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Electric and Lakes - Major Creek trail  Google Map Included GPX file available for download
By: Steve Knapp
Electric Pk A
Lakes Pk
06/07/2014  06/09/2014  7  3
This Trip Report goes to Eleven!  Google Map Included 
By: bergsteigen
Electric Pk A
Gibbs Pk A
Marcy, Mt
PT 13,490
Owen A, Mt
De Anza Pk A
PT 13,513
PT 13,122
08/30/2013  09/04/2013  13  32 9
Part 4: The electrifying finish
By: mennoguy
Kit Carson Peak
Electric Pk A
De Anza Pk A
Teocalli Mtn
PT 13,051
07/28/2012  08/03/2012  1  24
Skiing in the Grenadiers
By: Jcwhite
Arrow Pk
Vestal Pk
Electric Pk A
Graystone Pk
04/02/2011  04/20/2011  8  1 12
Long Cristo Winter Duo  Google Map Included GPX file available for download
By: Furthermore
Electric Pk A
Lakes Pk
01/15/2011  01/17/2011  6  29 2
Electric Pk via Major Crk, Electric Pass, & NW ridge
By: Martian Bachelor
Electric Pk A 08/14/2003  05/12/2007    3
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