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aconcagua Nov 2011

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Re: aconcagua Nov 2011

Postby livetothemax96 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:29 am

polishruben wrote:just an update to the thread. I mentioned in my previous comment, that I got my tix to Argentina for free. Lots of you asked me how did I do it, so here it is.

current promotion, not sure how long it will last. Apply for any of this cards ( make sure you have your account set up first and your member number handy ), spend on it 2.5 ( rent, car, bills, gas etc.. easy ) and you will get 50K airmiles deposited to your AA account. It takes 45K to fly directly to Mendoza.

hope that helps some of you! good luck

By the way, you can apply for more than one card at this same time.. just letting you know :) ( but no more than 2 )

Of course this requires you to spend $2,500 when the plane tickets by themselves are less than $1600 from denver ($700 from Miami :-k )
So, they weren't really free, unless you use the card to by the tickets and you give them to your friend, or something
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Re: aconcagua Nov 2011

Postby polishruben » Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:36 pm

no, not really. You are approaching it from a wrong angle.
Use the credit card as your debit card and pay for your rent, car, food etc. $2.5K in 4 months in CO is super easy.. When you do, you will get free tickets. So no, it is not this same as buying tix with the card and giving them to your friend ( but I am sure your friend would love you for that ).

It is just smart way of getting a free flight, however knowing life, people are too lazy to do it :)
Few months ago, this same company was offering 75K miles as a sign up bonus. I got two of them and flew around the world ( europe, africa, asia, hawaii ) for 250 bucks. ( airport taxes and such ).

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Re: aconcagua Nov 2011

Postby polishruben » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:54 pm

For anyone interested in climbing Aconcagua this or next year - I am going to have a presentation about my Aconcagua trip upcoming Monday ( March 5th ) in REI Westminster store.
We will talk about essential gear and clothing, finances, misconceptions about the mountain, some tips on how to climb in a "cheapo way"m with tons of pictures and stories. Should be fun :)

Join me at 6:30 at the REI Westminster store. The presentation is free.
To make sure we have enough space, please register at


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