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Photos Comments
Little Bear - Blanca Traverse 
by Wes Bradshaw
Little Bear Peak
Blanca Peak
08/20/2009  08/29/2009   
Mount Shasta - Avalanche Gully 
by Wes Bradshaw
Mount Shasta 06/24/2009  07/02/2009    1
Mount Rainier - Disappointment Cleaver 
by Wes Bradshaw
Mount Rainier 06/21/2009  07/02/2009   
MLW - Martha 
by Wes Bradshaw
Lady Washington, Mt 05/31/2009  06/01/2009   
East Ridge 
by Wes Bradshaw
Bancroft, Mt 02/21/2009  02/22/2009    1
Failed Attempt on Torrey‘s from Loveland Pass 
by Wes Bradshaw
Torreys Peak 03/15/2008  03/16/2008    1
Snowmass Mountain - Standard Route
by Wes Bradshaw
Snowmass Mountain 06/24/2007  06/25/2007    4
Evans & Spalding - Ridge Route from Summit Lake
by Wes Bradshaw
Mt. Evans
Spalding, Mt
06/22/2007  06/25/2007    4
James Peak
by Wes Bradshaw
James Pk 11/26/2006  11/27/2006    5 1
Pike‘s Peak Ascent - Barr Trail
by Wes Bradshaw
Pikes Peak 11/18/2006  11/19/2006    4
West Slopes
by Wes Bradshaw
Mt. Bierstadt 11/11/2006  11/12/2006    4
East Slopes
by Wes Bradshaw
Quandary Peak 10/29/2006  10/31/2006    3
The Chicago Basin and The San Miguel's
by Wes Bradshaw
Mt. Eolus
Sunlight Peak
Windom Peak
Mt. Wilson
Wilson Peak
07/21/2006  07/29/2006   
Elbert - Northeast Ridge
by Wes Bradshaw
Mt. Elbert 05/27/2006  05/28/2006    1
Belford & Oxford 6/17
by Wes Bradshaw
Mt. Belford
Mt. Oxford
06/17/2005  06/18/2005   
Mount Antero via Baldwin Creek
by Wes Bradshaw
Mt. Antero 06/16/2005  06/18/2005   

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