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A Long Road to Hagerman  Google Map Included GPX file available for download    
by nkan02
Hagerman Pk
Belleview Mtn A
Buckskin BM
09/21/2014  10/22/2014  6  56 2
Big McBeta: Mosquito & Other 13ers
by quackquackcolorado
London Mtn
Kuss Pk
Mosquito Pk
Treasurevault Mtn
Arkansas Mt
Tweto, Mt
Buckskin, Mt
Loveland Mtn
Silverheels, Mt
Kelso Mtn
09/29/2014  10/21/2014  3  3 2
Betamon: Mosquito 13ers
by quackquackcolorado
Gemini Pk
Dyer Mtn
West Dyer Mtn
Evans B, Mt
Horseshoe Mtn A
Finnback Knob
Peerless Mtn
Sheridan, Mt
Mt. Sherman
White Ridge
09/28/2014  10/21/2014  1  2
Little Horn Peak and Mount Adams 
by finsty
Adams A, Mt
Little Horn Pk
10/19/2014  10/21/2014   
Meandering the Divide: Bear Lake to Powell 
by dillonsarnelli
Powell Pk
Taylor Pk B
Otis Peak
Flattop Mountain
10/17/2014  10/21/2014  13  2 8
Getting the Band Back Together
by SurfNTurf
Marble Mtn A 10/18/2014  10/20/2014  13  24 10
Mountain Hobo Colorado!!!!
by goingup
Square Top Mtn A
Argentine Pk
Wilcox, Mt
10/19/2014  10/19/2014  7  44 9
A phoenix rising from the ashes - or - Faceshots for the soul  Google Map Included 
by bergsteigen
"Dickerís Peck" 10/13/2014  10/15/2014  17  37 17
Notch Mt / Halo Ridge / Mt Holy Cross
by MtnHub
Mt. of the Holy Cross
Notch Mountain
09/11/2014  10/14/2014  9  34 6
Betajuice: Tenmile & Mosquito 13ers
by quackquackcolorado
Pacific Pk
Atlantic Pk
North Star Mtn
Wheeler Mtn
"Drift Pk"
Fletcher Mtn
Traver Pk
McNamee Pk
Clinton Pk
Bartlett Mtn
09/23/2014  10/12/2014  1  3 2
Chicken Beta Soup: Breckenridge/Fairplay 13ers
by quackquackcolorado
Red Pk A
Hoosier Ridge
Red Mtn C
Bald Mtn A
Boreas Mtn
Weston Pk
Ptarmigan Pk
West Buffalo Pk
East Buffalo Pk
Pennsylvania Mtn
09/16/2014  10/12/2014    4 1
Coming Out of Hibernation (or Good Riddance to Summer)
by moneymike
Humboldt Peak
Conundrum Peak
Hanging Lake
09/27/2014  10/06/2014  5  36 10
Mt. Evans, et. al.
by MtnHub
Mt. Evans
Mt. Spaulding
The Sawtooth
West Evans
09/01/2014  10/04/2014    22
Blitzen the Mummy Kill
by Monster5
Ypsilon Mtn
Hagues Pk
Fairchild Mtn
Mummy Mtn
Chiquita, Mt
Rowe Mtn
Rowe Pk
08/23/2014  10/02/2014  20  32 15
Copeland to Elk Tooth - A Wild Basin Leisure Stroll
by FireOnTheMountain
Copeland Mtn
Ogalalla Pk
Elk Tooth
09/20/2014  10/02/2014  16  23 9
Megamaroonal Traverse 
by Kylie
Maroon Peak
North Maroon Peak
PT 13,039
Sleeping Sexton
Belleview Mtn A
09/27/2014  10/01/2014  32  45 21
Longs Radical Slam   
by Zambo
Longs Peak
Meeker, Mt
Pagoda Mtn
Storm Pk B
Lady Washington, Mt
Battle Mountain
Estes Cone
09/26/2014  09/28/2014  20  5 8
No Loop for You!  Google Map Included GPX file available for download 
by rajz06
Edwards, Mt
McClellan Mtn
09/26/2014  09/28/2014  7  32 7
Hagerman's Southwest Ridge: Lead King is BEAUTIFUL  Google Map Included GPX file available for download
by alexhenes
Hagerman Pk 09/27/2014  09/27/2014  3  1
Autumn Effect   
by d_baker
"Pk Q"
Guyselman Mtn
"Pk N"
09/19/2014  09/27/2014  24  40 11

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