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Rainy Capitol 
By: peakmind
Capitol Peak 07/26/2003  07/20/2009   
Flying Blind: Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre 
By: peakmind
Wetterhorn Peak
Uncompahgre Peak
07/27/2002  04/28/2009   
The "Casual" Route? 
By: peakmind
Longs Peak 08/08/1998  04/03/2009    3
Brian‘s Lucky Day
By: peakmind
Longs Peak 07/03/1998  03/28/2009   
A Mummy Range Weekend 
By: peakmind
Mummy Mtn
Hagues Pk
Fairchild Mtn
Ypsilon Mtn
Chiquita, Mt
07/10/1999  03/22/2009   
Chiefs Head & Mt Alice via Stoneman Pass 
By: peakmind
Chiefs Head Pk
Alice, Mt
06/30/2002  03/19/2009   
The East Face of Pyramid 
By: peakmind
Pyramid Peak 07/30/2003  03/18/2009    1
A Long Day in the Wilsons 
By: peakmind
Mt. Wilson
Wilson Peak
el diente
08/05/2003  03/10/2009   
The Great Cirque 
By: peakmind
Longs Peak
Meeker, Mt
09/28/1998  03/10/2009   
The Three Apostles 
By: peakmind
Ice Mtn
North Apostle
West Apostle
06/24/2006  03/08/2009    1
Chicago Basin 4 Banger 
By: peakmind
Mt. Eolus
Windom Peak
Sunlight Peak
08/14/2003  03/08/2009   
teton adventure 
By: peakmind
grand teton
mt. moran
07/14/1997  03/01/2009   
The Long Bell (south ridge route) 
By: peakmind
Maroon Peak 07/19/2002  01/18/2009   
Living by Luck in the Alps: Mont Blanc & Matterhorn 
By: peakmind
mont blanc
07/27/1994  01/01/2009    1
Longs Peak Keyhole Ridge
By: peakmind
Longs Peak 07/15/2006  12/13/2008   
5 14ers in 2 days on my 40th birthday 
By: peakmind
Crestone Peak
Crestone Needle
Kit Carson Peak
Humboldt Peak
"Kitty Kat Carson"
06/14/2002  12/13/2008   
Lake Como Deathmarch 
By: peakmind
Blanca Peak
Ellingwood Point
Little Bear Peak
07/13/2003  12/13/2008    3
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