Crags Campground Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Pikes Peak
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the trailhead.
Directions:  Take U.S. 24 to Divide. Turn south onto Colorado 67 and drive 4.1 miles. Near a ranch, turn left onto a dirt road and follow it 3.0 miles to the trailhead. As of 2010, this is the new location of the trailhead. The old trailhead (0.3 miles higher) is being phased out and is not recommended unless you are camping at the Crags Campground. If you are, continue 0.1 mile farther up the road, turn left to enter the campground. At the far end of the campground there is access to the trail.
Winter Access:  Usually closed about 1.5 miles up but depends on winter conditions.
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2012-01-15 Same as before - plowed to the Mennonite camp and good ruts the rest of the way to the trailhead. 4 wheel drive will have no problem and front wheel drive with medium ground clearance should make it OK. Jay521         
2012-01-04 Road up to the Mennonite camp is plowed, past that the road has been packed by enough cars to be drivable, but the shoulders and center of the road are still soft and you can see evidence of quite a few cars that have been stuck since the big snowfall. 4WD is advised, but I was able to make it up a to the TH with my Rav4 without any issues. jake miraldi         
2011-12-25 Road is OK up to Mennonite Camp. After that, chains needed. 10 cars stuck today in snow, including some with 4WD/AWD. Park down low and snowshoe up. Risanovo         
2011-12-08 Road to Trailhead is hard packed and slick. Just watch shoulders when pulling over for occassional oncoming - they look innocent but suck vehicles into good&stuck mode. Microspikes came in handy from the Trailhead to Devil‘s playground. Vangrove         
2011-11-20 The road to the Crags TH is drivable on packed snow/ice. We used 4x4 but it may not have been necessary. The trail itself to Devil‘s Playground and to the summit was packed and snowshoes are not needed at this time. We carried micro-spikes but did not need them either. d_baker         
2011-11-07 Trailhead is still driveable with 2wd vehicles that have decent tires and moderate clearance. I drove a 2wd Patriot up there and had no issues at all. Cars with very low clearance will drag bottom. CO Native  1       
2011-10-24 Clear of all snow, but that will change with the coming storm on Tuesday! mrschaible         
2011-09-16 Road is in great shape after the recent rains. No problems in a 2wd car. mrschaible         
2011-07-26 The road to the trailhead is one of the smoothest, best roads to a trailhead I have been on so far. No vehicle should have any trouble getting to parking area. While the parking area is large, I can see it filling up quickly on the weekends. Clean vault toilet facilities are available. huffy13         
2011-07-06 Easy dirt road all the way to the trail head and any car should be able to make it just fine. tmccormack         
2011-05-20 Road and parking lot were damp, but free of all snow. Any car should be fine! Theodore         
2011-04-09 The road was a little icy in the morning, but on the way out it was just a little wet. There was some snow on the road, but your tires will be on dirt 99% of the time. We saw 2wd vehicles at the TH. BobbyFinn         
2011-03-23 Icy! I would definitely recommend 4WD or AWD. Past the Mennonite Camp, there are definitely placed that can get you into trouble. Take a shovel so you can shovel some dirt or gravel under your tires should you not be able to gain traction. tmathews         
2011-02-27 Road is open to passenger cars all the way to the trailhead parking lot. mrschaible         
2011-02-10 The road is plowed just beyond the Menonite Camp, to the lower parking area on the right. From there to the new TH parking, I was able to make it in an AWD SUV. Edit: There‘s about a foot of new snow with this recent storm. Track is now in to the bowl. See Conditions thread. Dancesatmoonrise         
2011-02-03 The new trailhead is probably still accessible by 2wd as of today, although a few inches of snow fell. It get packed down pretty quick with heavy use. Kevin Baker         
2011-01-25 Road is open and driveable by a 2wd Toyota Prius mrschaible         
2011-01-15 Mostly packed snow with some exposed dirt. No problem for AWD/4WD, probably doable in 2WD. Crags trail is also packed, no need for snowshoes. New trailhead is now well signed and has FS restrooms. GeorgeB         
2010-12-26 Crags Road is slight snow pack and down to dirt in places, easily drivable to new trailhead before the campground. I did the trail to Devil‘s Playground at Pikes Peak Highway today. Booted it all the way. Had micro-spikes but never used them. Vangrove         
2010-12-24 Essentially no snow on the road. Traction devices may be helpful, but not required. geosean         
2010-12-22 Still good! Only a little bit of packed snow. Straus         
2010-12-08 Crags road is still clear to the new TH. 2WD might even still get there. Still no need for snowshoes. Just a few icy spots here and there, but Microspikes/Yaktrax would be overkill right now. Kevin Baker         
2010-12-05 Road to TH covered in snow, 4x4 ideal, trail is covered in snow until timberline, rest of trail is fairly clear. Suppose to warm up this week, so road may get better. hillbillyMOUNTAINEER  1       
2010-12-02 Road is snow packed and easily drivable to the (new) parking lot and trailhead, just before The Grags Campground. Slippery, but not enough snow yet to get stuck in the pull-offs. Be cautious - watch out for those who are less experienced at driving up & down a one lane winter road! Vangrove         
2010-11-28 Still able to drive to TH, barely any snow, so snowshoes can be left behind. Brought micro-spikes for the hike up to the summit of Pikes, but did not need them either. d_baker         

The trailhead parking area in 2010 (the fence should be done this summer) (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)The trail starts to the right of the restrooms (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)Start of the trail (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)The trail starts with a stream crossing on a great bridge (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)

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