Princeton Hike

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Princeton Hike

Postby nrubey » Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:51 pm

We're planning on hiking to the chalet Saturday and summitting on Sunday. I read a trip report from last month that said they used the last of the firewood that was inside. I remember there being a sign on the door saying that there is more firewood under the deck. Can anyone verify this? Supposed to be very cold this weekend so don't want to have no firewood up there.
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Re: Princeton Hike

Postby Exiled Michigander » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:09 pm

Spent the night there last Friday. There were only three small pieces of wood left inside, which I used (sorry!). The sign about firewood under the deck is still there, but from what I can tell it would take you a ton of effort to dig the snow out to get to it . . . and once you did no guarantee that there is still firewoood there. I brought along two Duraflame logs with me, which kept me warm through the night despite being a pain to haul up there (around 16 extra pounds). I would recommend doing that if you can just to be safe--kind of lame, but at least you can generate some heat.

From the chalet up to Tigger and Princeton you can probably stay on dry rock the whole way without too much difficulty. I didn't even put on my microspikes. BUT you will need an ice axe and will have to kick steps to get over to the chalet from the normal Princeton turnoff. Use extreme caution from the turnoff until just below Tigger--definitely avvy terrority. Snow seemed in great shape for me last week, but there is always a risk of a weak underlayer giving way. PM me and I can shoot some pics your way.

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