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Quandary Peak  
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2012-06-03  East Ridge  Trail clear to the top with just a few patches of snow just before the summit that were easy to cross or avoid. Conditions on peak were ideal with warm temperatures and light winds. Thunderable   2012-06-03 1     Edit Delete 
2012-05-28  East Ridge  A bit windy, but very good conditions. No snow at the TH or along the trail except for a small ice patch at the summit that was easy to skirt. Summer conditions for Quandary. sheller   2012-05-29  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-24  East Ridge  Trail was covered in snow ranging from 1-6 inches during the ascent after the resent storm. On the descent the snow had melted off the trail completely by 1pm once it dropped to the north off the ridge and into the forest. keith_stone   2012-05-24  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-20  East Ridge  Route is snow free except for the occasional hard pack and the final 50 yards to the summit. No traction needed. wypatt   2012-05-20  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-05  East Ridge  East Ridge was clear of snow except for a few small patches. No need for any traction. letourneau41   2012-05-06  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-01  East Ridge  Did fine in boots, carried spikes but did not need them. A few patches of snow to cross but mostly just rock. The trail disappears under the snow sometimes but it‘s obvious which way to go. The big snowfield to the S of the ridge looks like a nice ski, if one was willing to lug their stuff up there and then lug it back down. glad2be   2012-05-03  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-04-28  East Ridge  Hit the trail just before 8am today. The trail below treeline had spotty patches of snow, but well-worn paths through it. Above treeline was a different story, though. The mountain had apparently gotten several inches of snow because the combination of the gusty wind and blowing snow made it hard just above treeline to follow the path. From treeline all the way to the summit, blowing snow continued to make it hard to stay on the trail. I didn‘t use microspikes on the way up, but they would have helped, so I put them on for the descent. Even though the skies cleared on my ascent, the wind and blowing snow were brutal, esp. on the upper reaches. At one point, I considered turning back due to the wind, but did summit. Things were easier on the way back down with the wind at my back, but mud from the melting snow threw me off more than once from treeline on down. I meant to take some pictures on the way down, but my camera died right after the summit shots. Bottom line- I knew the wind would be there, and dressed accordingly, but didn‘t think the mountain had gotten as much snow as it did. kyriestone   2012-04-28 3  2 1  Edit Delete 
2012-04-21  East Ridge  Road dry all the way to the trailhead. Easily accessible by any vehicle. No snowshoes needed during the ascent, even for this big guy! 50+ mph winds experienced on the flat part of the ridge just before the final slope up to the summit, which was unpleasant to say the least. We had to make clothing changes in this wind tunnel because we quickly lost feeling in our fingers with lightweight gloves, even though temps never reached freezing. Recommend putting on some midweight gloves and a balaclava before you traverse this portion of the climb if forecast calls for high winds. Mashed potato snow on the decent which made for great plunge stepping down the ridge. Snowpack rarely above 8" above the forest. Sporadic patches of snow in the forest. Postholed a few times after entering the forest but would not recommend snow shoes. Rapid melting occuring today. Felt like a climb one would have in late May-mid June. Accessible trailhead, great conditions, and a nice easy climb early in the season make this one a no-brainer! Get out and enjoy it! zdero1   2012-04-21  0     Edit Delete 
2012-04-09  East Ridge  Hiked Quandary Peak April 9, 2012. Beautiful sunny weather, some wind later in the day. Road to Quandary trail head clear. Trail in treeline was mostly clear with some icy spots. Maybe fourteen hikers seen during the day. Most people did not use micro spikes, skis, or snow shoes. Followed ridge line at treeline and mostly followed snow fields with clearly defined trail thru well packed snow. Above 12,500 most of the trail followed was dry, with occasional snow patch. Mountain goat observed at 13,400. Snow patch on summit was icy. Followed the new recommended trail on return and snow depth was considerate at treeline and warm enough for significant post holing. compacted_graphite   2012-04-10  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-24  East Ridge  Good hard-packed snow on the route. Used my microspikes the majority of the time. Left the summit around 11:30am and by the time I got to treeline my snowshoes were useful in some spots to prevent postholing (it was a warm, sunny day). BigfootUSAF   2012-03-25  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-17  East Ridge  The snow on this route of Quandary is passable without snowshoes, but by the time my wife and I descended later in the afternoon we post-holed in several places below treeline. I would recommend gaiters and microspikes until conditions change if you‘re hiking. helmich2   2012-03-17  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-17  East Ridge  My hiking partner and I climbed Quandary Peak‘s East Ridge today and there was clear road access to the McCullough Gulch Rd/Blue Lakes Rd junction which is about 1/4 mile from the summer trailhead. On the mountain, there is a great packed trail all the way to the summit. There isn‘t a lot of snow higher up on the mountain, certainly a lot less than previous years. We brought snowshoes but didn‘t use them because there is a great trail through the snow. Some of the trail is clear of snow, if you happen to stumble across it, but we didn‘t really follow it. Also, when coming down, we got lost shortly after entering the trees as there was a spot with three or more trails going in different directions; in this spot, the correct trail is to the left, and it traverses right beneath the East Ridge proper. DanielL   2012-03-17  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-15  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  A couple of pics of Cristo Couloir today, from near Hoosier Pass BillMiddlebrook   2012-03-15 2  3    Edit Delete 
2012-03-12  East Ridge  Parked at the winter trailhead for McCullough gultch. Plenty of parking. Trail is packed, but still deep. Postholing will occur, snowshoes needed. I broke trail towards the east ridge following a set of skin tracks from the turnaround on McCullough Gultch road, I was followed by my partner, and a gentleman with two dogs.The going was very tough. Chest high snow with a thin layer of hard stuff on top. Floats were mandatory, but I still sunk through 3 dozen times or so. Once out of the trees, the snowpack was more solid. Ditch your snow shoes and pack at 12,000. Crampons may be helpful in some spots, but I didn‘t use any. Plenty of rocky terrain exposed to avoid slippery snow spots. The glissade from about 12,700 or so was amazing, but you can only got that way if you came up from McCullough Get out there before the next snow, and your welcome;) Rock__freek   2012-03-13  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-03-12  East Ridge  Clear road and some parking 1/4 mile from the trail head, with packed snow in the road all the way to the trail head. Packed trail all the way up to the summit essentially, with some spots (especially below treeline) pockmarked with post holes fairly deep. Above treeline, there are several trails which branch across the east ridge, but the "real" one was easily identifiable. Packed snowshoes but didn‘t use them at all the entire trip as they weren‘t necessary. Put on microspikes at the trailhead and wore them from there to the summit and back to the car. Ran into a pair of other hikers who did bare boots to the summit and back, so it is possible, but I wouldn‘t recommend it, and they told me they wished they‘d had spikes, especially on the descent. No avy danger at all if you stay on the main trail. TheodenKing1   2012-03-12  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-04  East Ridge  Parking is open 1/4 mile below actual trailhead. Good trench up to treeline, then multiple packed paths up the ridge. Today was very windy with gusts around 50mph. Microspikes or other traction device highly recommended for descent - packed snow made it difficult to keep footing while coming back down. AWright   2012-03-04 3     Edit Delete 
2012-02-13  East Ridge  Just confirming mtnmike‘s report-- wore snowshoes all the way up/down, were especially useful in climbing to 12,100‘ just after the winter route splits to the right from the last trail sign. Spotchy fresh pow and bare rocks all the way up the ridge. Variously very windy and snowing. Visibility in/out. j-dub   2012-02-15 2     Edit Delete 
2012-02-11  East Ridge  About a foot of new snow on Quandary! Trail below treeline has been (once again) well trenched out, but those pesky winds will have probably obliterated everything above treeline by the time you read this! Stick to the ridgeline and you shouldn‘t have any troubles. Definitely recommend floatation! mtnmike   2012-02-11 2     Edit Delete 
2012-02-05  East Ridge  "Groomed" trail from parking spot to summit, no axe, no crampons, no snow shoes were needed Sunday a.m., light traction on upper most 500 feet would have been convenient. Encountered no substantive ridge avi issues, bowl is a whole different story, so said the big slide dead center. Offsite link Trip Narrative if interested. Wyoming Bob   2012-02-06 3     Edit Delete 
2012-01-28  East Ridge  All due respect to the previous poster, I did not encounter high avalanche conditions or the aforementioned crowning on Quandary today. The slope just below treeline was windblown but consolidated. I dug a pit for evaluation and there was some slabbing but not what I would consider critical. I was the first person up Quandary today (well, up to 13,000‘ where the wind picked me off my feet) and was able to easily climb this section towards the left, keeping nearer to the trees. The trail below treeline will have been trenched-out by today‘s crowd (passed at least 20 people on the way down) and is now pretty close to the standard summer route. Be sure to turn RIGHT at the site of the big igloo, and not follow the faint trench straight (this might lead to some of the previous posters‘ difficulties and is WAY off the established trail route). Snowshoes are recommended up to 13,000. Even above treeline. I cached my snowshoes at 12,000‘ and wish I hadn‘t. Conditions to 13,000‘ are variable between hardpack and soft powder. Climb safe people! mtnmike   2012-01-28 4  1    Edit Delete 

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