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Breck Ski Area (Pk 9) Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Tenmile Range
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD Dirt to reach the top of the ski area, near the Overlook Restaurant
4WD above the Overlook Restaurant on the ski area
Directions:  Drive to S. Park Ave. on the south end of Breckenridge. Turn west and drive 0.2 miles and turn left on Village Road. Drive 0.2 miles on Village and turn left into a large parking lot near the Beaver Run complex. A chairlift goes by the lot. Turn left, cross the lot and turn right onto County Road (CR) 751 (dirt). This road leads to the top of the Peak 9 section of the ski area. After 0.5 miles keep left. There is a gated road on the right. Pass a lift and drive around to another intersection near 0.8 miles. Stay right on the main road and begin the climb into the ski area. Near 1.5 miles, stay right. Near 3.0 miles, go under a lift. Stay on the main road and pass the Overlook Restaurant. Continue up to the highest lifts near 3.6 miles. This is the trailhead. The road is rough from here and 4WD is required. If you drive another 1/2 mile, there is a small pull-off on the right.

If the ski area is open, you can take the Mercury Super Chair to the start of this route. Above the lift, locate the road that provides backcountry access. Daily access is determined by the ski area, so call the ski patrol in advance.
Winter Access:  When the ski area is running, ride to the top of the Mercury lift on Peak 9. The road is up to the right of the lift. If ski patrol has the road closed, do not pass the rope.
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2010-11-20 Closed at the base of the ski area for winter. Skiers can access upper terrain by riding the Mercury or "E" lift to the top of the the Peak 9 section of the ski area. Gate managed and opened by Breck ski patrol. BillMiddlebrook         

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