Iowa Gulch Trailhead
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Location:  Mosquito Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Sherman
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  Take US 24 through downtown Leadville to the southern end of town. Turn east onto Monroe Street and drive 0.2 miles. Turn right (south) on Lake County 2 (Toledo St). Follow CR 2 (paved) for approximately 3.8 miles to a fork in the road. Turn left on a 2WD dirt road and continue 3.0 miles up into Iowa Gulch to the trailhead. A total of 7 miles from US 24 in Leadville. The trailhead is unmarked - park along the road. If you’re hiking Mts Sherman or Sheridan, locate the trail (below the edge of the road) as it heads toward the creek under the power lines.
Winter Access:  Closed at the junction, 3 miles below the TH.
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2015-06-27 Several rockslides in the last half-mile of the road before reaching the trailhead, easily avoidable. dr_j         
2015-06-11 Road is good most of the way. There is a little snow near the end where i parked. Any vehicle with a little clearance or four wheel drive will make it. Mt_DAN         
2015-05-24 The dirt road is clear of snow for about 0.6mi to 11,160‘. The next 0.5-1mi doesn‘t have too much snow on it, is getting a lot of sun, and will probably melt fairly quickly. Above that, still plenty of snow. adrenalated         
2015-02-01 Winter closure is at the fork, ~3 miles down from the summer TH. Road is wind-scoured and packed down, so no floatation devices are likely needed on the road. Higher in the basin the snow is pretty packed and again, wind-scoured, with some pockets of wind-blown powder. SnowAlien         
2014-09-07 From doing Dyer Mountain 9/7/2014. No issues in a Jeep. Rough 2WD, particularly the first few hundred yards, and then where a rockslide covered the road, but no worries for any vehicle. LetsGoMets         
2014-06-15 Road is now open to upper Dyer TH. rescuemonkey         
2014-06-05 Road is open to lower Dyer TH. Shortly above the road remains under large non-negociable snowdrift. lavicats         
2014-04-20 Winter closure in full effect, still a good 2 feet of snow at the bottom of the road, no dry patches until one windblown spot just below Dyer around 11,500. Chicago Transplant         
2013-07-21 Road in great condition. 2WD no problem! Solo         
2013-07-05 We reached the trailhead about 10 am after some slight misdirections. Photo 1 & 2 show a summer shot of the turn off onto Lake County Road 2B that takes you right to the trailhead. Remember, the trailhead isn‘t at the end of the road, but rather about 250 yards back down the road. The trailhead is clear and easy to get to in any car because the road is well maintained. theMickster  3       
2013-06-26 Trailhead clear. Previous snow has melted out enough to get into without any issue. We had my 4runner, but TH was clear for passenger cars. trudginalong         
2013-06-13 Road is clear and dry up to 300ft before the trail head. A large snow drift covers most of the road for the rest of the way. Image 1 is looking up the road towards the trailhead, Image 2 is looking back down the road from the trailhead. thono1701  2  2      
2012-11-03 Drove all the way to the TH in a jeep today. The was some snow and ice but just about any car could have made it. alpinenut         
2012-07-20 Iowa Gulch is free and clear for access by 2WD. Beautiful sunny day all day. My first 14er! Living in Indiana means it may be awhile before the next buy I certainly hope to do more. chance4272         
2012-05-12 Made it to the TH easily with no issues, no snow to contend with to the TH. sunny1    1      
2012-04-21 The Iowa Gulch TH road is almost completely clear of snow up to about 1/2 ml before the TH. A couple of snowy spots along the way but easy to drive through. wincoder         
2012-04-18 A friend and I did Sherman yesterday 4/18/12 from the Iowa Gulch TH. He parked his truck at the lefthand turnoff for the Mt. Sherman Rd. as we planned to continue in my jeep and did not wish to clog up the road by parking his truck further. The road had previously been driven about 1.5 miles up. This stretch was mostly snow covered (few inches), beyond a few hundred yards past the turnoff, but had the ruts from a few previous vehicles. This stretch would be easy for any 4x4 and most AWDs also as the ruts are only few inches deep. After 1.5 miles and passing 2 SUVs who had turned around when ruts ended we broke trail on the road for another mile until the road was partially blocked by a solid snowdrift. This last mile was intermittent snow and drier road with the snowy parts mostly 3-5 inches deep snow with deepest parts maybe about 6 inches. Main concern would be to keep out of ditch on upslope side of road as most vehicles would be stuck if got in there. At the snowdrift point, sliding off the road meant a violent rollover and only about 1.5 feet of road was exposed next to the slope. We stopped here and parked and walked the road rest of way to TH. As something of a disclaimer, my jeep is a rigged out Cherokee: 5 inch lift, 33 in. mud tires, lockers and a winch as plan B and I am an very experienced off road driver. My ruts are nice and fat and a 4x4 should have little problem getting to where I parked but a descent uphill on return trip may be sketchy in mud and snow in the afternoon for many AWDs. darkhelmet1983         
2012-01-19 Today was the first day I couldn‘t make it to the end of the trailhead. I made it about 3/4 mile after the left turn onto the dirt road before I had to turn back. I was in a Toyota 4runner. If you have a small car or even an SUV plan on snowshoeing a few extra miles. HighCountry_Tiger         
2011-12-03 For clarity you can drive to the end of the summer trail head where a ‘car park‘ has been created. Previously the road just sort of terminated. tauma         
2011-12-02 It was still an easy journey all the way to the end of county road 2B in a Chevy Traverse today. A car with 4WD or AWD would also make it. tauma         
2011-08-29 I was up there yesterday and several passenger cars were parked. The road was graded and graveled with no noteworthy problems. WheelerDealer  1       
2011-06-22 The road is passable to about 11,600‘. It is not open to the amphitheater, as there is still snow across it. Either way, this is a short hike. ilium         
2011-06-13 I was able to drive up the road to about 3/4 mile before its end. I parked near the start of the big bend in the road that turns up to the TH. My altimeter read 11,530‘. Hook Em Horns         
2011-06-11 You can make it about 1.5 (of 3) miles from the winter closure. There are some small snow fields to melt that will allow you to get perhaps an additional 3/4 of a mile, and I‘d expect those to melt within a week or so. Beyond that is a big snowdrift that might be there for a while. Nathan Hale         
2011-04-21 Was able to drive within 200m of TH based on GPS coordinates. Only saw 4WD vehicles in the area. Would recommend as there is still some angled snow on the road and as it melts through the day would make it tough to get back down. starke12         

At the trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-05-16)The usual winter closure at the intersection. Sherman is to the right. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-01-17)

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