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Tri, Tri Again (Silverton Area Tricentennials) 
By: Mtnman200

PT 13,434
Rhoda, Mt
Whitehead Pk
PT 13,109
Tower Mtn
Storm Pk A
Twin Sisters East
Twin Sisters West
09/03/2016  09/18/2016  8  19
4x4 Silverton 13ers Google Map Included
By: bergsteigen

Dome Mtn A
Tower Mtn
Twin Sisters East
Twin Sisters West
PT 13,042
PT 13,069
PT 13,159
"T 11"
Little Giant Pk
King Solomon Mtn
09/08/2016  09/13/2016  11  77 6
Part 2: Blitzing the San Juans in the Monsoon 
By: mennoguy

Jones Mtn A
Tower Mtn
"Proposal Pk"
Brown Mtn A
Bonita Pk
07/19/2012  07/30/2012  5  27
Silverton 4 Pack: Avoiding the Storms on Storm. 
By: Furthermore

Dome Mtn A
Tower Mtn
"East Storm"
Storm Pk A
08/10/2010  08/17/2010    27 7
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