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Longs Peak Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Longs Peak
Road Type:  Paved Road 0   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD paved to the TH.
Directions:  The trailhead is west of Colorado 7 and can be reached from the north or the south. For the northern approach, drive 9.2 miles south from the intersection of US 36 and CO 7 to the turnoff for the Ranger Station. For the southern approach, drive north 10 miles from the junction of CO 7 and CO 72 on the Peak to Peak Highway to the Ranger Station turnoff. From the turnoff drive west 1 mile to the trailhead. Note: Car-camping is not allowed in the parking area. There is a tent campground nearby and a couple of full campgrounds near Meeker Park.
Winter Access:  Open year-round.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2014-02-09 This is always one of the most accessible trailheads in the winter, but for those of you with 2WD and no snow tires, be careful going up the paved road to the parking lot - it‘s pretty snowy currently, and you can definitely slip around a bit as you negotiate the turns. I saw an SUV in the ditch and some skid marks in the snow, indicating another car that had run into a bank of plowed snow beside the road. Also, the parking area can get a bit cramped at the moment since not all of it has been plowed, restricting the official parking area to the first few spaces. Michael Underwood         
2013-09-27 Longs Peak Road and Trailhead had been reopened. Tyler Phillips         
2013-09-22 Longs Peak TH closed On 9/22/2013 I found a barricade on the road closure leading to the trailhead/parking lot. The sign says: TEMPORARY CLOSURE: DUE TO FLOODING AND STRUCTURAL DAMAGE THIS AREA IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Eagle Eye         
2012-02-29 Road is plowed and dry to ranger station. Parking area is plowed and accessable to any vehicle. richwill  3       
2012-02-09 Longs Peak Road plowed & mostly clean all the way to rangers station. Accessable in any vehicle with decent tires. richwill  3       
2011-04-23 Ranger‘s Station parking lot was dry as were the roads leading to it. mountainmicah83         
2011-03-02 Plowed roads to plowed parking at the ranger station (TH.) We had the place to ourselves; parking was no issue. The trail was hard packed most of the way. We wore snowshoes but the track is firm, with the exception of some of the brush in the 11‘s. The boulderfield is dry. The approach to Cables has considerably more snow than we‘d seen in prior winter trip reports. The first eyebolt is under about four feet of snow. Dancesatmoonrise         
2009-09-26 The trailhead will be dry this time of year. Previous posters have pointed out how quickly the parking lot fills up. If you arrive too late to find a park space--not hard to do--watch the no parking signs. I was on a trip when someone at NPS decided to enforce the no-parking zone and towed the car, so if you arrive too late to park in the lot, pay attention to which side of the road you‘re on. The last thing you want is to be tired and come back and learn you‘re car got towed. Urban Snowshoer         
2009-09-26 Previous posters have pointed out how quickly the parking lot fills up. Be mindful of where you park, as I‘ve been on at least on trip where the car got towed because it was parked in the wrong place--the rules do get enforced. Urban Snowshoer         
2009-09-26 Any recent snow and/or ice affects only higher up areas (12,000+ feet), so the trailhead should still be dry. Urban Snowshoer         
2008-11-23 Zero snow at trailhead. Trail was absolutely dry up to the point that I turned off of the Longs Peak Trail towards the Eugenia Mine (9,450 feet). No snow all the way to the summit of Estes Cone (11,007 feet). Greenhouseguy         
2007-04-21 Went some ways up the Longs Peak trail on Friday. Few bare patches of ground, mostly snow still. Don't need snowshoes, but trekking poles recommended as the snow is slippery in spots. Trail gets a little icy above the bridge. Scanner         
2006-11-25 As the TH is paved not much to report. The trail leading to treeline is hardpacked and ICY. You do not need snowshoes. Above treeline, the trail is snowblown with multiple bare spots again, snowshoes are not necessary. From the Chasm fork to Chasm Lake, snowshoes would be kind of nice to have but there are so many previous footprints, they really won't be necessary. Up to Granite Pass, the trail is pretty much the same. Snow and wind blown with bare patches. Kiefer         
2005-08-28 Unbelievably crowded TH. Paved to the end, but if you're not there by 5 a.m. you'll be parking back down the road a ways. CO Native         

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