Mt. Massive Trailhead
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Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Massive
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From U.S. 24 just south of Leadville, turn onto Colorado 300 and cross the railroad tracks. Drive 0.7 mile and turn left onto County Road 11 toward the Halfmoon Creek. After another 1.2 miles, turn right on the dirt road to Halfmoon Creek. Drive on the good dirt road (except for the usual washboard and potholes) for 5.3 miles to the Mt. Massive parking area on the right.
Winter Access:  Usually closed just a short distance up from where the road changes to dirt - approx. 5.3 miles below the TH.
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2015-11-08 Halfmoon road is snow-covered but driveable all the way to the trailhead (and beyond, judging from tracks). Had no trouble in my minivan, and several passenger cars were at both elbert and massive THs. screeman57         
2015-06-05 Trailhead was dry and accessible by most cars. The road to the trailhead was also dry and accessible by most cars. Lyssah         
2014-07-10 Trailhead completely dry and accessible by 2wd. It is a regularly dirt road so no excitement driving there. There is not a bathroom at Mt. Massive TH but a quarter mile before you get there stop and use the restroom at another camping ground. There are about 20 parking spots at Mt. Massive TH but there is overflow parking nearby. Ramsey Boys         
2014-05-18 The road is accessible to the North Mt. Elbert trailhead. There are a few small snow drifts getting to that point but they have been driven over plenty of times so they are manageable with a 2WD vehicle. You can drive past the North Mt. Elbert trailhead a short bit until you reach a large snow drift about 150 yards before the Mt. Massive trailhead. Evidence shows there have been a few unsuccessful attempts at bashing through this drift. My Tacoma with a 4 inch lift and 34 inch tires was unsuccessful as well. IF you can make it through the drift, the road is dry again to the Mt. Massive trailhead. vailmtnman_26         
2014-01-27 "Typical" winter closure exists on the road now, just past the lower parking lot where the road turns to dirt. A large Road Closed sign in the road can be detoured around, but a huge drift is within .1 mile. Eagle Eye         
2013-11-09 Patches on snow on the dirt road (minimal and packed). The Elbert and Massive trailheads were accessible by 2WD vehicles without difficulty. thePhoenix         
2013-04-28 Drove up Halfmoon Rd ~ 4 miles from the 2wd parking, to the Emerald Lake Picnic Area. This is within about 1.3 miles of the Mt Massive TH. The road still has many sections of deep snow & ruts in drifts. Eagle Eye         
2013-04-20 Early section of the road has been well drifted over, has a hard crust layer & I only drove only a little further than the 2wd parking lot/reflector signs in a high clearance 4wd. I hesitated to pull into the 2wd parking lot, it sits slightly lower than the road and looked to be filled in deep with drifts. Eagle Eye         
2013-04-13 Road is passable, drove to the N. Halfmoon Campground. A well-known section at the start of the road has deep ruts in it, high clearance is necessary. Eagle Eye         
2013-03-30 Road closure is just past the lower parking lot where the Halfmoon Rd turns to dirt. Two large reflector signs block the road, they can be gone around but the road is drifted over & has not been recently traveled. Eagle Eye         
2012-11-21 Washboard road has little to no snow and TH is snow-free. mike_kadow         
2012-11-17 I made it to the Main Massive TH just fine in my front wheel drive Camry. Most of the dirt road is snow-packed, no ice yet. bhess86         
2012-11-08 Not sure what this new storm will do, but on Nov 8, the road was clear and dry. Got 2WD Accord up within a mile of the North Halfmoon Creek TH. craigjhn         
2012-05-22 Totally clear and dry. 2wd accessible w/o any problems. Sugar Madison         
2012-04-07 The parking lot for this TH was dry. We had patches of snow on the road to get here, but nothing too serious for my RAV 4 and it was really melting in the hot afternoon sun on our way out. Deep ruts in the snow from a real SUV made the passage easy for any car with decent clearance. Marmot72         
2012-03-30 I didn‘t get to the trailhead because of the snow. I got to somewhere near the Gaging Station. I never saw the campground. Perhaps the Outback could have made it, but I don‘t have chains, so I didn‘t try. I ended up turning around and parking near a sign that said, "Halfmoon Drainage" and hiking almost due-west to Mt. Massive. (If you‘re hiking up Massive, expect to do a lot of post holing. Willow Creek has running water at 11,000.) RockyMtn22         
2011-02-22 Note this is for the Highline trail approach. Plowed road to the fish hatchery with ample plowed parking. Trail cut along Highline, to the meadow at 11,200, and to the NE ridge on North Massive. Dancesatmoonrise         
2010-08-08 important to note for those of us who haven't been there before it is 2.5 miles between the trailheads at Massive not the .5 reported. as this is a popular area for camping 4 wheel etc.please note the closer you camp to the trailheads the better for your personal sanity! and if you park at the lower TH you will have a long walk! road was in good shape as of 8-1-10 .good folks on the trail that day! over the hill         
2010-05-15 Road is passable and almost completely clear of snow to the trailhead. Kevin8020         
2010-04-28 I was able to get a 4WD to the Emerald Lake Picnic area. This is about 1 mile from Massive TH, and 3 miles from N. Halfmoon Creek. Patchy snow before and after, and it‘s solid snow from a mile before the 110J intersection. Probably be clear after a week‘s worth of hot days. A Toyota Mini-Van made it a mile behind me. seekanddestroy99         
2009-12-05 Passable in high clearance 2WD on Saturday 12/5/09. sunday brought snow, so things may have changed. sgladbach         
2009-06-06 Road to the trailhead is completely clear and passable by any vehicle. ksegasser         
2009-03-23 on 21 March you could only get about one mile after turning right off county road 11. Better have a snowmobile or a long slog. CSguy         
2008-11-30 No problem to the Massive TH. w/ Front Wheel drive passenger car. 1/2"-1 1/2" packed snow, no ice. note there has been a *lot* of snow since I was there (11/2 so conditions maybe significantly different now. akiggins         
2008-11-21 Lots of packed snow/ice which requires careful cornering, but other than that, most vehicles should be able to make it all the way to the TH. J2TheZ         

Entrance to the trailhead – turn right (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-30)Trailhead parking area and start of the Colorado/Massive trails (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-30)

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