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Clear Crk./S.Winfield Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Huron Peak
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to Winfield.
4WD to upper TH. SUVs with good clearance can make it if the road is dry.
Directions:  From Leadville: Drive 20 miles south on U.S. 24 and turn right on the Chaffee County 390 road. From Buena Vista: Drive 14.5 miles north on U.S. 24 and turn left on the Chaffee County 390 road. On the 390 road (dirt), drive 11.8 miles to Winfield. Turn left and measure from here. Drive 0.1 mile to reach the lower, 2WD trailhead on the left. After 0.4 mile, the road gets rugged and narrow (4WD required). After 0.7 mile, stay right at a junction. After 1.7 miles, the Banker Mine road is to the left - stay straight on the main road and continue to the end, at 2.1 miles. The trail starts past the parking area.
Winter Access:  Closed near 9,200 feet - many miles below the TH.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2014-10-18 Road still free of snow all the way to the upper trail head. Made it up the 4wd road in my Subaru without too much trouble. However, if I did the road again I would try to take a higher clearance vehicle. jenkscolin         
2014-10-04 Road free of snow to upper trailhead. I could see there was a dusting from the storms remaining in a few spots off to the side in places. MountainHiker         
2014-09-14 Subaru Outback made it up to upper TH just fine. A few large mud puddles that sat in divets in the road were easily avoidable if you position your car right. Small stream crossing. No 2WD cars up there though! gabsimonelouise         
2014-09-01 tricky route to the trailhead. there are approximately 2 miles of marked 4WD terrain, of which about 85% is perfectly drivable for even a low-clearance 2WD vehicle- most is relatively flat and smooth. that being said, i was not brave enough to take my FWD 2006 Chevy Equinox past the lower trailhead and i don‘t reget my decision. it took an extra 45 minutes to walk each way to/from the trailhead/campsite, but there were a handful of really muddy spots i am SURE i would have gotten stuck in. if you are an experienced & proficient off-road terrain driver, i am willing to wager you could take some extra time and make it through. stephakett         
2014-08-09 Easy drive in a 2012 Jeep GC. I saw a Ford Escape and Subaru Forester make it as well. Drive slowly and you will make it fine. aiyers    1      
2014-08-03 somewhat muddy, made it to TH in subaru outback. there are 2 rather large pot holes and a stream about 3 inches deep. made it through without issue. cyrrus         
2014-07-20 I also made it up the 4WD road in a Forester. The road was not intimidating at all--bumpy but consistent with few potholes. The last 1/2 mile or so to the trailhead is fairly smooth, and there are plenty of places to stop and camp (or turn around if your vehicle has too low a clearance). MountainMetaphor         
2014-07-12 Made it up in a new Forester without issue. Some bug mud spots to be careful of. Smaller car is def a no-go on this road. LetsGoMets         
2014-07-05 Managed the 4WD road in a Nissan Rogue (similar to a Forester or CRV). There was one larger spot to cross water on the way in at 7am, and by the afternoon there were 3 spots with water. Not too difficult, and a ton of fun! aweygandt         
2014-06-01 The 4WD road is clear all the way to the upper TH. esagas         
2013-12-21 We tried to drive to Winfield to climb Huron. Only made it 4.5 miles out of the 12 miles. Almost got stuck. Turned around and left for Harvard (Frenchman Creek) Mickeys Grenade         
2013-11-10 I parked at the two-wheel drive trailhead at Winfield. The road is bumpy in areas and has patches of ice, but is easily passable by a sturdy two-wheel drive vehicle. From Winfield I hiked up the road to the actual trailhead from there. I do not recommend anyone take a four-wheel drive vehicle passed Winfield due to the amount of ice and snow covering the road. It doesn‘t seem like to me it is worth potentially sliding off the road to save a few miles on this hike. Dobbs77         
2013-09-29 Road is fine up to Winfield 2wd trailhead. I made it in my Civic. There were all types of vehicles at the 4wd trail head to include Subarus and BMW SUVs. I did not think the road looked that bad (and apparently so did all the vehicles who went up the road). Fall colors are almost at peak. mrschaible         
2013-07-07 We climbed Huron from this trailhead on 7/7/2013. Some of the reports on here say that if you have a 4WD vehicle you can get to the trailhead with "no problem." True. There are indeed only a couple of minor problem spots to navigate. However, I thought I would caution people that if indeed you have a brand new vehicle or one you do not want to damage in any way, you might think twice about doing this. You do need good clearance under your vehicle not to hit a rock. And if the road is in any way muddy you could get stuck. It‘s possible. But overall, yes, it is navigable. BobCassiday         
2013-06-13 road is dry through the 4W section dangoldberger         
2013-06-03 The road to the upper TH is mostly clear, only about a 10 foot span of snow covering any part of the trail. The roughest part of the road is pictured and the Forester did fine. runaroundaroo  1       
2013-05-25 You can drive to the end of the 4WD section with just two sections that still need to melt out. I saw a Subaru as well as trucks up at the parking. The first section is 20 feet long that is sloped and slippery. The second section is about 100 foot long. 4WD I believe is required for these. piper14er  1       
2013-05-11 Fully clear to Winfield and another 1/4-1/2 mile. cjw         
2013-02-13 I was only able to make it 1.5 miles BEFORE Winfield in a Wrangler. New snow tires or chains might get you all the way to Winfield. thefirststraw         
2013-01-26 Able to drive to Winfield (Xterra with new snow tires). The road was pretty squirrelly on the way out since it was about 30-35 degrees with deeper snow to the side of the vehicle tracks. Someone managed to get a vehicle all the way back to the Huron summer TH (I didn‘t see the vehicle, but there were new tracks). I don‘t know how they managed it with the deep drifts and large stretches of ice on the road. Yikes         
2013-01-20 No change, easy Xterra drive in . . . Outhouse is down to 1/2 roll of T.P., plan ahead accordingly ;) Wyoming Bob         
2013-01-16 See Caroline‘s description below. This is still accurate as of Wed, 1/16. 1st pic is of some wierdo trying to do a cartwheel at the Winfield TH 2nd pic is general road condition from mile 4 to mile 12 Dad Mike  2  2      
2013-01-05 We were able to cross the bridge past the cabins and get to a spot near ~10,200‘ along the road. Road was snowpacked though, and 4WD mandatory. USAKeller         
2012-12-31 Open to 4WD to the Winfield cabins. Can‘t cross the bridge and go further. sgladbach    1      
2012-12-07 There was very little snow on County Road 390 (before todays snow). The left turn at Winfield to continue towards the 4wd section was okay to just past the parking area. There is an ice flow there which I crossed. The next ice flow is when you start up the hill, I was able to cross that without any problems. Go slow on the way out. The next creek was still running with a some ice and then another ice flow which was fairly flat. The last ice flow will be the issue if you continue. It is in a very narrow part of the 4wd road a little before you get to where the valley opens up and you get out of the trees. The ice flow on the left was just wide enough for my older Pathfinder. Anything wider and there was a drop and sloped to the right. (This was not too bad going up but on the way out the road does a quick drop down to the ice. If you lose it there there isn‘t anything to stop you on the downhill side) The road was good the rest of the way to where I parked for the Virginia Group and looked good to the end when viewed from up higher. piper14er         

Start of the trail at the end of the road (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-03)In Winfield, turn left near the buildings (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)In Winfield, looking down the road to the trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)This is usually the worst spot of the 4WD road – about 0.6 miles up. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-08-26)Parking area at upper (4WD) trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-08-26)

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