Moving to Colorado after college

FAQ and threads for those just starting to hike the Colorado 14ers.
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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby hollamby » Sat Feb 19, 2011 3:50 pm

jaypeak88 wrote:Wow, thanks everyone for all of your help. It sounds like lots of people just made the move because they wanted to, even without a plan, and it's worked out well. I really appreciate everyone's feedback!

Another story to add...

Moved out from NY used grad school as a excuse to move. Loaded everything up, rent our first place sight unseen (which can be interesting). Have jobs, and loving colorado. Been here about 1 1/2 years. Watch out though the 14ers are addicting.

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby ontopoftheworld » Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:05 pm

I was living in Iowa and got laid off after 9/11 (wow, has that really been almost 10 years ago now?). Couldn't find a decent job so I waited for my girlfriend (now wife) to graduate the following spring. We loaded up a trailer and moved out here with no jobs and just the offer to stay with my aunt and uncle until we got settled. We both found good jobs immediately. I still have that same job 9 years later. We promised that we would live here for 5 years and then move back to the midwest. I can't say that I would never move away from Colorado, but it's unlikely and if I do, it won't be back to the midwest. I love it here.

Good luck with your decision. It's tough, and the longer you wait in life, the harder it is to move. If moving to Colorado really is what you want, it's much easier to do it now than it will be in 10 years.

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby Mrwaffles989 » Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:21 pm

I peaced out of PA to Wyoming when I finished high-school. I had never seen Wyo until I moved here. It was a really good decision. Not having a plan is what makes it exciting. Good luck
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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby Kevo » Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:10 pm

Definitely go for it- you could always go the grad school route after a year or two if you can't find a decent job.

I've got some friends that moved out here post college. I'd recommend moving to either an area with lots of young people (college students, recent grads- Boulder, Golden, LoDo, Durango) or a mountain town/western slop so that you could have a lot of fun and be close to the mountains. If you've lived for a while in rural PA, you could handle rural CO.

Don't underestimate the awesomeness of the western slope/mountain areas- before moving, you should look for a real job in Durango, Gunnison, Mesa, Steamboat, Craig, Grand Junction, etc for the heck of it. There might be some decent geology jobs to be found out on the western slope because of the mining/oil/natural gas industry out there, and as oil prices rise this summer some more jobs might pop up. It didn't cross my mind post graduation to check out Grand Junction/Mesa, but after a friend moved out there and I checked it out, if I could make decent money living in GJ or Mesa I'd move there from Boulder for sure.

Good luck! Make it happen- you can do it!

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby ryguy79 » Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:10 am

Do it! My wife had a job lined up when we moved here, so that made it a bit easier, but it was still a bit risky without much saved after she finished grad school since I did not have a job for a while after moving. I found a job after a couple months. Easily the best decision we've made together. Now that we have our first child on the way, many of my family members have asked me when we're going to move back to Michigan, and my answer is always "why would we want to do that?"

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby winmag4582001 » Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:12 pm

Just move out here.
Personally I'd much rather live poor in Colorado than rich anywhere east of the Mississippi.
Besides, you spent the time and money to get an education, I'm sure somewhere they taught you how to make your own opportunities.
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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby Ramsey Boys » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:33 pm

Colorado regularly ranks as one of the best places to live. I grew up in Alaska but now I have to say this place is even more amazing than the Last Frontier.

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby strongmelon » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:48 pm

winmag4582001 wrote:Personally I'd much rather live poor in Colorado than rich anywhere east of the Mississippi.

That goes without saying.

Even better, try to be like me. I'm rich and live in Colorado.

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby lodidodi » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:52 am

Yea just look on craigslist for somebody renting a room until you get a job. I moved here after college for a job I didn't want and after a month I found a new one. It's easier to find a job when you live here than to look from out of state.

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby gcoldewey » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:57 am

So far every post has been from someone who took the leap and is glad they did. I have always loved the mountains, but always took the responsible route and took the right job etc. and am still in Texas. 30 years into a career and marriage I don't think it's ever going to happen since my wife won't go because she doesn't like the cold winters. So, either go now or plan on making lots of money so you can visit often.

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby ztop » Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:04 pm

With a geology BS you could find a job as a geotech, but there are lots of better-paying opportunities for exploration and production if you have your masters. I'd go for grad school. If you move now before you get entrenched in another place you'll become a lifer. I threw my stuff in the back of the VW squareback over 30 years ago and never looked back.

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Re: Moving to Colorado after college

Postby llamaman » Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:56 pm

Two connecticut transplants in one I'm also a native Connectican and lived in Washington, DC and Baltimore before moving to Colorado. I liked the city life for a while, but was ready to head to the mountains after a few years of that. I just got lucky with a good work opportunity that made the transition easy.

I'd say do it. You're young and resilient and you wouldn't be giving up much by taking the plunge and moving here. My move to DC after college was similar. I wanted to live in a city, picked DC, and moved. I don't know much about your field (I'm a water guy) but I think there are some firms up here in Fort Collins you might look into.

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