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 Peak(s):  Mt. Antero  -  14,269 feet
 Post Date:  11/23/2008 Modified: 07/18/2013
 Date Climbed:   07/27/2008
 Posted By:  kimo

 Mount Antero   

It's four months late, but I have to post my first 14er summit here on Mount Antero provided me with an exciting new goal in life that should keep me busy for many years to come: summit every 14er in the state of Colorado. Touching clouds put the rest of the world in perspective and set my course for many future adventures.

Captions are on top of the photos.

We leave our campsite near Baldwin Creek and start up the road at 8am. Mount Antero towers over us.

We rise above the gulch. Our campsite is in the trees below.

We drive towards the clouds.

This technicolor peak is beautiful. I want to climb it someday. Maybe next time.

We park the Jeeps within a mile of Mt. Antero's summit. The hike begins.

We pass neat rock formations.

I look back over my shoulder. The view is fantastic. Our rigs are parked on the saddle at the far left of the photo. Two hikers are walking up the ridgeline towards us. They are just past the sawtooth section.

The American flag flies on top of Mt. Antero. We stand 14, 269 feet above sea level. Mt. Princeton stands tall in the distance.

We start our descent.

Life at elevation.

We pass adventurous souls who search the mountainside for smokey quartz and aquamarine.

These flowers have seen better days, but are beautiful nonetheless.

We drop into the gulch that separates Mt. Antero from Mt. White.

We drive towards 13.6K foot Mt. White.

We look back towards Mt. Antero. The parking area is on top of the near peak.

We leave Mt. White and start down the Mt. Antero road on our way back to camp.

We pack our gear and drive away. Four months later, I've still got a big 'ole grin. That was a great trip!

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