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Windy but clear day on Lindsey and Huerfano 
by CO Native
Mt. Lindsey
"Huerfano Pk"
06/18/2011  06/19/2011  2  2 8
Infamous winds of the Mosquito range. 
by CO Native
Buckskin, Mt 01/15/2011  01/16/2011    2 4
Emmons-Winthrop Route  Google Map Included GPX file available for download 
by CO Native
Mount Rainier 08/09/2010  08/12/2010    4 9
A nice loop in the Mosquitoes  Google Map Included GPX file available for download 
by CO Native
Sheridan, Mt
Horseshoe Mtn A
Peerless Mtn
05/24/2010  05/26/2010  1  2 2
Pikes Peak via the Winter variation on the Crags Route 
by CO Native
Pikes Peak 04/12/2010  04/15/2010    6
Chasing summit dreams, literally. 
by CO Native
Missouri Mountain 11/22/2009  11/24/2009    7
Fall is coming quick in the high country 
by CO Native
Mt. Shavano
Tabeguache Peak
08/22/2009  08/26/2009    1
A first for two cousins and completion for two brothers 
by CO Native
Handies Peak 07/18/2009  07/21/2009    3 6
Poor Man‘s route to Chicago Basin (Vallecito)
by CO Native
Mt. Eolus 06/27/2009  07/01/2009    4 10
Nearly snow free Mount Belford 
by CO Native
Mt. Belford 06/15/2009  06/17/2009    1
Quick warm up hike 
by CO Native
Mt. Democrat 05/31/2009  05/31/2009    1 1
Gone with the wind. 
by CO Native
Mt. Shavano 02/22/2009  02/25/2009    2
NOAA doesn‘t always know what they re doing.
by CO Native
Mt. Harvard 11/15/2008  11/17/2008    2 3
Tragic day in the Y-Couloir 
by CO Native
Pikes Peak 09/30/2008  10/17/2008    5
Nellie to Matterhorn hike 
by CO Native
Uncompahgre Peak
Wetterhorn Peak
08/29/2008  09/02/2008    4
El Diente to Mount Wilson
by CO Native
Mt. Wilson
El Diente Peak
08/23/2008  08/25/2008    4 3
$100 ain‘t bad for so much fun
by CO Native
Culebra Peak
Red Mtn A
07/19/2008  07/19/2008    3 2
The SnowCap Loop - First documentation ever!
by CO Native
Capitol Peak
Snowmass Mountain
06/30/2008  07/02/2008  1  4 15
Y Couloir with lots of snow
by CO Native
Pikes Peak 05/17/2008  05/18/2008    1
Mount Ouray - Back among the hiking
by CO Native
Ouray, Mt 11/17/2007  11/18/2007    7

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