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Yellowstone Drive Through

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Re: Yellowstone Drive Through

Postby jdorje » Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:44 am

Teton NP to Glacier is listed at 8:20, out the West Gate. Add +40 minutes if you go out the Silver Gate (through Mammoth and Norris). Add another +40 minutes if you take the east loop instead of the west loop. Either way it's not going to give you a lot of time in the park; spending one night there (in Mammoth for instance, although that campground is noisy as hell) would give you a lot more time. There are a lot of cool things you can see in the park right by the roadside though. Watching a geyser isn't as fast as you might think though.

Yellowstone is an amazing place and well worth the time; there are a lot of people there but mostly they are just in a few places (the geyser basins in the southwest) and the rest is (relatively) empty wilderness. The geography is extremely...diverse.

I'm pretty sure you use the same $25 1-week pass for Yellowstone and Teton. The $80 yearly park pass (two names on the pass, and it's good for your whole car if one of those two people is in it) is almost certainly a good value though. You can buy that at the gate with your credit card...
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