Missouri Gulch Trailhead
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Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Belford, Mt. Oxford, Missouri Mountain
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From Leadville: Drive 20 miles south on U.S. 24 and turn right on the Chaffee County 390 road. From Buena Vista: Drive 14.5 miles north on U.S. 24 and turn left on the Chaffee County 390 road. On the 390 road, drive 7.5 miles to a sign for the Missouri Gulch trailhead. Turn left and drive down into the large parking area. There are restrooms here.
Winter Access:  Closed near 9,200 feet - almost 4 miles below the TH.
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2013-09-08 Drove in a rented Rav 4 with absolutely no issue. A few spots to slow down for potholes, but mainly just washboard dirt road. masonpips         
2013-08-11 Chaffe County Road 390 is passable but nothing but a large washboard with some minor potholes. That said, we made it to Missouri Gulch trailhead in a low clearance Honda Civic with no problems, just a bit slower than usual. DaveWruck         
2013-08-11 Washboards all the way and plenty of potholes, but went well past the trailhead in a VW GTI with no issues. colorajo         
2013-08-07 The road is passable by nearly all 2WD vehicles. The only caveat is that the washboarding is enough to jiggle your car apart and loosen your fillings. I wanted to point out one item. The sign for the Missouri Gulch trailhead is in the trees (on the left) and runs parallel to the road (photo 1 and 2). It is also not reflective. If it‘s pitch dark, it‘s easy to miss even if you know roughly where the trailhead is. Measure exactly 7.5 miles from the start of the road. It‘s on the left about 20ft before the reflective ‘Vicksburg Museum Parking‘ sign that is on the right (photo 3). zsmith  3       
2013-06-14 Bone dry all the way to the trail head. Belford/Oxford virtually snow free. ZenZin         
2013-04-27 The road to the trailhead was completely dry and passable by any vehicle. There are a few potholes that are decent in size, but if you drive carefully, you can get around them. The parking area is also in good shape and as long as you aren‘t afraid of a little mud in the afternoon when the snow is melting, you will be fine. michaelgrundy         
2013-02-16 Missouri Gulch is accessible to 4WD vehicles. I made it today with my stock Jeep. About half of Rd. 390 (4 miles) is clear and the second half is snow covered. 2WD vehicles could probably make it to 1-2 miles below Missouri Gulch trailhead, and there is parking along the side of the road. jmark         
2013-01-26 Road WAS snowpacked all the way to the Missouri Gulch TH. A 2wd vehicle can make it with astute driving. It‘s been seeing a lot of visitors. The uphill section was icy and posed some minor problems. I needed to accelerate to make it up it. Snow on the ground at the TH is light & dry. Kiefer         
2013-01-05 Drove past Missouri Gulch TH on the way to Huron. The last few miles of the road is tracked and snowpacked. 4WD vehicles can make it. We did see a Subaru Outback at the TH. USAKeller         
2012-12-21 Was able to get all the way to the TH in a stock Wrangler without any problems. I followed a tire trench made by someone looking for a Christmas tree. In the morning there was snow on all 7.5 miles of 390. On the way out, the snow on the first 3.5 miles had pretty much melted. There is no track past the Missouri Gulch TH on 390 and the snow was about 4 or 5 inches deep. I would think a confident driver of a 4wd vehicle with chains could get to Winfield, but I would be too worried about getting stuck. Dad Mike         
2012-12-01 No worries.....no damn snow anywhere! Easy ride to TH. oldschool         
2012-11-02 Summer conditions to the TH, with the normal potholes and washboard. dehrlich101         
2012-10-28 Road is still in summer condition, no snow at all. The campsites along the road are also completely dry. Chicago Transplant         
2012-09-16 Not very packed TH parking lot. Road is fine in a 2WD, but there are potholes to be avoided, and some sections that are quite washboarded. ezabielski         
2012-09-08 Drove my Honda Accord out here last weekend. Would consider this a "rough 2WD" road. It‘s doable in a passenger car, but was taken slow over all the washboards and potholes. zolpatrol         
2012-05-05 Road completely clear of snow and driveable, just a typical dirt road. No high clearance or 4wd needed. MissH         
2012-04-07 Road open, dry to trailhead BillMiddlebrook         
2012-03-17 Drove all the way to the trailhead. Small amounts of snow on the road in a few spots. 4wd helpful due to snow/mud but 2wd will probably make it. oldschool         
2012-02-11 Road gets snow-covered and slick 4 miles from TH. We made it in our Mountaineer just before pair of hairpin turns about 2/3 mile before TH, but had to dig out three times to get there. Truck with chains only made it 1/2 mile before where we did. fallatj         
2012-02-11 Drove to a pull-out about 2.6 miles past the ranch turn-off in my Xterra, about 1.3 miles shy of the Missouri Gulch TH at Vicksburg. 4x4 definitely required past the ranch turn-off. One other SUV made it 0.7 miles further to the first switchback. There were no recent tracks past that point, but the road was still easy for walking on the old tire/snowmobile tracks. Kirk Mallory         
2012-01-29 We made it just fine to the TH in my Xterra. Most of the road it snowpacked with sled and tire tracks. The TH itself has very little tire tracks - anything but a 4WD would be questionable to make it. USAKeller         
2012-01-04 We made it all the way to TH on 390 with 2 4WDs and Front Wheel Drive Hyundai Sedan. Driver of the Sedan said there were a couple hills where you needed to make sure to have enough speed due to washboards and ice. TH parking is mostly packed snow so no problems there either. alpinenut         
2011-12-27 I drove my front wheel drive Honda Civic to the trailhead with no issue. The road was snow packed, but it very passable for my little passenger car. Freeze         
2011-12-21 I thought for sure by now and with the recent storms I wouldn‘t get much further than the Clear Creek Ranch. The road was absolutely fine though. Made it to the trailhead without problems in an AWD Volkswagon Passat. We were the only car there all day that I saw. I have no idea if the 390 gets worse down the road. The road is snow covered the entire way but was packed down enough to not cause any real problems. Artvandalay         
2011-12-17 Drove to trailhead in a honda frontwheel drive mini-van with no problems. Two cars were in the lot and tracks heading out on the trail. markforseth26         

In the parking area (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)In the parking area, looking at the area where the trail begins (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)Start of the trail (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-06-21)Missouri Gulch Trailhead Map/Sign (Added by: Fleischco on 2007-08-17)

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