In Memoriam - TalusMonkey, you will be missed

Please, no analysis or debate in this sub-forum. This is for memorial threads only.
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In Memoriam - TalusMonkey, you will be missed

Postby denalibound » Mon May 07, 2007 9:28 pm

I just wanted to start a thread where people could share favorite stories, memories, quotes, pictures, posts and/or anything else you have and want to share in memoriam to TalusMonkey.

Perhaps Bill can take the contents and create a more permanent site in the near future.


TalusMonkey, may you rest in peace on a bed of whipped cream from a can!
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Postby pvnisher » Mon May 07, 2007 9:31 pm

I never met David, but whenever I was out I'd always take a look to see if it was him.
This forum has been a great help to me in a lot of ways and David's posts were a big part of that.
I'm very sad to hear all of this. I never expected it would happen. Live life to the fullest.
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Postby AzScott » Mon May 07, 2007 9:35 pm

Figured it'd be more appropriate here:

If you ever hiked or spent time with David Worthington, you know the feeling. The guy was pure life: he had the unique ability to walk into a room and make it light up. It was amazing how quickly it took to become friends with him and trust him, as many of us have realized over the past year. David made the world that much better to live in, and we've all lost a tremendous member of our 14er family today.

Personally, I've lost one of my best friends and that void will never go away. David never forgot about you and there was at least an email a week from him...especially, as some of you have found out, when he thought you were committed to one of his trips Very Happy

We've all got our favorite memories and stories about David and these will come out in the coming days, but I'd like to start....

Every time I get road rage, I'll think of David
Every time I see a 40 of malt liquor, I'll think of David
Every time I hear Beavis and Butthead, I'll think of David
Every time I look at my 10-second camera timer and making everyone tilt their heads toward the sun, I'll think of David
And every time from this day forth, when I'm in the mountains, I'll think of David.

David, I'll see you soon up on some high mountaintop. We'll miss you,

Scott and Tanya
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Postby KirkT » Mon May 07, 2007 9:39 pm

Udder shock I have been following this story from the very beginning. My wife even has been following the story and called me at work today to update me. It's hard to find the right words to express the loss we all are feeling right now. What makes it harder even is that many of us have never met the man, but we feel a special connection with him through this great site that has been created for all of us to share in the passion that we all share.

We all feel extremely bad for Caroline and all of David's family. Our prayers go out to all of you. I think we have made that abundantly clear. But I think his life should be celebrated!! He loved the mountains to the end. He died doing what he loved most, and most of all he did it right to the end with one of his closest friends. We should not just mourn his passing but celebrate his life. He was a truly inspirational person with a great passion for hiking. It was obvious from his reports and posts and from the personal comments made by the many who have enjoyed his company. I wish I was one of them.

To this I look up to the heavens in celebration of your life and accomplishments. You will be missed.


This was his interview from 14erworld on his accomplishment of completeing all the 14ers. ... ington.htm
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Postby jaymz » Mon May 07, 2007 9:40 pm

Like I said in the other post, I never met him, but he was my favorite member who always made me laugh, as well as offered tremendous insight into climbing. His achievement of climbing all the 14ers in such a short time is something that encourages me. Sometimes I would think that this summer when I start climbing 14ers, I would run into some of you on the forum. TalusMonkey always popped into my head, and I always thought it would be cool to run into him on the trails, or even to plan a climb with him. I am so sad that I will never experience that. I still can't believe this has happened.
As far as memories go, I am obviously limited to his posts. One that sticks out in my mind is the "testing" he did with putting two sleeping bags together. I think that was the post that really made me fall in love with this forum. It was awesome how he turned a joke into an ongoing post, and how the 14ers community played along. TM was always good for that. He never got involved with the heated debates (as far as I remember), but was just simply a wonderfully fun presence on this forum. I really appreciated that about him. I can't believe how hard I'm taking this. I feel like I've lost a friend.
TalusMonkey, though you are no longer of this world, you still rock this world. Rest in Peace, brother.

USAKeller and the rest of his friends and family: May the God of peace give you comfort and hope during this time.
Revelation 21:1-4
"Let the rivers clap their hands, let the mountains sing together for joy." - Psalm 98:8
"Nature is a choir..." - Timothy Keller
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Postby rijaca » Mon May 07, 2007 9:52 pm

Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting David in person, we exchanged personal messages regarding climbing plans, ironically including Humboldt Peak. I am sorry to have missed the opportunity to have climbed with him. His enthusiasm and humor will be missed.

Sir Edmund Hillary said:
It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

David, Hail conquerer! Rest in Peace!

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Postby wasclywabbit » Mon May 07, 2007 10:12 pm

My first exposure to David was his trip report for Elbert, decked out in the purple pimp suite. My thoughts then.....WHO is this guy?

As I read his trip reports, his humor flowing freely and his passion for the mountains so incredibly evident I thought....... Who is this guy?

As the year went on I looked forward to his trip reports every week and thought.....I need to meet this guy.

Then today I can only think one thing.....I'm going to miss this guy.
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Postby roozers42 » Mon May 07, 2007 11:14 pm

I want to share some of my favorite photos of David from our hikes. I think they capture the essense of him.

Scott - through my tears your message made me smile. From now on, I will do my best to take off my sunglasses and tilt my head up toward the sun while taking 14er photos. Even if it means getting run over by a train. :)

David, Dave, and Scott preparing for the hike into Chicago Basin

David and myself on the NW ridge of Mt. Lindsey

David "does the dew" on Redcloud

David and Scott chilling at camp (notice the nail buffer)

David on Mt. Massive

I'll miss you, David.
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Postby CODave » Mon May 07, 2007 11:23 pm

This is probably one of my favorite memories of David... of course there so many. David, I'll always remember the great times we had.
I'll miss you buddy.

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Postby Bodacious » Tue May 08, 2007 12:20 am

Hello all. Aside from today, I have no personal memories of David. But today's memory will last for the rest of my life. I didn't know until I reached the truck an hour after we got him on the helicopter that "Dave" was our beloved TalusMonkey.

Physically and emotionally drained, I came off the mountain to find multiple text messages describing the day's events on 14ers. I had held it together... until I finally realized why the face staring back at me today seemed so familiar. I admit, I broke down.

I just want everyone to know that we did our best up there. We did not give up. I'm so sorry it didn't turn out differently. There were such hopeful moments.

We have lost a wonderful, kindred spirit.
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"To travel, to experience and learn: that is to live."
- Tenzing Norgay
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Postby COmedic04 » Tue May 08, 2007 1:33 am is with a stunned and heavy heart I write this post. While I feel somewhat redundant to be yet another person to say "I never met him, but felt he was a friend"...this is exactly how I feel. In the short time I've been active on this site as well as climbing, I've talked to him on a few occasions and was thrilled and humbled to have his advice, his humor and his friendship. Having been involved in a few other mountain rescues/recoveries...I understand the strain SAR members and friends are going through, and yet this instance shakes me up even more than the ones I experienced face to face. David was truly a great mountaineer, one of Colorado's finest. You will be greatly missed...

..."for they have slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God."
Paramedic: Drive safe, or I'll see you naked!!

"The mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion."
- Anatoly Boukreev
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Postby gsliva » Tue May 08, 2007 5:14 am


Ok, I just wondered if you worked for MMS. I work at the MMS office in Denver. But we have an office in Houston too, and our agency employs quite a few petroleum engineers.

I see you got me mixed up with Bill Middlebrook, the administrator of But I saw your subsequent message. No problem - it definitely WAS a compliment! This site ROCKS - there is a tremendous amount of knowledge and some good climbing friends here.

I think those guys on Hood are toast!

Thanks for the compliments on my profile peak list. Now I am concentrating on western U.S. highpoints. Next summer two friends and I are doing Kings Peak, UT, Rainier, WA and Hood, OR. I hope to also get around to doing Borah Peak, ID and Granite Peak, MT in August, but we will see. Other than that, I have a few more interesting Colorado peaks to do this winter and next summer.

Nice to meet you!

This response to my email shows the kind of Man David was!

I'm sorry and my prayers are with USAKELLER and David's Family.

Glenn Sliva

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