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Mt. Shavano  
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2012-04-22  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Access to trailhead is easily passable by passenger vehicle. After you leave Colorado Trail and start on Shavano Trail it becomes an exercise in bushwacking and postholing in deep snow. Once you finally get by all the fallen trees the snow angel is in good snow hiking condition, microspikes and trekking poles are strongly recommended for the snow climb. Was an awesome glissade down the angel. With the warm temperatures the snow angel won‘t be around for long. Would suggest a gps for route finding at least on the way back. 
kbmountain  2012-04-22   0   1      Edit  Delete
2012-04-08  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Road to the TH is clear and dry, except for one large snowbank across the road about 2 miles from the TH. dannyg23s recent report also describes it. If you have a 4wd, you can get around it pretty easily. I was able to get around it in my subaru legacy awd, but I dont know that Id do it again... Trail is very tough to follow due to all the fallen trees. We headed up the Angel of Shavano, and then returned via the East Slopes - lots of patches of slushy snow on the way back led to lots of postholing. The trail disappeared as we got below the treeline, so we wound up just headed towards the parking lot in as straight of a line as we could. Rewarding hike, but difficult to get through the trees/snow. Oh, and make sure you avoid the white rabbit - it followed us for a while, and every time we saw it, wed start postholing. I swear it was laughing at us.  
AWright  2012-04-09   0         Edit  Delete
2012-04-02  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: My friend (thegreatcamillo) Nate and I headed up to do Shav/Tab sunday night (4/1). The road in was very drivable with the exception of a large snowdrift about 2 miles from the TH (details can be found on the TH conditions page). Right next to the drift there is a place where a 4WD vehicle can bypass that section of road and continue, we did. The aproach was not pretty. I have personally never seen tree fall like that before. It wasn‘t bad at first, and Nate and I joked about how overblown the ‘microburst‘ talk was. Eventually though, it became a real hinderance. Some sections of the forest were almost completely obliterated, with very few trees still verticle. We made it about halfway through the trees before making camp for the night. The next morning we fought through the rest of the trees to the base of the angel. Snow conditions on the angel were not ideal. I was hoping to make this a nice training climb so I could test out snow climbing, but no such luck. Although the angel was mostly filled in it was hard and crusty. There was enough traction on the snow that after a few crampon malfunctions I decided to finish the rest of the climb in just my boots. This also made a glisade out of the question. Upon reaching the saddle a storm rolled in and the rest of the day we delt with 20‘ of visability, strong winds, and heavy snow fall. Several route finding errors later we got back down to our camp and eventually the truck. New snowfall at the TH was aproximatly 4"-6" and still falling fast. 
dannyg23  2012-04-03   4   2      Edit  Delete
2012-03-23  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: The Angel has flown away from us this year. The only strip of snow left on the mountain (on the east/south side) runs between 11,000‘ and the high point of the saddle between Shavano and the 13er just to it‘s south. 2 wheel drive can make it to 8800‘ on the Blank Gulch TH. I would think 4 wheel could make it to or close to the summer TH. We did not try because we were looking for skiing and the view of the angel turned us around. 
taylorzs  2012-03-26   0         Edit  Delete
2012-02-25  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: VERY windy, 50 knots sustained with 70 knot gusts. We were aware that the summer trail head would be unreachable by vehicle because of snow however it turns out that even the winter trail head is well snowed in. Ended up getting two vehicles stuck and parked about a mile from the winter trail head before heading out with snowshoes and all terrain skis. The road is under enough snow that it is hard to find and/or follow; this along with powdery snow about 3 feet deep in places made the walk in and out of the summer TH very strenuous. Along the East Slopes trail up to 11k‘, the trail is hard or impossible to follow because of (again) very deep and powdery snow (snowshoes and skis had a lot of trouble getting through/breaking trail). Micro-bursts of wind have fallen several trees along the trail which make passage extremely difficult. We finally lost the trail at 10,900‘ and climbed to a ridge to see the "angel" before we had wasted enough time that we could not summit. Bailed at 11k and took another 1 - 1.5 hours to descend back to camp. 
chrisoconnor  2012-02-29   0         Edit  Delete
2011-10-16  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trace amount of snow on Shavano. Wind was brutal. Some snow on ridge over to Tabeguache. Lots of nice camping at trailhead and on road up to trailhead. Trip report coming soon. 
arianna2  2011-10-18   0         Edit  Delete
2011-10-01  Route: East Slopes
Info: Great trail conditions, slight bit of snow on the trail from 12,600 and upward. Never had to use my microspikes, trail runners were more than sufficient. The foliage was spectacular. 
Amadisofgaul  2011-10-02   0         Edit  Delete
2011-09-09  Route: East Slopes
Info: Clear all the way to summit, did get snowed on a small bit though. Cloud consumed peak the entire hike. 
toekramp  2011-09-10   0         Edit  Delete
2011-08-13  Route: East Slopes
Info: Peaks are dry, weather was good, road is a bit of a washboard but easily accessible by 2WD. Have fun! 
DaveWruck  2011-08-14   0         Edit  Delete
2011-07-04  Route: East Slopes
Info: Climbed Shavano and Tabeguache. Trail to summit of Shavano is completely snow-free. 
pklotzbach  2011-07-04   0   2      Edit  Delete
2011-06-29  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trail to Shavano is pretty much snow-free. Tabeguache Peak still has snow near the top, so gaitors are recommended. 
iquack08  2011-06-29   0         Edit  Delete
2011-06-26  Route: Shav/Tab Std.
Info: Did Shav/Tab yesterday. Was warm and sunny. Road to trailhead clear. Trail clear through the woods, one or two spots with snow still, but there were footprints you could follow. No need for snowshoes or gators. The saddle to Shavano was extremely windy, but if you go right of the path and go up the rocks you can hide/avoid the wind. Snow on the ridge to Tab, but you can either go to the right of it, or it‘s pretty solid on top. The snow is so soft you can glacade down and stop at will. Angel basically gone. 
cali  2011-06-26   0           
2011-06-21  Route: East Slopes
Info: Shavano from the standard approach mostly clear with just 4 or 5 snow drifts near tree-line. None of these should pose any issue for your hike. The Angel is almost gone. It was actually warm and little to no wind at top this day! Awesome hike! I recommend soaking your feet in the stream on the way back to the trail-head. 
ewhirl  2011-06-23   3         Edit  Delete
2011-06-18  Route: East Slopes
Info: Climbed Shavano from Blank Gulch trailhead, starting at 4:30am. Summited at 9, back at the trailhead by 12:30. About 30 people on the mountain on a Saturday (full TH parking lot), including a few snow climbers coming up the angel. There are still 4-5 patches of snow between treeline and the 13,400 ft. saddle. However, all the snow patches are only a few dozen yards long, and do not require spikes, snowshoes, or winter gear of any kind. They could technically be avoided if you wanted to bushwhack around, but the kicked-in steps were very solid early in the morning and its easiest to just go over. Route to Tabeguache also looks clear and snow-free, although we didn‘t attempt it. 
irregulargalaxies  2011-06-20   3         Edit  Delete
2011-06-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: I did Shav Tab today- standard route going up and the angel glissade on the way down. It‘s doable without any snow gear, but that‘s assuming that the snow has began to soften in places- especially the traverse on the Tab side. There was a stretch just below timberline going through a few snowfields that I really wished I‘d had my ice axe, because the snow was very hard, and the kick steps were not perfect. We did glissade down, at around 11:00, and it was fantastic. I do recommend not glissading with cotton pants that already have a hole in them. Didn‘t get the feeling back for several hours. What a ride, though! A couple people in the group snow climbed up the angel, and really enjoyed it. No pictures- left my camera battery charging at home. Doh! 
James Scott  2011-06-06   0         Edit  Delete
2011-06-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: Great day out on Shavano and Tab. Not much of the angel left so I went up the east slope, but it was fun glissading down on the angel‘s right arm. A few pics. 
mike and maddy  2011-06-05   4         Edit  Delete
2011-05-31  Route: East Slopes
Info: No need for snowshoes. This route (including Tabeguache) is ready for summer! 
ilium  2011-05-31   0         Edit  Delete
2011-05-23  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: The trail is clear to 10,400 and snowshoes were not needed going into the base of the Angel with a 4 AM start. The Angel slopes are firm and perfect for cramponing. Some areas were slick and too hard for confident kick-stepping. The head of the Angel went within a couple hundred feet of the summit. Glissading at 11:30 AM was difficult because the snow was softened. A thunderstorm struck at 11:45 PM (bummer!). Snowshoes were needed from the base of the Angel to 10,700 on the way out. 
DaveSwink  2011-05-24   1         Edit  Delete
2011-05-21  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Road was clear until the trailhead. A passenger car made it but I am sure there was some scraping. Trail was clear of snow until about 11k. I never took my snowshoes off of my back (postholing was rare even on the way back). I didn‘t summit due to high winds. 
Ramfan24  2011-05-23   0         Edit  Delete
2011-05-16  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Road to new Blank TH clear of snow and dry. The Mt Shavano trail is dry without snow up to 10400 ft (about 1 mile). Snow climbing on the Angel was excellent. Above the Angel on the East ridge mostly snow to the top but with a few dry patches. If you are thinking about snow climbing the Angel you may want to do it soon! 
jimmtman  2011-05-16   0         Edit  Delete

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