Crags Campground Trailhead
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Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Pikes Peak
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the trailhead.
Directions:  Take U.S. 24 to Divide. Turn south onto Colorado 67 and drive 4.1 miles. Near a ranch, turn left onto a dirt road and follow it 3.0 miles to the trailhead. As of 2010, this is the new location of the trailhead. The old trailhead (0.3 miles higher) is being phased out and is not recommended unless you are camping at the Crags Campground. If you are, continue 0.1 mile farther up the road, turn left to enter the campground. At the far end of the campground there is access to the trail.
Winter Access:  Usually closed about 1.5 miles up but depends on winter conditions.
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2013-09-21 Went up in a Chevy Tracker looking for fall colors. No major road damage and most of the potholes can be driven around or straddled over. I felt I could have gotten my Prius up the trail. I was able to go all the way up to the turn around past the campgrounds. spartan7mg         
2013-07-27 Road to campground has a few potholes, several washboards, and a few exposed rocks. Was able to get to the TH just fine with a 2WD Nissan Altima with no problems. The road is narrow in some spots, and occasionally barely enough room for two cars passing each other. Take it slow and you should be fine. vwaldoguy         
2013-05-18 Road is clear to the trailhead. tmathews    3 1    
2013-04-21 Fresh snow on the way in, muddy on the way out. No high clearance needed, a 2wd could make it. MissH         
2013-04-06 Road was dry to the Mennonite Camp, some ice/snow on the way to the Crags TH. The tire ruts are shrinking and manageable. Only saw 4WD vehicles at the TH. I imagine a 2 WD car could make it the TH but that will all change with Monday nights forecasted storm. rleclair         
2013-03-20 The road to the trailhead was snow covered after the Mennonite church. It wasn‘t too slick but ruts had been made by the tires that made it hard for low sitting cars to pass. We were in a 4 door sedan and had to pull off before the trailhead to park because another car was stuck and blocking the road ahead. Coming back down from the mountain, we came across another sedan stuck in nearly the same spot and were able to push them out. If you don‘t have 4wd and have a low sitting car, the road may be passable, but be extremely careful. It may be best to just park a little lower and add a couple of miles to your hike. rscanlon         
2013-03-11 Got to the Trailhead just fine in a 4Runner. Saw somebody else drive up in an AWD Audi sedan and somebody else make it in a 2wd old Mazda sedan with studded tires. The road is well plowed and clear up to the Mennonite camp and a little snow packed beyond that. Any vehicle should be able to make it to the camp, but beyond that I wouldnt try it without 4wd. kylerhuss         
2013-03-01 You can still get to the parking area just below the campground. The road is a two track on packed snow. There was a good amount of new snow so you want to stay in the tracks generally. The parking area has a good amount of snow and is pretty chewed up snowwise. There is packed trails going to Pikes Peak and to the Crags. We did the short hike to 10940. The snow on the steeper section towards the top had 15-18"of snow. piper14er    3      
2013-02-10 The road to the trailhead is snowpacked but easily passable as a long as you have decent tires. 2wd cars could make it. More snow coming though so things may change. CO Native         
2013-01-26 Road is still in decent shape. From the Mennonite Retreat area, the road is primarily hardpacked snow all the way to the TH parking. I had my Tacoma in 4WD for that section. All of the vehicles in the Crags parking lot were 4WD or AWD. On my way out, I saw an AWD passenger car and a large truck having some difficulty on one of the steeper grades. Crestoner         
2013-01-16 Road is clear. Made it easily with my Prius. mrschaible         
2012-12-02 There is very little to no moisture on the road and any car can make it all the way to the trailhead. offman         
2012-11-12 the road past the Rocky Mountain Camp is snowpacked all the way to the TH, it‘s minimal, but a 2WD may not get up there, it‘s a little slippery on some of the little more steep parts of the road, we had to get in to 4WD after we had some trouble making a slightly more steep section of the road. boudreaux         
2012-11-02 The road up to the parking lot is mostly dirt, couple small snow/ice patches. Vangrove         
2012-10-20 The road to the trailhead is still completely dry and passable to all cars. George Kaplan         
2012-08-31 About a half mile or so past the ranch on the right is the dirt road where you turn left to get to the trailhead. There will be a small brown sign that indicates where to turn. The road all the way to trailhead was very good. Easy for any vehicle to make it to the parking lot. Adventure Seeker         
2012-04-23 I hiked Pikes Peak yesterday and the road is open all the way to the campground, however, the campground is still closed. Plenty of primitive camping available on the road up and any 2WD vehicle can make it. zombiewolf         
2012-04-04 I haven‘t been there... but that area probably got a foot of snow on Mon/Tues, heavy wet stuff. Pikes Peak was totally white this morning. JQDivide         
2012-03-31 The road was much better today. Several 2-wheel drive cars at the TH, but there are still a few bad spots. Half the snow/ice as last weekend on the road. There are about five camp sites set up along the road in the dispersed camping areas. JQDivide         
2012-03-27 Pretty similar story. Camry drove up there no problems in the morning on hard frozen snow, but it turned to slush by the afternoon and had to let her rip to get out of there. I seemed to have more success if I rolled down the windows and blasted Tom Petty. Your results may vary. Benji the Hunted    2      
2012-03-24 The road to the Craggs TH is iffy at best. Clear to the Menonite Camp, but after that, 4Wheel Drive or AWD is your best bet. Deep tire rutts, frozen solid in the morning--slushy and unstable in the afternoon. Saw one car stuck on the way in. Its one lane, no room to pass, without worry of sliding into a ditch. With that said, there was a Ford Focus at the TH, dont know how they made it. Several peopel parked after the Menonite Tent Camp Ground before it got too bad, then walked that extra distance. But with this warm weather were having in Teller County, that road might be pretty clear by next weekend. Recommend at tow rope and or a shovel, just in case. JQDivide         
2012-03-24 4wd needed. 6 inch snow ruts. Frozen in the morning then turning to wet slush. Stay on the road.From the snow tracks several people had difficulty possibly 2wd. Made it no problem with a Toyota Highlander fepic1         
2012-03-10 Made it to the summer TH with 4WD. It‘s probably not a good idea to attempt it without 4WD. There are really only a couple of places where it‘s safe to pull-off and allow another vehicle to pass and if you slip even a bit off of the road you‘re going to be digging and pushing yourself out. There were several spots where we saw tree branches on the ground where people were using them for traction. Take a shovel just in case. The snow between vehicles‘ tire tracks is a bit deep, so you‘ll probably only want to attempt to get there if your vehicle has a good amount of ground clearance. tmathews         
2012-03-04 Drove up to the new TH in a GMC Accadia AWD. Road was clear (dirt) up to the Mennonite Camp. After the camp it was packed snow/ice with room only for one car. There were a few points where I was scraping the bottom of the truck and had to make sure I stayed in the tracks. Definitely want something with clearance and bigger tires past the pull off. Road past the TH to the campground didn‘t look passable. nevergoshort         
2012-02-26 LOST Avalanche Shovel - yellow metal, BCA brand. Contains probe in handle. Please contact Nate at 719-306-4708 with any information. Was lost between TH and treeline along Devil‘s Playground trail. Thanks! (TH is in fine shape and accessible if you have 4WD - just stay in the tracks.) treefrog2005         

The trailhead parking area in 2010 (the fence should be done this summer) (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)The trail starts to the right of the restrooms (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)Start of the trail (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)The trail starts with a stream crossing on a great bridge (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)

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