Winter in the Karokoram

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Re: Winter in the Karokoram

Postby mountaingoat-G » Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:11 am

eagrnnr wrote:
letourneau41 wrote:
mountaingoat-G wrote:Climbing a peak doesn't equate to "conquering" it ...

just sayin'

con·quer - Successfully overcome.

Here is the definition of conquer. To successfully overcome. I'd say if you stood on K2 in the middle of winter and being the first person to do so, I'd say that would qualify as successfully overcoming the mountain. If that doesn't qualify please let me know how you would successfully overcome it.

I think he's meaning that "conquer" has certain vibes, like you've beaten the mountain into submission. The vast number of reports I've read on K2 is that in the summer it nearly beats its climbers into submission, and then allows them to linger on its summit for a few minutes. Hardly conquering.

yeah, very well put. No offence intended, but the term also implies an adversarial relationship between man & nature which doesn't sit well with probably most of us who love it. The term seems like a hold over from the old manifest destiny era....

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