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2014-05-19  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: 252 is completely free of snow and is in good condition. The trail is almost completely dry up to 11,000 where the trail flattens out. From here on, there are patches of snow all the way to treeline that we were able to hike in boots with the exception of a few post-holes. Above treeline the sun has warmed the snow enough to make for sturdy hiking with crampons. On the descent, snow was ~continuous from the summit to treeline with one mandatory hike to connect between patches of snow. 
Badman Brogan  2014-05-21   3             
2014-05-07  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Going up - get out of the trees and to the base ASAP. Going up there is still a lot of snow that crampons would make traveling easier. There is snow on the peak but it can be easily avoided by going to the left. Going down - stay out of the trees as long as you can. Even with that route finding will be difficult - snow shoes needed/advised. I took 520A to the TH. 
Dex  2014-05-08   0             
2014-05-04  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Turned back due to high wind at the torso of the Angel, but the snow conditions above treeline were good. Below treeline, you will definitely want floatation (though there is not 100% coverage through the forest, so you will be on rocks and dirt in your snowshoes for a few 100ft. stretches). 
sergeisorkin  2014-05-05   3             
2014-04-25  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: We climbed Mt. Shavano today. It was a grueling yet very fun hike. We were able to make it all the way to the trailhead by taking a right at the fork (not a left like the description states). There was some snow on this road but not much. Right from the start of the trail there are patches of snow but if you start early you can stay on top of the crust. We didn‘t put on any flotation until the Angel because we wanted to utilize our heel lifters. One could still ski down the Angel but it‘s suggested to go straight up the head, not to the arms because the snow is getting sparse. We were able to hike without flotation or spikes from the head until about 14,000 then we put flotation back on for the very top because of deep snow. Going up was slow through the angel due to its steepness. Coming down the angel was a blast as we glissaded a very long way. It was 2pm by the time we got to the bottom of the angel which made things rough until the end as we were post holing with or without flotation. The last mile was brutal with thigh deep snow that just fell apart below us. If you can, get off the mountain early or else plan to spend a lot of time falling through the snow. 
deters34  2014-04-25   0             
2014-04-10  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Climbed and skied the Angel today. Today you could skin all the way to the summit via the right arm (climber‘s right) and the east ridge. It was getting pretty thin in places and that won‘t last long. The corn window was very short with these warm temperatures and sunshine.It was over by noon. The trip back through the woods below 11,200 was diabolical. I was post holing with skis on. 
Nelson  2014-04-10   0   3          
2014-03-16  Route: East Slopes
Info: Isothermal snowpack, aka spring snow conditions. Not much snow above 12k . After solid overnight freeze (19 F at the TH in the morning) the suncrust supported my weight on the way up for the most part, with only occasional punch through. Not so much in the evening, given warm temps. So I ended up installing the snowshoe track on the way down, kind of interesting. Route: East Slopes up (standard summer), glissaded Angel down. One can possibly piece together a summit ski descent (only right arm is somewhat connects to the upper slopes), but be prepared for many rocks and thin conditions. 1. Angel from East Slopes 2. Tab as seen from UN13,712 3. Ridge to Shavano (mostly dry) 4. Angel after glissading down 
SnowAlien  2014-03-16   4   3   1       
2013-11-09  Route: East Slopes
Info: Similar to the last report, were a few inches of snow in spots between 10-13k and some between rocks on the ridge between Shav and Tab, then larger fields of snow along Tab‘s ridge (would have been good to put on gaiters as there as snow is up to 2‘ deep) but is avoidable if take an alternative, steeper line to Tab‘s summit. 
BrentRichter  2013-11-10   0             
2013-10-26  Route: East Slopes
Info: Despite some rain and light snow Friday, the road to the trailhead remained relatively dry for Saturday. Trail through the forest had a small amount of snow in places, mud in others, but dry for the most part. Above treeline and towards the saddle the amount of snow increased but did not need any traction devices. Up to the summit the snow was still manageable, but care must be taken not to fall between the rocks on what may look like a solid patch of snow. A pair of trekking poles and some gaiters would be very helpful. I did not traverse to tabeguacge but my friend did. He said the snow became very deep in places (waist high) and it was overall a much more difficult journey to gain the summit of tabeguache. 
BagginPeaks  2013-10-27   0             
2013-10-19  Route: East Slopes
Info: No snow to reach parking lot and then maybe an inch through the woods up to tree line. Deeper snow that required traction in photo 20 from the route description as you approach 13,000. Increasing levels of snow hidden in the talus as you approach the summit, but most could be avoided by sticking to the rocks. The traverse over to Tabegauche became increasingly snowy with reaching its summit requiring going through deep snow at points. Overall a tough outing given the consistently very high winds above 13,000 1st picture is of Shavano summit and the 2nd and 3rd are of Tabegauche 
Dhaulagiri  2013-10-20   3             
2013-10-13  Route: East Slopes
Info: Looks like virtually no snow on Shav & Tab as seen from Antero today. 
BrentRichter  2013-10-13   0             
2013-09-28  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Driving by on Friday the Angel has some snow in it. 
jimmtman  2013-09-29   1             
2013-09-18  Route: East Slopes
Info: Route is in good shape despite all the rain. You can keep your feet dry the entire route. Weather forecasting was way off today. I think with the monsoon weather we have had, you can expect rain everyday. There was only a 20% chance today with winds 20G30 and we had rain/hail/snow all day and winds over 60-70 in the pass above the angel. Did not make it to Tabuache due to low visibility, snow and winds. 
mrschaible  2013-09-18   0             
2013-06-25  Route: East Slopes
Info: The trail is clear all the way to the top, no snow, trees, etc. Also, the angel is almost 100% melted away. 
jeepdriver  2013-06-26   0             
2013-06-12  Route: East Slopes
Info: The route to Shavano and Tabeguache are almost completely snow free. Going up Shavano there are a few small snowfields. There are several snowfields on the traverse to Tabeguache but they can be avoided by going slightly to the left/west after the saddle. 
Patrick88  2013-06-13   0             
2013-06-08  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trailhead perfectly accessible on a rough dirt road. Very little snow to Shavano summit, and much of it can be avoided. No need for: crampons, microspikes, gaiters, mountaineering boots, waterproof boots, or ice axes. Seriously. Maybe bring trekking poles if you have them. Temps were very nice, hiked in shorts and a trekking shirt. 
ezabielski  2013-06-08   0             
2013-06-01  Route: East Slopes
Info: Snow is melting pretty quick, but there are a few fields that are across the trail. It would be possible to walk around them, but they aren‘t that much of a nuisance and the snow is soft enough, with enough kick-steps already in place, to not worry too much. I only used trekking poles and was fine (but if snow was harder I would have preferred spikes going up Tab-picture 1). 
ColoradoLawDobe  2013-06-01   3             
2013-05-25  Route: East Slopes
Info: The trail was good, didn‘t need snowshoes. Trekking poles wouldn‘t be a bad idea in a few spots after treeline. I post-holed a up to my thighs a few times but this was in the afternoon and I am a big guy. Also some gators are good to have too. 
alex_303  2013-05-26   0             
2013-05-25  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Climbed Angel of Shavano and stayed on the northern arm had continues snow other than about a 0.1 mile stretch up to the east ridge and a little boulder hopping at the summit. Snow was firm all the way to the top. No snowshoes needed as snow was easily avoidable below treeline. Descended standard route and there is a fair amount of snow above treeline didn‘t need any traction around late morning but microspikes might be helpful early in the morning. There was a recent wet slide in the couloir immediately south of the angel. 
Double Oh Seven  2013-05-26   0             
2013-05-24  Route: East Slopes
Info: I climbed Shavano on Friday May 24th. Snowshoes were not needed. After the standard route crosses the angel it is snow covered. A steep slog uphill is in order to gain the ridge. We glissaded the angel to descend. If you start early and are not confident crossing snow slopes traction devices would be recommended. 
hatchmaster  2013-05-25   0   2          
2013-05-20  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: No snowshoes were required. We climbed up the Angel to Shavano and then over to my real objective, 13,712. We did not descended the standard route but glissaded down the Angel. There were pockets of snow between ~11,000 and 11,400 but it can be avoided. In the afternoon, some minor post holing was encountered but was tolerable. In the early morning, crampons would be advised on the Angel. 
Furthermore  2013-05-22   0   3          

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