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Mt. Shavano  
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2011-06-18  East Slopes  Climbed Shavano from Blank Gulch trailhead, starting at 4:30am. Summited at 9, back at the trailhead by 12:30. About 30 people on the mountain on a Saturday (full TH parking lot), including a few snow climbers coming up the angel. There are still 4-5 patches of snow between treeline and the 13,400 ft. saddle. However, all the snow patches are only a few dozen yards long, and do not require spikes, snowshoes, or winter gear of any kind. They could technically be avoided if you wanted to bushwhack around, but the kicked-in steps were very solid early in the morning and its easiest to just go over. Route to Tabeguache also looks clear and snow-free, although we didn‘t attempt it. irregulargalaxies   2011-06-20 3     Edit Delete 
2011-06-05  East Slopes  I did Shav Tab today- standard route going up and the angel glissade on the way down. It‘s doable without any snow gear, but that‘s assuming that the snow has began to soften in places- especially the traverse on the Tab side. There was a stretch just below timberline going through a few snowfields that I really wished I‘d had my ice axe, because the snow was very hard, and the kick steps were not perfect. We did glissade down, at around 11:00, and it was fantastic. I do recommend not glissading with cotton pants that already have a hole in them. Didn‘t get the feeling back for several hours. What a ride, though! A couple people in the group snow climbed up the angel, and really enjoyed it. No pictures- left my camera battery charging at home. Doh! James Scott   2011-06-06  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-05  East Slopes  Great day out on Shavano and Tab. Not much of the angel left so I went up the east slope, but it was fun glissading down on the angel‘s right arm. A few pics. mike and maddy   2011-06-05 4     Edit Delete 
2011-05-31  East Slopes  No need for snowshoes. This route (including Tabeguache) is ready for summer! ilium   2011-05-31  0     Edit Delete 
2011-05-23  Angel of Shavano  The trail is clear to 10,400 and snowshoes were not needed going into the base of the Angel with a 4 AM start. The Angel slopes are firm and perfect for cramponing. Some areas were slick and too hard for confident kick-stepping. The head of the Angel went within a couple hundred feet of the summit. Glissading at 11:30 AM was difficult because the snow was softened. A thunderstorm struck at 11:45 PM (bummer!). Snowshoes were needed from the base of the Angel to 10,700 on the way out. dswink   2011-05-24 1     Edit Delete 
2011-05-21  Angel of Shavano  Road was clear until the trailhead. A passenger car made it but I am sure there was some scraping. Trail was clear of snow until about 11k. I never took my snowshoes off of my back (postholing was rare even on the way back). I didn‘t summit due to high winds. Ramfan24   2011-05-23  0     Edit Delete 
2011-05-16  Angel of Shavano  Road to new Blank TH clear of snow and dry. The Mt Shavano trail is dry without snow up to 10400 ft (about 1 mile). Snow climbing on the Angel was excellent. Above the Angel on the East ridge mostly snow to the top but with a few dry patches. If you are thinking about snow climbing the Angel you may want to do it soon! jimmtman   2011-05-16  0     Edit Delete 
2011-05-13  East Slopes  Still snow all the way to the peak. I recommend snow shoes or you‘ll be post holing above and below tree line. It‘s hard to stay on the trail below tree line - many different sets of foot prints. thatstite   2011-05-14  0     Edit Delete 
2011-05-04  Southeast Slopes via Angel of Shavano TH  Got to the top of Shavano today via the Southeast slopes starting at the Angel of Shavano Trailhead. There‘s no significant snow below 10K feet but theres still a lot on top. The Angel isn‘t really discernible due to large amounts of snow. I topped Esprit Point which also had a lot of snow as well. Good glissading on my route and the standard route as well would provide a nice glissade down. No good ski lines from the summit either. You have to start right at the saddle between Esprit and Shavano to get any descent line. The snow is good quality skiing powder right now. This unique approach to shavano is a viable route for probably another 2-3 weeks without more snowfall. Not a great route without snow I‘d guess. Tabeguache was just a little too far out reach today but it looked good and ready to be climbed. Winds were moderate and unrelenting above 13,500 ft. below that not a problem. I‘d guess that the standard Blank‘s Cabin TH is likely accessible without any or much snow cover on the 252 road. I can‘t say for sure but I‘d bet on it. Bring on the summer! Artvandalay   2011-05-04  0       
2011-04-30  Angel of Shavano  Was able to ski continuously from the summit to about 10,000ft with the exception of about 15ft of walking around 13k and 10,700ft. Wesley   2011-05-01  0     Edit Delete 
2011-04-23  East Slopes  The Shavano summertime trailhead (Blanks Cabin?) was accessible at the end of the day on Saturday, 4/23. Four new inches of powder on the trail but it is firm to the talus field. dswink   2011-04-24  0     Edit Delete 
2011-04-16  Angel of Shavano  I skied the angel‘s left arm (climber‘s left) yesterday with a partner. Our ski descent began at around 1:30, sunny conditions up until then. The upper portions of the arm was soft, middle section of the arm was hard, and the angel‘s body had a soft top layer. We skied through the tree until around 10,300‘. BAUMGARA   2011-04-17 1     Edit Delete 
2011-04-09  Angel of Shavano  Conditions were great for a snow climb. Snowshoes are needed from the trailhead to treeline. The trail is well worn and easy to follow. From ~11,500 the snow firmed up and crampons/ice axe can be used to travel up through the angel. The North arm of angel ends at about ~13,000. From there it is a scramble to the summit. The south arm is still has snow from the saddle all the way through the angel, but it is spotty in some areas. matthysj   2011-04-11 3     Edit Delete 
2011-04-02  Angel of Shavano  Thought I would share this pic of the Angel from Saturday afternoon, in case anyone‘s thinking of skiing Shavano. She‘s looking pretty healthy but it might be difficult to put together a descent from the summit. 1 pioletski   2011-04-02 1     Edit Delete 
2011-03-19  Angel of Shavano  Forest Road 252 still has a huge drift at Placer Creek (8950‘) and it will be there for quite awhile. This adds 5 miles RT to the day. A well beaten track is in place all the way to the base of the Angel, although windblown near treeline. The Angel is in good shape for climbing, although already starting to thin out at the top. Conditions were very stable. It was so firm late in the day that I was unable to glissade the whole thing for fear of losing control. Kevin Baker   2011-03-19  0     Edit Delete 
2011-02-05  East Ridge Variation  Group of 4 (Kevin Baker, d_baker, jeffskio, and anna) made it up Shavano in less than enjoyable conditions. Cold winds above treeline + fresh snow = poor visibility for the majority of the time. Expect to walk at least 2.5 miles up CR252 to get to the Shavano/Tabeguache trailhead. It might be better (or at least similar) to take 250A, but I didn‘t drive up it to confirm. It‘s worth looking into if you go, as it may save you a bit of road hiking. The road hiking adds about an hour each way of walking time. At this time, snowshoes/skis are unnecessary for the road. Flotation needed from trailhead to treeline. Stashed snowshoes around treeline and had no need of them the remainder of the time. We ended up hiking straight up the East Ridge rather than taking the East Slopes route. The East Slopes route looked very doable, however, thanks to windscour. East ridge is stable talus with very short snow sections interspersed. Snow in these sections is compacted and at times, difficult to kick steps into. I ended up using my microspikes, but it‘s definitely doable without traction right now. We started from the car around 7:15 am and reached the summit around 3:00 pm. Descent went quickly and we were back at the car around 7 pm. Additional photos: anna   2011-02-06 4       
2011-01-15  East Slopes  Plenty of snow on the road, previous tire tracks allow for an easy enough drive to 2 miles from TH. Near 2 miles, there is a section with a bit more snow that kept me from going further. I probably could have gone through this section okay, but didn‘t want to chance getting stuck or running into deeper snow ahead. Someone else had gone past this section quite a bit further, and the road conditions improve just after it. Assess your vehicle‘s capability - if you can get through this section, you can drive quite a bit further without difficulty. With the impending snow storm, it may be difficult to get very far up this road for awhile. TH reports from previous years indicate the possibility of using 250A as an alternate approach to the TH. I don‘t know much about the conditions of 250A, but it bears looking into if you decide to go. Keep an eye out for a herd of elk - they were visible from the road both on the way in and on the way out. Booted up the road for the 2 miles, no need for snowshoes yet on the road. Planned on a solo hike, but ended up hiking with 2 amiable 14ers partners - I had my snowshoes, but they were kicking themselves for leaving them in the car. Bring your snowshoes or you‘ll be wallowing endlessly through the snow below treeline. There‘s a lot of deep powder up there. Even with snowshoes, it was not an easy time. Route-finding is critical. This is one winter route on which a GPS is almost mandatory. We did a good job in staying close to route until we reached the creek around 10,800‘. After that, route-finding was difficult and we ended up way off trail. Treeline seems to go on forever on this route. Never made it above treeline, but conditions above looked good. anna   2011-01-16 4     Edit Delete 
2010-12-04  East Slopes  Passenger cars can still access the TH as of 12/4/10. The trail was in good condition and easy to follow up to about 11,500, then we encountered some postholing as we approached treeline. Once the trail turned and headed up the southeast face toward the saddle, there were scattered areas of snow, but was mostly dry. There were a couple of short snow crossings as we approached the Angel; a fall would result in injury for the last crossing. We headed up the southeast face rather than gain the saddle because of the wind. The summit had a bit of snow on it, but it was nothing to be worried about. tmathews   2010-12-06  0     Edit Delete 

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