Peak(s):  Twin Sisters - 11,428 feet
Date Posted:  02/18/2011
Date Climbed:   02/15/2011
Author:  Michael York

 Twin Sisters Fiasco  

My buddy and I decided to hike up Twin Sisters Tuesday afternoon. We both had morning committments, so we didn't make it to the trailhead until about noon. When we arrived, we parked next to a vehicle at the gate where they close the road in the winter and began gearing up. As we were getting ready and BSing with each other, we heard a horn honk and realized there was someone in the car we parked next to. I walked up to the passenger side window with a "hey, how ya doin?" and the gentleman in the car responded quite rudely with "you need to leave now!" I was a bit confused and told the guy we were just getting ready and that we were heading up the trail. He was getting quite agitated and insisting that we leave because we were in an unauthorized area and he was going to call the cops. I told him I wished he would call the cops because I knew perfectly well that we weren't doing anything wrong, but just to avoid a fight or something, I told the guy I was glad he was enjoying the beautiful weather, and we moved the car about 15 yards around to the lower lot.

When we were ready to hit the trail, I mentioned to my buddy that we should note the guys plate numbers because he was acting irrational, just in case we came back to find my vehicle vandalized. As Mario was taking a not so discreet picture of this dude's car and plates (Florida), the man came out of the car yelling profanities and swinging a metal baseball bat. He was mid 40s, out of shape, and neither of us had any doubt that if it came to it we could subdue the man, but neither of us wanted any part of the bat he was swinging either, so we backed away as he advance and I yelled repeatedly, "get a picture of him with the bat!" as I pulled out my phone and yelled, "I'm calling the cops!" The guy saw that Mario was trying to get his picture and yelled, "call the cops, I am one!" and got in his car and sped off.We stood there for a minute trying to process exactly what the hell had just happened and why we were just "attacked" by an unprovoked stranger at a beautiful trailhead... We were really excited to get on the trail, but decided it was best to report the incident, so after giving our story to Boulder ounty, Larimer county, and I nice ranger from the park service who explained that they get a lot of weird people up in the woods who could be a danger to themselves or others, we were finally ready to hike about two hours later than planned.
The trail at the beginning was pretty legit, but as we got higher, the postholing got pretty bad. We had snowshoes but opted to leave them at the car rather than pack them, and it was still doabble, just pretty annoying. We weren't making good time at all, and the sun was sinking behind Long's just before we reached the top, so we decided to get back down before it was pitch black. We made it down to the car right as it was getting too dark to see and took a couple pictures... also found that a deputy from Larimer had come out and left us a note saying they had 2 counties an the park service looking for the guy and asking us to contact him, etc...
We also met some ladies on the trail while we were enjoying a view and spent 20 minutes chit chatting and they told us they had heard the story from an officer who was at the TH and thanked us for calling... I recommended this site, so, ladies, if you're reading this, it was a pleasure talking to you for a bit.
What a crazy adventure... no summit, a wild lunatic with a bat... wow. It was still a beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to get back up.
As far as the crazy guy, we really didn't wanna file charges or anything, just make sure the cops knew about it, but now they are really wanting to get this guy off the street and actually had us look at a lineup and pick him out yesterday... they are trying to arrest him on felony mneacing charges, whatever that means, so I told them I'd cooperate and all that jazz... weird.
Here are a few pictures from our adventure... the sun was above Long's most of the time and didn't make for the best photos, but you get the point...

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 Comments or Questions
Michael York

03/08/2011 05:43
Ya, they got him, I got a call from Larimer County today... Assuming the guy doesn't deny charges, my involvement in the case is over with. I'm still wondering what on earth his major malfunction is, but if he pleads not guilty, it would be my pleasure to fry him in the courtroom.

Be safe, there are weirdos out there!!

mike offerman

03/06/2011 15:26
Looks like they arrested him...

Michael York

02/20/2011 02:03
jamesroni and tompierce,

i saw a photo lineup, they know who the guy is based on the picture of the vehicle and license plate, but they are trying to get a warrant... i picked the photo that looked like the guy and was the first to stand out to me, and i guess my buddy picked the same guy, but the cops couldn't tell me much. in all honesty i don't even care about pressing charges, just wanna make sure the guy isn't some psycho killer...

and yeah, james, at first thy said misdemeaner assault and then changed it to felony menacing... not even sure what that means, but it can't be good for the guy... i assume they are gonna call me when anything happens, but i haven't heard back, and when i looked at the pics, the cops couldn't tell me if i had picked their guy or anything.

Brian C

02/18/2011 23:25
Holy cow. I've seen kids getting stoned up there before but never anything like that! Glad you guys still managed to have a good time.


Thanks for writing!
02/18/2011 20:11
Most of the people one meets in the mountains are great, but those rare oddities sure do make for an interesting story later!


Wow, glad it wasn't a gun...
02/18/2011 20:59
Hmmm...interesting report? Wow, what a wierd incident, glad you're OK. So when you say ”lineup,” did they catch the guy or were you just looking at photos? Just curious. Again, glad it worked out OK, you did the right thing to call it in.


02/18/2011 21:37
Where's the picture of the guy with the bat? Technically he's guilty of felony Menacing! Good job on restraining yourself from knocking his chub butt down to the ground.

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