Sliding down Andrew's Glacier

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Re: Sliding down Andrew's Glacier

Postby Kruck » Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:37 pm


All it takes is one icy patch and you're out of control.

I disagree with this also somewhat. I like my axe and use it as a general mountain tool. So I usually have it when I glissade. However, that being said, I don't always use it, even when I have it. Given pitch and snow conditions, you don't need one, like the guy two posts above who lives somewhere near 1,400 feet has experienced.

The best advice, i think, that can be given here, is go buy a BD Raven that fits your size, go have fun on Andrews, glissade it in the late morning or afternoon when the snow is soft, and get the feel of it. Take a look at the diagrams in Freedom of the Hills and be prepared to do that. Watch the videos above. Better than that, see if somebody here or elsewhere wants to go with and can show you. Ice axe work is pretty specific but it's pretty simple, too. Kind of a pass-fail thing. :wink:

Andrews is a fine place to glissade outside of fall, when it can develop crevasses in dry weather.
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Re: Sliding down Andrew's Glacier

Postby ChrisRoberts » Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:40 pm

At this time of year, the upper 1/3rd is usually pretty gradual, the middle 1/3rd is pretty steep and the lower 1/3rd is a little less steep. If you're talking about sliding down on your jacket, yeah bring an axe, if you're just going to boot ski down it just pick and choose your places. I once tried going down Andrews on an inflatable pad, you just dont get going as fast as you'd think.

Try to stay away from the Otis (North) side of the glacier, its a lot steeper and more dangerous than the Taylor (South) side.

BTW, I've gone down 3 times:
And up twice:

July seems to be a good month to play around the glacier. If you dont like the sound of it, yeah bring an ice axe, no one will point and laugh at you for being prepared. Its not always necessary though.
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Re: Sliding down Andrew's Glacier

Postby NYRyan » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:48 pm

tinman wrote:I ran / glisaded down a 45 degree pitch off of Wheeler Peak in GBNP last weekend. It was the first time I had done anything like that and it was a blast. All I had was my hiking sticks and I was planning to use one as an axe but never needed to. Do folks carry shovels up to use coming down? My butt got kinda cold (numb actually).

How was running down that 45 degree snow slope?
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Re: Sliding down Andrew's Glacier

Postby Mooms » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:47 am

We did the hike and slide yesterday. It was one of the funnest hikes I have ever done. We summited Flattop, Hallett, and Otis then we came around and slid down Andrew's. We got a really good look at Andrew's from Otis so we slid down a little closer to Taylor than Otis and it was a perfect slide. We didn't bring axes but we had our hiking sticks and that was more than enough. Snow was soft and we really didn't go to fast. Had to walk the last 100 yards or so even. The tricky part was coming down around the lower section and staying clear of all the drop offs with water flowing under the snow. All and all it was really fun!! Thanks for the advice and maybe I will see some of you out on a mountain someday!!

Thanks, MOOMS

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