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Re: climbing expeditons

Postby nyker » Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:53 pm

There seems to be a big price difference between (1) and (2) Zara. Given that they are both locally run companies, does anyone know why there is such a difference and whay Nomadic is so much more?

Looks like the base price in Zara is a couple days shorter and one less day on the mountian which would account for a few hundred...
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Re: climbing expeditons

Postby EVEREST DREAMS » Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:22 am

nyker, I cant say anything about Zara but Sene is who I went with last Sept. Check out this link I was watching the other guides and we had the best food and shelters. They also carry our own bathrooms, oxygen and a hyperbaric chamber for safety. You are treated to private accomidations on thier farm to stay not in Moshi. It is above 6,000 feet at the boundarys of the park and your are treated to all meals from food grown out side your door. Private rooms and indoor plumbing. And top notch guiding. They give you a tour of the farm and villiage and educate people about the Chagga people who live there. As I have said before a number of time on the site. You will have the best time you can with this company. It is family run and they want you to come back and bring or refer others. You will be taken care of very well on the mountain as well. I can't say enough!

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