Dispersed car camping, near fishable creek, 13er proximity

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Dispersed car camping, near fishable creek, 13er proximity

Postby matchs » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:07 am


I've lurked the heck out of the site, so thanks for all of the great threads that have helped in my various trips. I've done the requisite searching and exploring threads, yet I'm still looking for some ideas, especially from those of you who hike and fish.

My wife is new to camping but a good, if relatively rookie hiker. We love flyfishing and she's got a goal of five 13'ers by fall. I'm helping her love hiking and fishing trips with some judicious itinerary creation and a comfortable car-camping setup. We're limited to after-work departures on Friday, coming home Sunday evenings. Have you got some areas/roads/peaks you recommend with dispersed car camping (love to avoid FS campgrounds when possible), preferably next to or near a stream, with proximity to a 13er or two? Ideally under 3 hours from the Denver area and definitely accessible for our 2wd sedan; like everyone else, we'd love to not be surrounded by people and/or ATV's. I'm considering W Buffalo Peak but I'm not sure if there are nice fishable streams right around the car-carmping areas along the road...but would appreciate some other ideas for the list.

For comparison, we last camped along Geneva Creek on the FS road just south of Squaretop. We fished in the evenings, kept our food in the trunk, and drove the few miles to the Squaretop trailhead in the day - it was the perfect combination. Thanks in advance for your input!

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Re: Dispersed car camping, near fishable creek, 13er proximi

Postby Derek » Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:36 am

One spot that my wife and I have gone to a couple times for car camping and hiking is just beyond the Mount Massive Trailhead off the road. Once you pass the TH, the road gets a bit rough, but if you can make it the 100 yards or so, there are some nice camping spots on the left above the creek. In other words, you would be following the trailhead directions for North Halfmoon Creek (for SW slopes of Massive) but stopping a mile or so before the actual trailhead. I've fished in the creek just below, seen many others fish there as well. 13ers accessible here (with minimum extra mileage up the road since you have 2WD): French, Frasco, Casco, Bull Hill, Oklahoma.
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Re: Dispersed car camping, near fishable creek, 13er proximi

Postby matchs » Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:08 am

Thanks for the input. Those are two great ideas and we'll add them to the list. This weekend we stayed on Boreas Pass and hiked up Bald Mountain from the south. Beautiful spot.

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