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Re: Awesome looking mountain

Postby chrismjx » Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:19 pm

Scott P wrote:
Is this in Asia?

No, this Pico Cão Grande in São Tomé and Principe, which is an island nation just off the coast of Gabon, Africa.

$10 says it's sacred to the locals and no one is allowed to climb it.

I'll take that bet, but you owe me $10. :wink:

It's a difficult climb though, too hard for me, tough the surrounding mountains are also very nice looking. It was first climbed in 1975 (I think) and has seen few ascents.

Wow, what an exotic location! I googled the country after seeing your post, and as someone who considers himself pretty sharp on geography, this is an entire COUNTRY that I don't recall being aware of! What were you doing there? Is it an easy place to travel? Safe?

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