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Photos Comments
Tour de Pikes, Ohl style
by CincyBearcats
Pikes Peak 09/26/2009  10/01/2009    15 4
early rise on Capitol
by CincyBearcats
Capitol Peak 08/09/2009  08/10/2009    9 11
Little Bear NW face and the traverse
by CincyBearcats
Little Bear Peak
Blanca Peak
Ellingwood Point
08/01/2009  08/02/2009    20 17
four high summits in the Sangre de Cristo‘s of NM
by CincyBearcats
Truchas Peak
North Truchas Peak
West Truchas Peak
Middle Truchas Peak
07/04/2009  07/22/2009  1  23 4
finally taking our turn on the Bells Traverse
by CincyBearcats
Maroon Peak
North Maroon Peak
07/11/2009  07/13/2009  1  12 11
dusty snow in Hopeful Couloir
by CincyBearcats
Hope A, Mt 05/09/2009  05/12/2009    7 6
Wilson Peak - NW face
by CincyBearcats
Wilson Peak 05/11/2008  05/13/2008    20 16

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