below the summit crampons and ice ax are a must. Above that snow, to the summit is dry. Below Kneeknocker pass it‘s also summer conditions all the way. Watch out for the occasional mud section that will swallow your boot. 
awilbur77  2014-07-20   3             
2012-10-06  Route: Standard Piney Lake approach
Info: Nice day up there. Wind was generally non-existent down low and in line with the forecast up on/near the summit (reasonably light but still made us cold). Mostly sunny. Only snow was where you drop down off of Kneeknocker Pass before ascending to the summit. Not much, but we used micro-spikes there both down and back up. There was some light snow on the north face of Peak C as well. We picked a gem on this crappy weather day. Saw two young moose at the campsites right near the ranch gate. Road was 2wd accessible, but with some washboards - and heavily potholed for the last 2-3 miles. Pic1: No snow on southeast slopes from Kneeknocker Pass Pic2: Little bit of snow coming down off Kneeknocker Pass Pic3: Eagles Nest and connecting ridge look pretty bare from the summit Pic4: Snow on the north face of Peak C 
CarpeDM  2012-10-06   4      1       

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