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Quandary Peak  
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2013-05-20  Route: East Ridge
Info: Still lots of snow, pretty much whole way to the summit. Snowshoes are a great idea, especially if sun comes out. Snowed on us nearly the entire time from timberline to summit to back down to the trees again. Left winter TH at 12:45, back to car by 6:30 with just a few freezing minutes on the summit with NO VIEW (white-out). 
MissH  2013-05-23   3         Edit  Delete
2013-05-19  Route: South Gully aka Cristo Couloir
Info: The route was in excellent shape for climbing, as we got a hard freeze the night before. No bucket steps the entire way up. The snow felt fine and consolidated, but we did notice some debris to climber‘s right. Staying left and well away from the fall line seemed prudent. Coming down was another matter. We headed down around 10am, and it was already pretty slushy. I‘m not sure there was a good mode of transportation down. 
Jyak  2013-05-19   0         Edit  Delete
2013-05-12  Route: East Ridge
Info: Quandary was FULL of snow on Sunday. Early morning was fine with just boots...even the final pitch to the summit, but you might want to keep micros handy if you‘re up there really early. Drifts 4-5 feet deep on the ridge along the summit. There were not alot of folks up there, but half were skiing. Flotation is a NECESSITY on the downclimb just before re-entering the forest. Lots of folks stuck post holing their way for long stretches. Nasty knee popping terrain. 
mtree  2013-05-13   0   2        
2013-05-10  Route: East Ridge
Info: Tons of fresh powder up there. Was breaking trail through 6" above treeline. Wind covers up the trail pretty quickly; in the trees the trail is well established and compact. Snowshoes or floatation needed above treeline. 
a94buff  2013-05-10   0         Edit  Delete
2013-05-05  Route: East Ridge
Info: Hiked Quandary from the East Ridge 5/5/13. Upper parking lot still not accessible, but it is a very easy hike form the lower lot. We were the first ones out, and a dusting of snow from the night before made the trail tough to see in some areas. Hiking in the morning was good because trail was solid, but by 1:00 conditions below tree line were starting to get soft. Wore basic snow shows the entire time and had no issues. 
TJKColorado  2013-05-05   0         Edit  Delete
2013-04-27  Route: East Ridge
Info: Trail was well packed down. Did not need snow shoes at all. Started at 7:45 and the trail was frozen solid. Very sunny day. Things loosened up significantly towards 1:00. I only postholed maybe 3 times. Could not have been a better day. 
klunytoons  2013-04-29   0         Edit  Delete
2013-04-27  Route: East Ridge
Info: Trail snow covered even above treeline. Good trench in place through the trees. Wore snowshoes the whole way, although many people went with MicroSpikes. Traction was good to have. On the way up the snow was hard enough flotation was not an issue. On the way back through the trees there were some post holes. Be wary of the snow built up on the south side of the ridge. 
MountainHiker  2013-04-27   0      1   Edit  Delete
2013-04-13  Route: East Ridge
Info: Standard route on Quandary today. Miserable weather with high winds. The trail was hard packed to the summit. Some people used snowshoes, I just used microspikes. The wind picked up tremendously and the trail disappeared above treeline on the way down. Had to use GPS to get back on track. With new snow coming, I would strongly suggest snowshoes. 
mrschaible  2013-04-13   0         Edit  Delete
2013-04-06  Route: East Ridge
Info: Enjoyed a fantastic day on Quandary Peak for my first 14er snowboard descent with four other first-timers! We shared the mountain with some really cool people, most of which were stronger and more experienced. There were about 25 to 30 other hikers, most of which were skiing/boarding. The snow conditions were excellent, and we were able to ski/board right off the summit. I managed to keep the board on all the way to the car, although there were a few flat sections where a pole was needed to avoid walking, as well as a rocky section where the trail returns to the road. However, it was a very fun day and I‘d love to do it again! Image 1 - Looking up the route from around 12,000‘ Image 2 - Climbing up the East Ridge in excellent snow Image 3 - On the final 1,000‘ Image 4 - On the way down, enjoying the snow! 
DanielL  2013-04-08   4   2      Edit  Delete
2013-03-28  Route: East Ridge
Info: Two friends of mine and I did a full moon hike of quandary tonight. We had no issues and did not post hole at all, however we all wore snowshoes from the parking lot. There is a very obvious bootpack all the way to the summit. The snow felt very stable and solid to us. 
mtn_nut  2013-03-29   0   1   1   Edit  Delete
2013-03-28  Route: East Ridge
Info: There is still quite a bit of loose snow below and above treeline. I found it necessary to wear snowshoes and got tired out about 1000 feet below the summit. Even with snowshoes there was quite a bit of postholing with depths up to my thigh. If you don‘t like trudging through snow, you may want to wait a while on this one. 
jsdratm  2013-03-28   4   2   2   Edit  Delete
2013-03-16  Route: East Ridge
Info: Since there hasn‘t been much new snowfall, the trail is well-established and well-packed from bottom to top. Brought snowshoes but never needed them. Definitely spring conditions...deep postholing below treeline (off-trail) and above treeline is melting off and icing up...traction from 12,000‘ up is a good idea. Should be a getting a few new inches of snow in the next couple days! 
mtnmike  2013-03-16   2   1   1   Edit  Delete
2013-03-03  Route: South Gully aka Cristo Couloir
Info: gully has recently had a large slide, and there are smaller slides that have occurred on the road to blue lakes. the current snowpack and conditions makes it easy to climb up to the gully on the hardened avy debris on the lower flatter section, and on the rocks on the left side of the upper section. the gully is not holding much snow after the slide, and the current snow pack is a half inch or so of suncrust, and sugar snow underneath. we used snowshoes for part of the hike. road is plowed to the Monte Cristo TH, and the road to blue lakes is snowmobile packed most of the way with a few bare spots. 
mtn_nut  2013-03-03   4   5      Edit  Delete
2013-02-20  Route: East Ridge
Info: Frst report, nice. We hit the East Ridge TH at 0700. Clear skies, 15*, storm on the way. Hard packed snow with a clear trail all the way to tree line. Above tree line the snow was mixed powder and wind packed. We could see a lot of post holeing from previous days, but we were able to float on top. There were large snowfields mixed with exposed rock all the way to the 13,500‘ saddle. The ridge was fully exposed with a small cornice on the south edge. The storm was on us and conditions were deteriorating. We decided to call it a day. Mother Nature eased our pain a bit with a heard of Mtn goats. 12 of them actually. The most incredible day on a mountain I have ever had. We plunge stepped all the way down in heavy snow. Our track from the climb were nearly covered. A few beers at Ollie‘s and we chalked it up as a good "first winter attempt". 
fireboykirk  2013-02-24   4      1   Edit  Delete
2013-02-12  Route: East Ridge
Info: Hiked Quandary Peak‘s East Ridge today. I had planned on hiking with seth0687 but I ran off the road (ice) on Hoosier Pass on the way there so I got a late start (he went on without me). seth0687 did a lot of trail breaking that I benefited from (thanks!). There was 1 other person on the trail today, but they turned back at about 14k feet due to cold and wind. There should be a well defined trail pretty much the entire way. The one exception would be on the ridge where the wind quickly obscures trails, but the ridge is very easy to follow even without any kind of trial. Just stay on it, and don‘t stray close to the northern or southern faces, and you‘ll be fine. Wind this morning was forecasted at ~20mph, but seth0687 and I experienced winds on the ridge, especially the last 1000 vertical feet or so, upwards of 40-50mph, and it was extremely cold (the water in my nalgene bottles froze about an inch thick around the edges, and the entire neck portion froze and had to be knocked loose with a rock). However, we both toughed it out and made the summit. Aside from the wind and the cold it brought with it, which was pretty horrible in our opinions, it was a beautiful day to be on the trail. I don‘t have the details on seth0687‘s times but it took me about 4h10m to summit, and 1h45m to descend. 6.6mi RT. Those last 1000 or so vertical feet with the wind was a lot of moving a short distance, hunkering down until the wind died down a bit, then moving until it got unbearable again. There were a few spots where snow shoes could have been helpful, but they were so short that it would have been a massive hassle to break them out, then take them off. I used microspikes the whole way with no problems. If you have to break trail on this route, there are a few spots that could be confusing, but if you keep your eyes open as you choose routes you should be able to find the right route pretty quickly after diverting from it, if you make an error. seth0687 might have more to say on that. In the attached image the green route is the GPX, and the blue route is from my GPS. 
vdavidoff  2013-02-12   1   1      Edit  Delete
2013-02-05  Route: West Ridge
Info: I attempted the West Ridge route, but never really got that far past the dam before turning back. The road is plowed to the old Monte Cristo TH, then it‘s snowpack to treeline, after that the road is mostly dry to the dam. I got maybe 350 to 500 yards past the dam before giving up, took me too long to get to this point and I really wasn‘t interested in a 14 to 18 hour day the way I was moving, just wasn‘t my day today. Too bad, it was a great looking day for a climb. 
boudreaux  2013-02-05   4   2      Edit  Delete
2013-02-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: The route up Quandary is still hikeable without snowshoes. They do help though around treeline if you aren‘t able to follow previous hikers. The blowing snow covers footprints pretty quickly, but as long as you follow the ridge up you‘ll be okay. (the route is more apparent above 13,000‘) The trail below treeline is hardpacked and very easy to follow. The wind was quite strong today so be careful if the the NWS says "windy". I would definately recommend microspikes. 
HikerDan75  2013-02-04   0           
2013-01-26  Route: East Ridge
Info: The route up Quandary is 100% hikeable without any snowshoes. Using Microspikes was helpful in getting us up and down at a relatively quick pace, but they weren‘t necessary. There were springlike conditions on the peak, which is slightly alarming for January. All of this is subject to change with the weather forecasted over the next couple of days. Looks like winter may finally be here! 
LizWeiss  2013-01-28   0      1   Edit  Delete
2013-01-19  Route: East Ridge
Info: No postholing of any kind. The trail is now very easy to follow and hard packed after dozens of hikers (including 30+ from today) have used it. Microspikes are recommended for traction. 
esagas  2013-01-19   0         Edit  Delete
2013-01-18  Route: East Ridge
Info: Just updating the conditions from 2 days ago--maybe helpful to the big group tomorrow--went bottom to top in microspikes--only annoying area is the slope right above the trees--some postholing but about 12 guys followed me up and now there is a nice trench. Not worth lugging snowshoes, IMO. Doesn‘t get any easier than this. Feel like I only deserve half a snowflake!  
ctlee  2013-01-18   0         Edit  Delete

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