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Laboring in the Weminuche: Ruby to Chicago 13ers 
By: benners
Pigeon Pk
Jupiter Mtn
Grizzly Pk C
Animas Mtn
Fifteen, Pk
Monitor Pk
Turret Pk A
Twelve, Pk
McCauley Pk
Thirteen, Pk
09/01/2012  09/19/2012  30  1 24
Lost in The Weminuche III: Bringing It All Back Home
By: Papillon
Eleven, Pk
McCauley Pk
Hope Mtn
Grizzly Pk C
08/02/2012  08/17/2012  19  30 11
Southern Weminuche: The Finish  
By: Furthermore
Grizzly Pk C
McCauley Pk
Greylock Mtn
PT 13,121
06/29/2012  07/05/2012  7  32 8
Seven Days in the Weminuche with an ascent of Sunlight Spire
By: PKelley
"Sunlight Spire"
Jupiter Mtn
Grizzly Pk C
Jagged Mtn
Sunlight Peak
09/01/2009  09/13/2009  2  18 4
8-Day Needles Backpack and #57
By: Floyd
Pigeon Pk
Eleven, Pk
Mt. Eolus
Jupiter Mtn
Grizzly Pk C
09/07/2008  09/07/2008  1  20 16
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