Angel of Shavano Trailhead
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Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Shavano, Tabeguache Peak
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD to the TH.
Winter Access:  Unknown
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2015-05-04 Was able to safely drive 1.2 miles past the campground. Probably could have gone a bit further, but did not bring enough gear to feel good about continuing alone and without provisions or water. Plus, it was late in the day. That said, a high clearance 4WD vehicle can make it early in the day, I was there late in the day and the snow you had to go through was getting real soft. Driver beware. zombiewolf         
2015-04-26 About 6" of wet, heavy snow fell at the TH Sunday afternoon. Was able to drive all the way to TH in standard 4WD pickup. Snow line was near the FS 250 and FS 252 fork, below that was rain. Snow continued Sunday night/Monday morning. mbourget    3      
2015-04-02 Went up today to see how far I could get after yesterday‘s successful attempt at the Blank Cabin TH. I made it a half a mile past the AOS CG and TH before the snow was too much to continue. I had to back down the road about a tenth of a mile or so, as there was no room to do a turn. Still a 3 mile hike to the other TH up the back side of Tab. Sorry, no photos today. zombiewolf         
2015-03-23 Road is clear all the way to the TH. There are a few places you can pull off the road if you want to car camp. The Colorado Trail to the Shav/Tab TH is a mix of snow, dirt, and mud. KTC88         
2015-01-15 Drove up CCR240 yesterday and the road was plowed all the way to the Angel of Shavano TH and CG. After that the road has no maintenance and is snow covered. I saw where others tried to drive up it and got stuck, as the quality of snow under the crust is very "sugary". I tried to go but was thwarted back (stuck) after about a 100 yards. Easy to escape though with a little snow removal from the tires. There is no parking at the CG and the TH was not plowed, so park on/off the road. My advice if you want to access the West Ridge Route of Tab/Shav, time to walk or ski. According to the route description on 14ers, it is 3.8 miles to the old SW TH, which is the west ridge route as well. Climb-on!! Z-Man zombiewolf  2       
2014-04-11 No snow on road to the TH. Campground gate is open, but parking lot has snow. Any vehicle can make it to the TH. Watch for wildlife on the road. (Note, do not confuse this TH with the standard summer TH called "Shavano") jeffth5         
2013-11-30 Road plowed to just beyond trailhead. Trailhead parking lot is not plowed. Parked along road. bergsteigen         
2012-12-21 FS road pretty much closed at the campground (snow bank). Snow is 4-12" from campground to Jennings Creek. Yikes    1      
2012-03-23 The road to the Trailhead is open and accessible to any type of vehicle. The Colorado Trail has some snow/ice on it. Micro Spikes would be helpful, we didn‘t go up far enough to see if there was deep snow higher up. dehrlich101         
2011-01-22 Trailhead is open.The Colorado trail now has a trench all the way to the Mt Shavano trail. Joe W         
2010-04-12 Blank Gulch still closed. Angel is pretty much done for skiing. san juan johnny         
2010-04-11 Road is dry to campground. mountainmicah83         
2009-11-30 Parking lot clear of snow. Trail a bit icy on Colorado Trail. Area has some snow spots. BuckytheGREAT         
2008-05-27 The Blank Gulch access road is open to the TH. There was a wooden barrier across part of the road at an intersection; I think it‘s there because the road is one lane after that for a short bit due to a drift, but that drift is melting fast. jwproulx         
2008-05-11 The Angel of Shavano CG trailhead(CT) is 90% snow free and only requires boots/shoes. The Blank Gulch TH may be drivable as there is minimal snow below 10K in the region(Note: we did not drive this, so drifts may exist, simply hypothesizing). thebeave7         
2008-04-20 Free and clear. Drove in with a passenger vehicle. Bixley         
2007-05-26 Free and clear! 5-26-07 ktiffany         
2006-04-24 All clear as of April 22, 2006. No snow, road in good shape. Colorado Trail clearly marked in both directions. chris1217         

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