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Susan Paul
  Ranked  53 of 53
  Ranked+Named  58 of 58
  All Summits (w/Repeats)  89
  Favorite  Pyramid Peak
  1st Climbed  Pikes Peak
  Last Update  8/06/2018
  Ranked  81 of 584
  Ranked+Unranked  87 of 768
  All Summits (w/Repeats)  93
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  Last Update  9/20/2015

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Peak   Elevation CO
1Mt. Elbert14,438'1Sawatch
2Mt. Massive14,427'2Sawatch
1Mt. Harvard14,424'3Sawatch
1Blanca Peak14,350'4Sangre de Cristo
2La Plata Peak14,344'5Sawatch
1"North Massive"14,337'Sawatch
1Uncompahgre Peak14,318'6San Juan
1Crestone Peak14,299'7Sangre de Cristo
1"East Crestone"14,298'Sangre de Cristo
2Mt. Lincoln14,293'8Mosquito
2Grays Peak14,275'9Front
1Castle Peak14,274'10Elk
2Quandary Peak14,272'11Tenmile
2Torreys Peak14,272'12Front
1Mt. Antero14,271'13Sawatch
1Mt. Blue Sky14,268'14Front
1Longs Peak14,259'15Front
1"West Evans"14,257'Front
1Mt. Wilson14,256'16San Juan
2Mt. Cameron14,248'Mosquito
1Mt. Shavano14,230'17Sawatch
1Mt. Belford14,202'18Sawatch
1Mt. Princeton14,200'19Sawatch
1Mt. Yale14,200'20Sawatch
2Crestone Needle14,196'21Sangre de Cristo
3Mt. Bross14,178'22Mosquito
1El Diente Peak14,175'San Juan
1Kit Carson Peak14,167'23Sangre de Cristo
1Maroon Peak14,163'24Elk
1Mt. Oxford14,158'25Sawatch
1Tabeguache Peak14,158'26Sawatch
1"South Massive"14,157'Sawatch
1Mt. Sneffels14,155'27San Juan
1Mt. Democrat14,154'28Mosquito
1Capitol Peak14,138'29Elk
1"South Elbert"14,129'Sawatch
9Pikes Peak14,109'30Front
1Snowmass Mountain14,105'31Elk
1Windom Peak14,089'32San Juan
1Mt. Eolus14,087'33San Juan
1Challenger Point14,086'Sangre de Cristo
1Mt. Columbia14,075'34Sawatch
1Missouri Mountain14,071'35Sawatch
1Humboldt Peak14,068'36Sangre de Cristo
1"Southeast Longs"14,067'Front
2Mt. Bierstadt14,066'37Front
1Sunlight Peak14,061'38San Juan
1Handies Peak14,058'39San Juan
1Ellingwood Point14,057'40Sangre de Cristo
1Mt. Lindsey14,055'41Sangre de Cristo
2Culebra Peak14,053'42Sangre de Cristo
3Mt. Sherman14,043'43Mosquito
1North Eolus14,042'San Juan
1Little Bear Peak14,041'44Sangre de Cristo
1Redcloud Peak14,037'45San Juan
1Conundrum Peak14,037'Elk
1Pyramid Peak14,029'46Elk
1"South Little Bear"14,028'Sangre de Cristo
1San Luis Peak14,023'47San Juan
1North Maroon Peak14,022'48Elk
1Wetterhorn Peak14,021'49San Juan
1Wilson Peak14,021'50San Juan
1"South Bross"14,020'Mosquito
1"Northwest Lindsey"14,020'Sangre de Cristo
1Mt. of the Holy Cross14,007'51Sawatch
1Huron Peak14,006'52Sawatch
1Sunshine Peak14,004'53San Juan
1Ouray, Mt13,971'58Sawatch
1Ice Mtn13,951'59Sawatch
1Adams, Mt13,931'66Sangre de Cristo
1Meeker, Mt13,911'68Front
1Red Mtn13,908'70Sangre de Cristo
1Emerald Peak13,904'71Sawatch
1Horseshoe Mtn A13,898'72Mosquito
1"Phoenix Peak"13,895'73San Juan
1Vermilion Peak13,894'74San Juan
1Jones Mtn13,860'78San Juan
1North Apostle13,860'79Sawatch
1Spalding, Mt13,842'Front
1UN 13,83213,832'90San Juan
1Holy Cross Ridge13,831'91Sawatch
1Iowa Peak13,831'Sawatch
1UN 13,81113,811'99San Juan
1Niagara Peak13,807'101San Juan
1Square Top Mtn13,794'111Front
1Mosquito Peak13,781'115Mosquito
1UN 13,76813,768'118Sawatch
1Deer Mtn13,761'122Sawatch
1Bull Hill13,761'123Sawatch
1Sheridan, Mt13,748'126Mosquito
1Twining Peak13,711'141Sawatch
1Bald Mtn13,684'156Front
1Tweto, Mt13,672'162Mosquito
1West Spanish Peak13,626'183Sangre de Cristo
2North Star Mtn13,614'187Tenmile
1Electric Peak13,598'191Sangre de Cristo
1Twin Peaks A North13,580'199Sangre de Cristo
Ski or Snowboard descent from the summit
Climbed this peak in calendar winter
Solo ascent
3,000 feet of elevation gained on an ascent
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