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Missouri Gulch Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Belford, Mt. Oxford, Missouri Mountain
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From Leadville: Drive 20 miles south on U.S. 24 and turn right on the Chaffee County 390 road. From Buena Vista: Drive 14.5 miles north on U.S. 24 and turn left on the Chaffee County 390 road. On the 390 road, drive 7.5 miles to a sign for the Missouri Gulch trailhead. Turn left and drive down into the large parking area. There are restrooms here.
Winter Access:  Closed near 9,200 feet - almost 4 miles below the TH.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2010-11-07 Clear summer conditions, small cars have no problem. hollamby         
2010-10-27 light covering of snow, but drivable w/ 2wd and good snow tires. markf         
2010-04-18 Open and dry all the way to the trailhead Yalegirl09         
2010-04-10 I drove my tacoma up to the historical site without any problems in the morning (~1 mile from the trailhead). A car with chains on the fronts was also nearby. Took me 20 minutes to hike to the trailhead on the crunchy snow. Someone in a larger vehicle had driven out past the trailhead. In the afternoon their tracks were really wet and slushy. Below the historical site the road had its soft, muddy spots for a couple miles but I made it down without any oh-crap moments. MarkMadness  2       
2010-03-28 Road is dry up to mile 4.0. You might be able to make another 0.5 miles if your vehicle is good on packed snow/ice, but seems like a good chance of getting stuck. From mile 4.5 until Missouri Gulch TH it is packed down by snowmobiles and you don‘t need snowshoes. There are zero dry sections from mile 4.0, so I don‘t think this is going to melt out anytime soon. Outhouse at TH is open and has TP. You will need snowshoes starting at the TH (I was sinking past my knees). Yikes         
2010-02-06 Three parties have got stuck in the snow in the last two weeks, about a mile past the ranch on 390. Plowed to the ranch, about 3 miles in. Folks have made it to 4 miles in, but have also got stuck there. I would park no further than 1/2 mile past the ranch, or just beyond the ranch to be on the safe side. One vehicle stuck was reputed to be a heavily modified Jeep. All were 4wd vehicles. Track looks benign, it‘s not. Dancesatmoonrise  1       
2010-02-01 Drivable with 4WD to 3.1 miles from the trailhead. SarahT         
2009-11-29 Went to Missouri Gulch yesterday (11.28.09) in a 2WD, 4 cyl. XTerra (basically a car that looks like a truck) and made it with ease. Some icy spots, but no real difficulty at all. reverette13         
2009-11-23 Trailhead is accessible by 2wd car with good tires. The road beyond the ranch is snowpacked, but easily driven. CO Native         
2009-09-08 On 8/31 and again on 9/3 drove Toyota Camry to TH. Dry and ample parking. jstouder         
2009-05-20 100% clear for all vehicles. Cars (even civics) have no trouble getting to trailhead. Snowshoes not needed for ANY of the standard route. Lyssah         
2009-04-25 Road is 100% clear to TH Alan Arnette         
2009-04-09 The road is clear to the trailhead. This may change if we get enough spring snow. BillMiddlebrook         
2009-03-15 2009-3-13 4WDable 0.8 mile past ranch entrance...shallow snow patches, mud. Perhaps further, but could see that someone got into trouble ahead, so turned around. Bio Nerd         
2008-12-11 As of 12/11 there is some snow but any reasonable vehicle should be able to make it to Missouri Gulch. theocdb3         
2008-11-20 Road and parking area were completely free of snow and passable for passenger cars George Kaplan         
2008-09-06 Be careful, 390 is washboard city... saw a vehicle lose control and they weren‘t even traveling too fast. Derek         
2008-07-24 Road very good to the large Missouri Gulch TH. Just a little bit of washboard along the south sides of the road. Markwise         
2008-05-30 As of Memorial Weekend, the road was completely clear and easily passible in 2WD (Nissan Sentra, though there were some watermelon size fallen rocks in the middle of the road at the bend near Clear Creek Ranch. Keep your eyes peeled. Steve Climber         
2008-05-12 Road clear of snow all the way to the TH as of 05-11-08. jbchalk         
2008-05-05 Higher clearance vehicles (7.5 or >) broke through to at least Missouri Gulch TH by Sunday afternoon (May4th). Snow drifts still exist but many have a path through them and are melting quite fast. Critter         
2008-04-27 Road is impassable ~3.5 miles from the trailhead; the snow looks to be 18-24" deep for as far up the road as I could see. KeithK         
2008-03-12 3/7-County road leading to TH is unplowed four miles from trailhead, with 2-4 feet of snowcover. Mrwaffles989         
2007-04-09 Open. billmiddlebrook         
2007-03-18 Road is easily passable to the trailhead. A few patches of snow remain, but they are easy to avoid. hook em horns         

In the parking area (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)In the parking area, looking at the area where the trail begins (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)Start of the trail (Added by: billmiddlebrook on 2007-06-21)Missouri Gulch Trailhead Map/Sign (Added by: Fleischco on 2007-08-17)

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