Rainier Area question

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Re: Rainier Area question

Postby nyker » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:05 pm

FYI, the hike up Camp Muir was a very nice hike! I did it last week to acclimatize for the summit climb on the weekend and then again on the climb itself. It makes a great training hike, if the weather is good.

Yes, there is a lot of snow up there this year. when I did it he first time, it was cooler and in the early morning, it was a toss up as to whether crampons were helpful (I didn't use them, but had them in my pack just in case). Later in the week, the snow was soft enough and the boottrack sufficient to not warrant crampons or an axe on this even with the new snow that fell before I got there.

As lazy climber mentioned, cracks can develop later in the season here so for those heading up, be careful and don't veer off too much in either direction to the left or right also. Some awesome views on that snowfield. I also learned of a few folks (dayhikers) that went missing earlier this year after a whiteout came in and new snow fell, so be careful if you're heading up in questionable weather.

Also, bring sunblock and some head protection as the sun is intense.

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