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Silver Crk/Grizzly Gulch Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  San Juan Mountains
14ers Served:  Redcloud Peak, Sunshine Peak, Handies Peak
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH. In spring and early summer, portions of the road may be a bit rough and require Easy 4WD.
Directions:  From Lake City, drive about 2 miles south on Colorado 149 and turn right on County Road 30 toward Lake San Cristobal and Cinnamon Pass. From the start of the 30 road, itís nearly 16 miles to the trailhead. Stay right near 11.8 miles. After 12.5 miles the road becomes more rough, and between 13 and 14.5 miles itís a shelf road that hugs the south side of Sunshine Peak. Before 16 miles, reach the trailhead in an open area. Parts of this road are rough, but when itís dry good-clearance 2WD vehicles should be able to get to the trailhead.
Winter Access:  Usually closed about 6 miles below the TH.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2015-05-17 Roads are good, snowy trails! WillRobnett  2       
2015-05-07 Opened today! Road is good to SC/GG and a couple miles beyond. SJ Ron  San Juan Ron    6      
2015-04-30 Gate still locked! Ron San Juan Ron    4 2    
2014-11-01 Made it to TH in Civic. Snow was starting to fall as we headed home. spiderman         
2014-10-17 Road was completely dry all the way to TH. Two patches of a little mud but no ice or snow. There was one area where there was a sort of deep rut, but I did see a 2WD passenger type car at the TH. I talked to the guys and they said they just had to navigate that a little more carefully. StarGirl         
2014-08-03 Took a Chevy Cruze (a FWD, 2-door coupe) to the TH. We drove cautiously, picking our path carefully, and never bottomed out, but there were a couple of sketchy places. There were other sedans/coupes at the TH as well, such as a Toyota Solara. Only the last three miles of the road is rough; the first 10 miles is very smooth. Sinsear         
2014-07-05 Clear all the way to trailhead. Easy for high clearance vehicles and saw a BMW 5 series make it so it looks like low clearance vehicles are making it also. Keep your eyes peeled near the top. We saw a moose cow and calf and a herd of mountain goats. Pretty awesome sight! jakewilt         
2014-07-04 No trouble in a Buick LaCrosse - take it slow(ish) and you won‘t scrape your car‘s nose in the dips. colorajo         
2014-06-19 In addition to porkys & moose, a bear went knocking on a vehicle last night, so be bear aware! SJ Ron  San Juan Ron    6      
2014-05-21 Road is good to SC/GG TH. San Juan Ron    1      
2014-05-12 Gate was open yesterday, but 6" of fresh snow at 3pm meant my Ford Focus could not make it this time. It was snowing heavily so I would expect even more snow on the road before it melts out. M1keey         
2014-05-08 road is open and dry all the way to the trailhead at 10,400 feet vailmtnman_26         
2014-04-26 Gate closed and locked at the Cataract Gulch turnoff. hbbucy    4      
2014-03-15 Gate closed, difficult postholing all the way. Easy enough when crust was frozen in the morning but the unexpected punching thru was unpleasant. In the afternoon it was miserable. Bring skis or snow shoes. jmeizis    1      
2013-11-06 Gate is still open. Road conditions are icy and snow packed in spots. Maybe 4-8" depending area. Some rocks on the road, but road is passable. Heavier snow (12"+) within 1 mile of American Basin and Cinnamon Pass is closed for the season. SJ Ron  San Juan Ron         
2013-10-06 Road was rough, to be expected, but made it without too much trouble, albeit pretty slow, in my Cadillac. Recent snow didn‘t seem to affect road condition much. MrJohnnySpot         
2013-10-06 No snow on the rough parts of the road, made it just fine in my ancient AWD Outback huevicus         
2013-09-10 Road to TH was in good condition despite all the recent rain. Some deeper mud puddles, but made it with no problems in a Toyota Highlander. mollykay         
2013-07-11 Saw several 2wd cars at the trail head, including a Honda Civic. Road is in good shape and the wildflowers are really blooming on the hike up to Redcloud. My-Therapy         
2013-07-04 The road to the Silver Creek / Grizzly Gulch trailhead is in excellent condition. The shelf road bit is a little scary. You can get a low clearance 2wd like a Honda Fit to within 2.3 miles of the trailhead. mspalding  1       
2013-07-01 Made it in a low clearance Mazda 3. ItĎs pretty rough, about as rough as the mazda could take, but if you take it slow you can probably make it in just about any passenger car. midwestcoast         
2013-06-22 Drove to the TH with a Ford Focus. Last mile or two had to go slow but fine overall. First 12-13 miles in excellent shape. Watch out for Porcupines, they were chewing on several cars. hollamby         
2013-05-02 Open as of 5PM today. SJ Ron San Juan Ron         
2013-04-30 The gate was opened this morning, however, they are now clearing the road and it won‘t be officially opened "for a couple weeks". SJ Ron San Juan Ron         
2013-04-25 The gate is still up but the road is in fair to ood condition (there are a few rocks that I had to move off the road). FYI, if you are planning on doing Handies via Grizzly Gulch, the Lake Fork River is out of its channel and would be VERY difficult to traverse. The bridge is of no help until the river goes back to its normal channel. San Juan Ron  2  1      

On the main road (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-13)Looking into the parking area and the start of the Silver Creek trail (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-13)

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