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Re: Gore suggestions

Postby Jelgan » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:43 pm

You're good slugger. :)

Good to get related questions answered together!
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Re: Gore suggestions

Postby lordhelmut » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:49 pm

leftyslugger wrote:Sorry...not to hijack the thread, but how far is Usable Pass from the Pitkin Lake TH? I've only hiked to just past the second falls. Are there any "signs" that indicate where to turn off towards that basin and up to the pass?

I am planning on spending a weekend in the Upper Boulder drainage and don't really want to hike up the unmaintained slog on the east side. For those of you who have done both...which is easier/better?

For the record, Willow/Salmon Lakes, Gore Lake/Snow Lake and Pass and down Deluge, Upper Slate Lake...all are spectacular places.


As far as trail turnoff landmarks, the Usable Pass drainage is hard to miss. When you cross the creek, next to that obvious campsite off the trail after that meadow, look to the East and see the large grass slope to gain access to Climber's and Solitude. re-enter the woods, hike another couple hundred yards and then leave trail, making way for Usable. I'd say Usable is about the same distance as Pitkin Lake is from the TH (4 to 4.5 miles?). Its that huge basin looker's right of East Partner when coming up the trail. Its hard to miss and minimal bushwacking to get to.

edit : Just read Transplant's post. What he said...

Also, there are a bunch of sweet lakes in the upper regions of Boulder drainage that looked REALLY cool, and are closer from Usable. Tree cover is harder to find, but its there and the lakes are beautiful, you'll probably have them all to yourself. I kind of described it in my TR around image #18:


Its right under the Y/Z saddle. I can't speak for the rest of Boulder and its approach from the East. The late Jesse Peterson has a write up on this site I believe. Given your time frame, honestly, you might just want to make the hump over Usable. Boulder seems like a 3 day weekend minimum.
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Re: Gore suggestions

Postby leftyslugger » Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:42 pm

Thanks Transplant and Lord...

I've done Upper Boulder from the east...long, unmaintained, tree hopping. Fun, but solo it might be too risky. I plan to camp at Upper Boulder Lake. The fishing is incredi...I mean horrible.

Beautiful place. Thanks for the tips. I am anticipating a steep brutal decent off of Usable.

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