Peak(s):  Crestone Peak  -  14,294 feet
Date Posted:  05/01/2011
Date Climbed:   04/30/2011
Author:  doggler

 Same peak, different season - a long day on the Peak  

I've learned to be careful using the word 'epic' around here.

Great day with tmatthews and abe.

doggler's blog

This is my first time doing a TR on my blog as opposed to through the site here. Still not sure which method I prefer.


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 Comments or Questions

Broken Link
05/01/2011 21:54
Look forward to reading your TR, but the link is broken!


05/01/2011 21:55
Try now. Thanks!


It's working, thanks!
05/01/2011 21:56

Boggy B

05/02/2011 01:15
It hurts to call it when you're that close.


05/02/2011 02:46
Thanks for the quick TR. After reading this, I've changed my mind on going up there soon. I had no idea conditions were like that right now, plus it just got hit with more snow last night. Quite an accomplishment without even summiting though, congrats!


Great report!
05/02/2011 02:53
I really enjoyed reading this. I was actually thinking of climbing Creatone Peak this wed. but I think I'll go somewhere else now. Thanks! Maybe Shavano...

Anyways, last month I did Little Bear and got to the top just before 3pm and remember feeling like you did. Mine was only 13 hours not 17 so I would classify it as pseudo-epic. Nice job!


Nice, guys.
05/02/2011 03:36
Exceptional restraint! Eyeing the summit from the saddle must have been compelling.

The views looking down red (in white) are astounding.

Nice job. I'm envious!

Ridge runner

Nice report
05/02/2011 03:42
And nice blog. I've run with Nick Clark a number of times up here on our trails. Well, not so much with him, I'm usually way behind. Good luck on your upcoming races. Maybe I'll see out you out there for one of them.


05/02/2011 15:54
Nice EPIC.


Thanks, Sean
05/02/2011 18:24
I was glad you just happened to have the weekend off. Sorry I wasn't able to help you and Abe chop-in steps up the gully, but as usual I was dragging-ass because of my heavy pack. We really lucked-out with the weather! Good thing all of that stayed on the OTHER side of BHP.


05/02/2011 18:39
Nice report. From California I kept peering over to the peak wondering how you guys were doing, looks like you had one hell of a day. Thankfully the weather cooperated for the most part. I couldn't believe how much new snow the Sangres had received just since a couple weeks ago.


05/02/2011 19:20
Not happy to read this, I was praying for you all... terry, your comment ”dragging-ass because of my heavy pack”, that is total BS you all were hauling ass. I was the one dragging!


05/03/2011 14:30
Any chance you guys got a pic of the Needle from BHP? Interested in how much snow it has now.


RE: Needle
05/03/2011 19:27
Bill -- As I was standing on BHP, I studied the Needle and contemplated taking a photo of it, but I was too tired to think about digging out my camera. From what I could see, it looked like the east gully was still holding some snow up high (mostly past the crossover point to the west gully), but not that much.


05/10/2011 16:41
Boggy - eh, feel bad for Abe. Terry and I had been there done that enough (twice each) to just appreciate getting to the saddle.

Art - realize you said ”only” and ”13 hours” in the same sentence. Ridiculous.

Moonrise - nah, gaining the saddle was accomplishment enough. When you don't feel comfortable taking another step, you don't take another step. It's always been a pretty easy decision for me.

RR - Thx re: the blog. yeah, not often do people run WITH Nick. Some day I'd love to keep him close, but for now...

Keith - where you been?!?

Terry - good times.

sevenii - how was Cali?

charlie - no worries. Get 'em next time. Plus, you didn't get raccoon-burn, consider yourself lucky!


Where have I been??
06/02/2011 15:53
Nice Sean, I had no idea you wrote a report on this day! It was a great read!
”I don't think one non-explicative was muttered the entire way back up, as all three of us were in our own little private hells.” That is a great quote.

I heard that you n Terry didn't even attempt the climb last Sunday because of weather. Glad to hear that because it would have sucked had you guys not been able to summit (especially for Terry after the whole Steve trip). Hope to hike with you some other day man because I thoroughly enjoied it.

P.S. I met some people on Sunday after my Little Bear, Blanca and Elingwood trip who said they know you. I didn't catch their names but they said they lived in the Springs also. Your name came up because we were talking about running.
GREAT JOB ON THE CPTR BTW!!! Wish me luck on my Leadville marathon and Mt evans Ascent

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