Mt. Ouray-Gray's Creek TH questions

Colorado 13er peak questions, condition requests and other info.
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Re: Mt. Ouray-Gray's Creek TH questions

Postby DanR » Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:28 am

I did Ouray from Gray's Creek at the beginning of June. While there were a good number of trees down on the trail (maybe about 20?), the deadfall was not nearly as bad as on the Shavano trail or the Lake Park trail in the LCW and the trail was generally pretty easy to follow.
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Re: Mt. Ouray-Gray's Creek TH questions

Postby carnegie » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:52 pm

One thing to be aware of: around a half hour in, the trail takes a sharp right over the creek. It's not obvious as the trail falsely keeps leading you straight forward, but soon dies out.
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Re: Mt. Ouray-Gray's Creek TH questions

Postby boudreaux » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:37 am

I think the first 40 minutes to an hour in are the crux of the route, depending on how fast you walk. Yeah about 20 spruce trees have fallen over and a couple you can walk under. A short detour does cross over to the south side of the creek, but it's only for maybe 50 to 75 yards. As you near 40 min/hour in, you will notice you are moving away from the creek, keep following the trail for another couple minutes and you will see the start of the gorge on the left, it will be dry, after that the rest is straight forward.

I actually got a little off trail about 20 minutes in and walked on the south side of the creek for another 20 minutes 40 feet above the creek and gradually contoured back into the north side. I thought it was much easier up there as there was much less deadfall to contend with. But on the way back, I had no trouble seeing the trail even though a terrific hail storm pounded the entire Grays Creek drainage.

If you decide to do the east ridge, you will eventually connect with a well built, but little used trail to the top.
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