Porcupine near Cathedral Lake TH (21 Sept 2011)
Added: 2011-10-09 By: heide

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Too cute!
04/14/2012 00:26
What a neat little critter!


”Neat” - Yes! ”Little” - Not really...
10/11/2011 03:21
Silverlynx -- Thanks for your comment!

It was ”neat” (I posted photos only because I saw very few porcupine photos on 14ers.com), and a bit surprising to see a porcupine in the light of day. But I was much surprised at its size! Smallish head, but a quite large and heavy-looking body!!


Nice shot
12/11/2011 04:00
I‘ve seen a few but it is hard to get a good pic before they are gone.

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