Granite Peak, Montana vs. 14ers

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Re: Granite Peak, Montana vs. 14ers

Postby Apex » Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:08 am

Quadsonfire wrote:Oh, and do u think there would be a way to up climb standard route, then down SW col, and return to FTD plateau?

Doesn't sound like you are considering the SW Coulior route, but if you do go that way the latest information says the SW coulior has melted out. As far going up the standard north approach with a descent down the SW coulior and returning to FTDP...I haven't done it but a quick swag at topo suggest it would be possible.

From Sky Top basin head over the saddle due south of Granite and into Lowary Lake Basin
Work your way north from there back to the saddle between Granite and Tempest

I'm sure someones done that before. Safe travels and have fun!

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